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Have another blep

I'm just annoyed it took me 20 minutes to figure out why 2 of my art thread spoilers refused to open...
I have no idea what board to put this under, so it'll stay here until I get an answer from the team.

I've seen a lot of people asking how to add images as profile pictures and signatures.  Understanding how BBCode on this forum works would help you, especially for signatures if you want to make a more complex one, with an image and text.  You can play around with the BBCode and see what it does with the buttons above your text box when you make a forum post, reply, or Private Message and hitting the "preview" button below.

For adding images to your profile and signature:

First thing you gotta do is find the picture(s) you want to use for your avatar or signature.  If they are not hosted on the internet you need to upload them somewhere(I use  You need the link to the picture itself(Usually by right clicking a picture and clicking "View Image" and copying the address in your address bar, or "Copy Image Location".  With my avatar as an example that would get you a link similar to ; Note, it needs to have an extension at the end, like this one has .png.  Extensions like .jpg,.gif and .bmp work as well, but .png tends to be better quality.  If the image does not have an extension in the address bar, right click the picture and select either "view image" or "open image in new tab" or "copy image location/address".

Once you have the pictures, go to your profile ->forum profile at the top of the screen.

For your avatar, select "Specify avatar from Url" and paste the link to your picture there.

For signatures, you use BBCode.  All you'd need to use for a picture is "img" tags.  You use them around your image link.  To center it like mine, use
Code Select
[center] and [/center] at the start and end of your signature message.
Code Select
[center][img]Image URL Goes Here.png[/img][/center]

Let me know if you have any questions, or something should be updated or better worded :).  Also, if you feel something should be added to this post also let me know here and I may add it. 
Off-Topic / Favourite quotes?
2016 Mar 09, 00:44:46
This maaaay or may not have anything to do with me coding a bot that generates quotes at random :P

Regardless, It's also a fun topic so it's a win-win.  It's simple.  Post your favourite quotes!  (If I like it i'll add it to my bot :P)

My go-to quote: Normality is Overrated.  ~Darcy Sinclair

Team Biographies / Darcy
2015 Nov 11, 10:24:56
I think most everyone forgot these are here, in fact I was reminded last night about it, and I figured I'd make a biography myself!  Fun right?

So firstly, hello!  I'm Darcy, or I also go as LaptopBrony.  OR, you might even remember Pipkin, if you've been here long enough! Anyways, no, that's not actually my real name...yet.  Maybe in the future, hehe.  That was the easy part, now, what interesting things can I tell you about me...hmm?

Prior to college, I was a retail employee for 10 years, working in the meat department.  For 4 of those years as an assistant manager and 3 of those years as a manager, also working in other departments, such as cash office, cashier, receiving, tech support, even security.  Now, I am unemployed, trying to concentrate on school.  *shrug*

I am a Canadian college student, studying Computer Programming.  I'm actually writing this in my networking class.  Don't tell my professor!  I am hoping by the end of my 3 year program to enter software development, or, I can take a one year post-graduate program for game development.  I can't help but feel that watching LoE's development has helped to spark my interest in this field.  While I don't have any game projects under my belt yet, I am working on a couple programming project, like this one here.  Meet CoffeeBot...

I am also a digital artist, mainly specializing in MLP style artwork, however I have previously created Sonic fanart waaay back in the mid-late 2000s.  I have also dabbled in making pony plushies, developing my own pattern, however time restraints have limited making more than a couple at this point.  Now, time for a shameless plug!

I joined the MLP fandom in October 2011, learning about the show through fan-made content such as PMVs, music and artworks.  Seeing the amazing works the fandom has created around the show, I watched the show to see what all the hype was about, instantly falling in love with the style and animation, reminding me of shows I used to watch in the '90s.  About nine months later, I decided to try my luck at making artworks of my own, finding interest in making cute ponies of my own, and finding it satisfying.

Now for the stuff you likely care about.

