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Hello everypony!

I'm not actually new, I've been following Legends of Equestria since 2012! I was a Pre Alpha tester. I was under a different name then but now I'm officially my OC ingame!  ^-^

Note: Idk what my old name was in the stress test.

Anyway, I'm actually gonna start using the forums though it's been 4 years. I've mainly followed the game during updates and I've had to miss a few open weekends cause of work and stuffs.

But I'm here now and that's what matters right?

I have been a brony since 2012. I was part of one other forum, MLPForums. I no longer use that website. I retired from it. Some ponies just aren't very nice.

My fave pony is Fluttershy. She's my waifu! <3 <3

About to turn 19 years old on August 19th Btw.

OC Details below!

Name: RainCloud
Race: Pegasus
Mane Color: Dark Blue
Fur Color: Purple
Eye Color: Red

Cutie Mark" Cloud with 3 drops underneath <-- Ahh get it? :)

Some of you seen me with, Headphones, Glasses and Red and Black Striped Socks.

People I've met,

1. Midnight Breezy

2. Sim

3. DeathFury

4. Solar Flare

5. Mark

I've met a few mods too.

Crab Apple
Princess Darcy
Voice in the Sky

I had a great conversation with [MOD] McSluethBurger! Very friendly fellow!  :3

then there was this one mod I was talking to while I was in Cantermore after I discovered a SCRIPT Error with Lavender Bloom.
Most of you people haven't discovered it.

Anyway, I'm officially here and ready to help this game move forward!