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I love making topics  :3 !
Anyway, this thread game was first uploaded on this forum, called "...and you can't quote me on that one!" and it was started by @LeviathanTS (I don't remember in which board) and now it is locked.
Here are the rules (they're the same)

  • Quote what the pony above you said, but change the quote before you post it, by deleting what is written inside the quote (I can't explain it very well, I hope you understand).

  • Write something else , whatever you want , inside the quote, however, follow the forum rules.

  • Comment, or give an advice to the pony's post you have quoted.

Example ;
Quote from: Thundergirl on 2017 Mar 11, 13:49:51
You know what day is today? It's Saturdayyyyyy!!!  ovO

Be glad it wasn't Monday


Ready? Let's begin!
Simply say the Minecraft mobs that you  can't easily kill. In any version/release and mode of Minecraft you have got. Have you ever killed the mod you want to tell us? Also don't forget to say why you hate them. Btw a mob I can never kill is the skeleton... man, very hard when you're in the hard mode.
Canterlot Archives / Back in time RP
2017 Jan 26, 12:54:25
Sign up and OOC thread :

This RP is all about travelling back in time. You always wanted to go back in time and live with dinosaurs? Or you wanted to go in Roman empire years? Perhaps you want to be there in the Big Bang (impossible, I know)!If that is something you always wished to happen, then this is the right RP for you. The roleplay begins a few hours after the big bang, when everything started to have life. As the RP continues we go closer to present. I hope you understood, because I didn't know how to write it to be understandable  X3 .

In the begin your OCs do not look very (any) similar to what they really look like - like what happened IRL - , but as the time passes they become themselves, both in appearance and character. You don't have a problem with it, do you ?

Anyway, let's get this RP started!
Candyland is the land of candies, of course. (we all know sweets are bad for our teeth but we all like them!) . Candyland, a land where the trees, the houses, the flowers the grass even and the sea is made of every kinds of candies, sweets, chocolate etc! What are you doing in a place like this?
-Don't rush to eat all the candies!

Add OC information, like :
Personality(not necessary):
Bio (not needed) :
What you would add (not needed):

My OC:
Name: Candy Moss
Personality: (not completed)
Bio (not needed) :Candy Moss and her mother ( Couture De Moss or Miss Couture for short  )didn't get along together, so Candy grew up in an orphanage. She is now older (22)
Appearance: <- Made by @Misty Fly
What alse you would add: -

I don't do something special when I am bored. I am asking you guys, because I don't know what to do. What do you do? Tell us.This way, maybe we help other people in the forum to try something new!
OOC thread for Christmas Holiday RP where you wait for Christmas wasting your time to Christmas events or visiting ponies to sing the carols. You take your time doing things that make you happy.

Don't be so shy to join.

RP thread:
Sign up thread:

Canterlot Archives / Christmas Holiday RP
2016 Dec 18, 04:04:17
It is almost Christmas in every country of the world. Everypony gets ready for Christmas. What are you doing? Relax and decorate your house with a Christmas tree and other Christmas ornaments. Go and meet your friends. Talk with them. Go outside and buy Christmas presents. There is a Christmas event, so don't waste time! Go outside in the adorned streets, in the city you live in. Take your time at the shops.

Sign up thread:
OOC thread:
I have played that game with my cousin. It is a good game and if you don't know what it is try it out! It is a little bit scary for small children, because they may see nightmares with those free souls.

It's a game with a little girl called Nuna, in Alaska (either north pole or south pole, I don't remember) that was chased by a polar bear and then a white fox saved her. The fox became the girl's best friend. In the game, Nuna and the fox, "twist" on various adventures.
At somehow the end the fox becomes and boy. The adventures continue (I didn't finish the game and I don't know how it ends)

The trailer =>

Is there anybody else playing it or I am the only one that plays it  lol  ? 
Some of you have noticed that when there is no internet and you open Google Chrome you see something like that :

Can you see the dinosaur? Well, if you click it and then push space the dinosaur will "move" . You push space and the dinosaur jumps over cactus and birds  lol  See that picture :

Try it when you don't have internet.
There is the OOC page!!! The Minecraft ponies world OOC. You see the newspaper... and blah blah blah... As I said, in the RP page, that RP is made for those who like Minecraft or Pony Concordia or any type of pony minecraft. Don't worry if you were playing the demo mode of minecraft (becuase I do, too and I am still trying to find a way to change skin XD)

Let's say our problems and discuss about the RP. Aaand also... Any idea how I can change the skin on minecraft demo?