I joined LoE around the same time I started drawing, back in July 2012.  Back then I ran a different name (anyone remember LaptopCommandStation?  Please don't, I hate that name lol).  I discovered the game through EQD, coincidentally enough, that day being the first time I have ever been on that site.  I enjoyed the forum scene and decided to see if this was a fun forum to be on.  Well, it's 20152016 and i'm a moderator now, I guess it's alright ;)  I joined the moderation team almost exactly two years later, in July 2014.  I also try to help out when i'm not busy(which is almost never...) as a script and hopefully soon, unity implementer.  I'm hoping that helping with these departments, specifically using Unity, will help me work towards game development projects in the future...

So, that's about all I can think of.  I'm pretty boring, but thanks for reading this anyways :D
This is very trivial but i'll report it anyways

I just noticed if you are viewing the list of users online and try to jump to a thread they are posting in by clicking the link to the thread in the "action" section, you'll receive a 404 error.

The link DOES work if their action is "viewing the topic" but it 404s if they're "posting in topic"

This is because there is a "?" missing in the url between "php" and "topic"
To help minimize confusion and to try to keep the forum organized, please view this post for an explanation of the different boards and where to post for certain issues.  Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation!

Topics in this section of the forum are for issues relating to the website and this forum.
All topics that relate to the Legends of Equestria game outside bug reports should be posted in the Legends of Equestria Discussions
While playing Legends Of Equestria, should you encounter a bug or glitch in the game, you may post a ticket in the Phabricator set up for bug reports.  A tutorial explaining how to report bugs can be found by following this link!

The only ideas and suggestions posted should be to improve the website and the forum.
The Legends of Equestria team is not taking suggestions for the game at this time.

Before submitting a bug go through the following steps:
  • Browse the forum to make sure the bug has not already been posted.
  • Clear the web browser's temporary files or cache and restart the browser to see if the bug persists.
  • Provide enough information such as the operating system, browser version, what was happening or what caused the issue to occur.
  • Be as specific as possible.
Note: It's recommended to have the computer up to date in terms of drivers, software, operating system patches, browsers, anti-virus, anti-malware and so on.

If submitting a suggestion about the site/forum make sure it has not already been suggested.

A few notes about the forum.
  • Avatars/Profile pictures are not stored on the server.  To use them the image needs to be uploaded to a site (like imgur) and linked via Forum Profile options (should drop down if the mouse is hovered over Profile).
  • AT&T does not accept our emails.  Also it is possible from time to time where emails from the forum may take a long amount of time to be received.
  • The rules are located here.
A few examples of what should not be posted here.
  • Discussions, bugs, glitches and technical issues about Legends of Equestria.
  • Not being able to log into Legends of Equestria.
  • Anything that belongs in a more appropriate section of the forum (such as help for things outside LoE).
Audio / Our Fanfiction Readings
2014 Jul 29, 01:26:28
So myself and a few friends for fun have been doing fanfiction readings.  We aren't really professional per-se, as you can tell by our intro, but it's fun to do, and I want to start posting them here :)
It also gives us excuses to play around with our different voices!  So, enjoy!

Note-All fanfictions posted here will comply with the forum rules, don't worry X3

A letter to the Griffon Emperor on the matter of war by WagesofSin
For some reason myself and a couple others who tried have cannot access the last page of Bs2sai's art thread

I can access pages 1-7 (Default it's 1-9) but I can't access the last page, 8(Default 10)
I first got a 504 gateway error, now it's just a 500 internal server error

I think this issue happened in the past but I can't remember what it was that caused it.

Thanks :)
In case anyone has noticed....I never ask for help...I hate asking for help because that indicates i'm stumped and in this area in particular, that doesn't happen  :l

However, no matter what I try I can't fix this issue.  The posted is a plain audio recording through audacity with my brand spanking new microphone at different audio levels, but as you can hear there is a fair amount of feedback and I don't know what's causing it or how to make it go away.  Any ideas?

