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What do think about combining a standard fantasy setting (elves, dwarfs, orcs, etc.) with a 1990's era setting like earthbound for example.
I don't know I just thought it sounded cool. ^-^

P.s. I don't mean like one of those movies where someone from a fantasy setting goes into the "real world" (or vice versa), I mean the two settings merge and have aspects from each one. :I
OK long story short I'm not allowed to use my dads computer anymore so I now have to wait until I can have a decent Pc by hopefully next month so until then I stuck using my ps3 again!
This may just be one of the weirdest questions I ever asked but yeah. :\ (why am I asking this question?)
Same rules as usual.
What is the silliest candy/chocolate you've ever seen?

P.s. What do you think of a chocolate mustache?
If so; do you have any good ideas on what they can do to make it good?

Edit: (Yes I mean Like Mario party)
How much would be needed to added to a 64 bit game in order for it to be worth $60? (if it was made today)
I don't know what to start with at the moment so I'll just let you do it.
...When I get the game I think may try and see if I can go though the game without making or using any dream eaters. (I don't know why lol)
Just some vid of Cadence I found ovO
Just wanted to know.
Today i tried the demo of cave story on the Wii and thought that when I get the money that I would get this game so I was wondering if anypony thinks that's a good game for me to get.
Video Games Archive / X-com (Not the fps)
2012 May 26, 17:07:19
A strange thing i noticed is this vid has music from x-com enemy unknown (start the first vid at 5:15)
compare it to this

this is as close to somepony ponfieing x-com as i can find, how come?
Video Games Archive / Changeling invasion
2012 May 22, 08:42:14
Here's a link to a flash game i found where you stop changelings from invading
enjoy :D
(up, up, down, down, left, right, left, b,a, Enter) ;)
Name:Beyond bored
Coat color:Blue
Eye color Cyan
Clothes:Watch on front right hoof, long navy blue jacket that's green on the inside somehow it's also light armor.
Cutie mark: A shield with a question mark on it and two lightning bolts crisscrossing behind it like a coat of arms.
Personality: he's my ponysona so I'll tell you my personality  I'm a walking question mark because my personality contradicts itself (I want to act calm and logical but i also want to act silly and different from others, I also have some trust issues with even myself, plus I like being meta about myself and I talk to myself in my head in order to organize my thoughts)(I also fight with myself a lot when I'm thinking) i don't know how else to describe it (I'm bad at this) (I'm weird lol).
Likes: being silly when bored in his own way, music without lyrics, ice cream sandwiches, spicy food, and relaxing.
Hates: being biased, how his brain works, mind control, unwanted transformations, being thrown around, unjustified anger (even his own), and the fact that he doesn't like mushrooms as much as he wants.
Worst fear: becoming evil
Back story: (inspired by my dreams I had as i child) (All he knows about himself is his name and and why he acts the way he does, he oddly doesn't care about it though because he believes others have worse lives than him.)
While staying at a fairly big town one day he notices a strange group of ponies calling themselves Shadow Thunder (i guess? If you have a better name let me know)
asking other ponies in the town if they want to join them later that day come to him and asks if he wants if to join them and that they can solve all his problems but he unable to trust them says no, That night he goes to where Shadow Thunder has group meetings and listens to what they are talking about and overhears that they couldn't find him in the inn then he's quickly discovered and they try to brainwash him but for some reason they can't causing the spell to backfire knocking them all out Beyond bored runs off taking one of their books for a quick read to find out about them and discovers that everypony in shadow thunder has been corrupted by this strange dark energy that gave those corrupted by it the power over something called shadow lightning reading further finds out that if they fail to fully brainwash someone then that pony will be harder to brain wash the next time but if they succeed next time then they become twice as powerful as they would if they got it right the first time however everyone who they failed to brainwash will be able to know not only if any are nearby but where they are exactly no madder what, as well as being able to resist their spells a bit as well. Beyond bored was about to read more when the ponies of the group called shadow thunder Started waking up and started looking for him so out of desperation he drops the book and goes to the sky and hides on a thunder cloud using another clouds to cover him thus allowing him to escape.
Spoiler: show
Ponycode: P8D///9+ViH9f8D/AWAAjABwAAJKr897Muz/SzEZjTDH7grMQA

Spoiler: show
Fun fact: Beyond bored rarely flies in anyway that would be considered normal for any pegasus (think the matrix meets the indie game "Journey") for reasons unknown.

Has anyone ever herd of it?
Introductions Archive / Hi I"m byndbored
2012 May 21, 12:42:23
Hi I'm byndbored I don't know what else to say for my intro sorry :(