Sign up thread =>;msg=1008523;topic=16381.0
RP thread =>;msg=1008524;topic=16382.0
Welcome to this RP! It is made for those who also play Minecraft or something like that. 
Sign up thread =>
OOC thread =>

You saw in the newspaper that there was made a building for minecraft lovers.You go to find the building. You make a new account and begin to play the multiplayer game.

The story begins a server of minecraft. You were walking into the mushroom island and pick up mushrooms and dirt. When night comes zombies, Iron ponies, spiders, tiny ponies, creepers etc (as usual) you try to fight them. You do not have enough stuff! Players try to help, but one of them makes the mistake to throw an arrow to a creeper. The creeper explodes. You wish it is just like the game, so you will survive. That happens.

Next day you try to collect as many stuff as you can. You have 99 rocks, 78 dirt, 6windows and 3doors. You decide to make your own house for the game, so you will be safe in the night. Remember,  you are not alone in the game! Maybe some other players want to tear down your house!

Can you survive at minecraft world? How long?

I was Role Playing since August but today, I am going to write the OCs I will use for Role Playing.

1. Thunder Spin   (my main OC)
2. Ice Gold   ( or Ice Blue ) 
Sunny Daze     
4.[shadow=blue,left]Candy Moss[/shadow]

Read this, please

Spoiler: Thunder Spin • show

Thunder Spin:
Personality: Kind to ponies she meets for the first time. She does not like trying new things. She flies fast and she also draws quickly. Thunder likes making new friends and she wants to make them happy, when they are sad, so she tells them jokes.
Gender: Female
Age: 13
Height: 4'9
Talent: She can draw without a sketch (in paper). Thunder can use some unicorn powers but she does not know it!
Family: Cloud burn (father, 49, officer of pony-electricity factory, pegasus) . Rose skies (mother, 46 - does not work somewhere(housewife) -, pegasus) Lila (dog, female. about 7 years old).
How she get her Cutie Mark: She was in a race when she wanted to draw the skies. She had a piece of paper, so she began to draw it. Thunder drew it really good.
It is an orange bolt with a pencil and blue and purple lines.
Bio: She got born in a popular hospital in Ponyville. She had big wings and that made her parents think why that happened. The doctor said it was normal. "Someponies born with big wings or tall horns. That is what happens and anybody can change it", the doctor said.

Her parents were very happy. When Thunder became 3 years old her parents realized that her wings weren't growing! Her grrandmare, Shadow Lily wanted to teach her the magic powers of a dark pegasi, because she was, but Thunder's mother said that she must learn them by herself when she grows up.

In Thunder's 6th birthday, her parents didn't buy her a toy or something that every parent will buy to their children. Their present was a beautiful dog! Thunder thought that they forgot to buy her something. But quickly she saw a little puppy and she knew that it was for her.

When Thunder became 8 she got her own laptop. It was another birthday present. Her parents told her that she could only use it on Fridays and on the weekends. She was playing games on her new computer for hours. Her father said "You have to stop. You will get blinded and you will wear glasses!" . But Thunder did not pay attention.

A few years later, her mother took her to the oculist to see is her eyes were okay. The oculist said that she has nearsightedness! So since then, Thunder wears glasses when she reads and when she watcher TV and uses the computer. She liked them  and that was weird. Thunder Spin has never told her parents that she was happy she was wearing glasses!

When school opened she had already got a new bag. Some months later she didn't like it. She asked her parents if they can buy her a new one. They agreed but they did not understand why.

Thunder was looking on the internet to find a nice school bag. She spotted a black, white and green bag. She loved it. She showed it to her parents. They saw the price. It was 23$ . Her mother went outside to find that bag. She looked everywhere. Thunder's father was at work. He worked in a little town away from Ponyville. Thunder' mother didn't find the bag. She looked on every shop. In the afternoon her dad comes home with a bag. Thunder came slowly to see the bag. She noticed small details on the bag and she thanked her father for buying that one.

Thunder Spin had really many presents from her parents. She did not want them for herself. She gave some of them to other poor ponies. Her mother always told her to give some of her old clothes ((don't say that ponies don't wear clothes)) and toys. Her mother had no idea that her daughter already does!

Spoiler: Ice Gold • show

Name:Ice Gold
Personality: a pony who is kind and loves animals. She does not always tell the truth and she can become easily angry. Ice gold likes digging. She has no parents and she lives with a step mother.
Gender: Female
Age: 13
Height: 4'7 (not including horn) 5'1 (including horn)
Talent: Digging gold
Family:  Daisy Boot (Step mother - Earth pony, 34, farmer) Photo Potter (Step father - Earth pony 36, farmer).
How she get her Cutie Mark: While she was in a trip with her school in the mines. While the teachers were talking about different types of precious stones, she took a shovel and she began to dig. The shovel hit a rock. The "rock" was gold!
Her Cutie Mark is three pieces of gold and two shovels.
Bio: She was born in a small hospital in Canterlot. She was a very beautiful baby. A few minutes after she got born, her mother became ill. Her father was so sad. He promised to Ice's mother that they will always be together. But now Ice Gold's mother, Fillipia, was dead.

When Ice became 2 years old, her father leaved her into an orphanage. He knew that he was going to die soon. In the orphanage, Ice learned to speak and walk. She didn't like life there. One day a young couple went there. They had just picked Ice Gold! Ice thought that life with them was going to be happy. But it wasn't.

Her step parents were working all day and Ice didn't see them at all!They called her Ice Blue, but they knew her real name was Ice Gold. They both decided to give her back to the orphanage when they weren't at home. So life for her was the same again.

It was 23th of August. As she was playing in the garden she saw a little bunny. She thought it was a good idea to take it with her! It was like her parent had sent her the bunny right that day. Because that day was her favourite one. It was her birthday!

Spoiler: Sunny Sun • show

Name: Sunny Sun
Personality :A pony who loves every kind of trip. She does not always tell the truth and she can become easily angry.
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Race: Earth Pony
Height :5'3
Talent: Traveling and blowing clouds (even if she isn't a pegasus)
Family: Lotus Jersey (father - Earth pony 47, hydraulic) Rising Star (mother - unicorn,45, teacher) Wootie Bootie (sister - unicorn, 6)
How she get her cutie mark: Sunny was in her window dreaming of traveling away when clouds hid the sun. The light was helping Sunny Daze to dream. She hoped that the clouds were going away for a while and she snorted. Then the clouds went far away.
Her Cutie Mark is a sun with a moon.
Bio: Sunny was the first baby of her parents. Thy were really proud. Sunny had a green electric fur colour. She was born in a hospital, of course, in Ponyville.

Sunny was always happy and she often made her parents laugh. Sunny loved to play with her parents. But her parents had to go to work. Sunny was not alone! They had a babysitter for her. She was sweet and kind to her. Sunny liked her.

Many years later her parents went again to a hospital. Sunny was ecxited. She was going to have a brother or a sister. When her parents came back she asked them if she will have a brother or a sister. Her mother told her that she will soon have a little sister.

Some months after Sunny's sister was born, the whole family went to a church, because they were going to name the little filly. Sunny wished that she is never going to hurt her little sister. Sunny's parents told quietly to the foal's godparents the name "Wootie Bootie" . They heard Shootie Bootie. Her godparents thought it was a boy. Her godmother asked again "What did you say the name is?" . Sunny's and Wootie's mother said again "W-o-o-t-i-e   B-o-o-t-i-e. Wootie Bootie."

Sunny loved her sister. She was like a small mother for Wootie.

Spoiler: Candy Moss • show

Name: Candy Moss
Personality: She likes candies (like her name), but she also adores hygiene. She also likes pets.
Height: 5'6
Race: Unicorn
Family:Couture De Moss or Miss Couture for short (mother)
Small Backstory: Candy Moss and her mother didn't get along together, so Candy grew up in an orphanage. She is now older (22)

I can't make sooooo long backstories, like  @Purple's, she has her own reasons to make long ones. Also no Purply, they're not bad. Well, I never read any of them :s . I want to mention that in case you think I am stealing your long-backstory idea.
Do you like Anime songs (nightcores)?
Do you like songs by those who work in groups?
Do you like songs by those who sing themselves?

                      [shadow=red,left] Actually the groups and the alone singers are the same, I think. [/shadow]
                        Do not put songs that do have some words (I wouldn't like to say, right now), follow the forum rules

Say what is your favourite song is or put the song! (I have to say that you can have two favourite songs or just more than one. If you'd like to, put them in) I have no favourite song... but that one is something I like...

It is way old, I know XD



Are some songs I like. What songs do you prefer/like?
So what is your Favourite pony? What is the character you think you look like the most?