Right then....well I've concluded that mic boost is required in my recording, despite different programs and trying on my laptop, but the feedback is alot less on my laptop so I guess i'll start doing my recording on that....thanks for your help...
Crystal Crown Singing Contest
Congratulations to our 1st place finalist-The Living Couch, and to our 2nd place finalist-Julius!  Please contact Button via forum PM for information on how to collect your prizes
Also thank you to everyone for participating.  Look forward to the possibility of another competition in the future.
1. Ryo D Disk- Email and Youtube Coordinator
2. Pipkin(LaptopBrony)- Forum Thread Coordinator
3. Pinkie Pie(Button)- Livestream Coordinator

Spoiler: Rules • show
1.Keep song choices clean; no swearing or adult material. >^ u^<
2.If you miss the deadline for entry you will be disqualified, no exceptions. :c
3.Butt accepts cookies as bribes. o uo
4.Please do not be a poor sport, this is intended to be a fun event for everyone, judges, spectators, and contestants alike. . -.
5.Be aware that your song will be included in a judging video that will be uploaded to Youtube for the world to see and love. c}:>

6.Follow all forum rules, of course. ;3
7.Entrants must have an LoE account

Spoiler: How It Works • show
How it Works
Round 1 will be the entry round where all entries are welcome. During the initial round the submitted entries will be judged, eliminating entries down to 10 people for the next round. We will stream the judging via Livestream, and the results and the theme for the next round will be given following the stream each week.
For each additional round of the contest there will be two eliminations each week.  Eliminations will be based on our opinion based on our judging criteria, out of everyone's entries during the night.  Each round will contain a theme that will be released after the Livestream is complete and the start of the next round is confirmed.

Judging will be based mainly upon the song choice matching the provided theme for each round as well as singing ability, such as pitching, audibility and energy.  Mixing will not be judged officially however it is recommended that you have a backtrack/instrumental to go with your entry.
All entries will need to be uploaded to a soundcloud account and the link emailed to Ryo.  If you do not have access to a soundcloud account you may email your entry in an MP3 format to Ryo at
[email protected].  Please include your LoE username in the email so we know who it is, Thank you.

The contest  begins Monday October 14th. The deadline of the first round will be on 10/28 at 11:59 pm.
Round 1 has been extended to the 4th of November at 11:50pm EST.
Every round will begin on the Tuesday following the deadline to the previous round.
Every round will end Monday at 11:59 pm, the theme to the next round will be announced at the same time. (with the exception of the first round, where contestant will be given two weeks to submit their entry, rather than one)

Contest begins Monday, 10/14.
Audition Round Deadline: 11/04 11:59 pm (EST) 8:59pm (Butt Standard Time) 4:59 am (10/29 GMT)
Round Two begins 11/05 12:00 am EST
Judging via Livestream begins at 6:30pm EST 3:30 BST 11:30 RST.
Contestants continuing on to next round posted at 11:59 EST 11/05
Round Two deadline: 11/11 11:59 pm EST

Spoiler: Recording and Deadlines Schedule • show
Recording Schedule
*All Times Are In Eastern Standard Time, Format is MM/DD*

[td][/td][td] Round 1[/td] [td] Round 2[/td][td]Round 3[/td][td]Round 4[/td][td]Round 5 [/td] [td]Round 6[/td]
[td] Starts (at 12:00 am)[/td] [td] 10/14[/td][td]11/05[/td][td]11/19[/td][td]12/03[/td][td]12/17[/td][td]01/07[/td]
[td]Ends (at 11:59pm )[/td][td]11/04[/td][td]11/18[/td][td]12/02[/td][td]12/16[/td][td]01/06[/td][td]01/13[/td]
[td] Theme Posted [/td] [td]11/05[/td][td]11/19[/td][td]12/03[/td][td]12/17[/td][td]01/07[/td][td]404 Theme not found[/td]
[td]Judging (Livestream) (at 6:30pm)[/td][td]11/05[/td][td]11/19[/td][td]12/03[/td][td]12/17[/td][td]01/07[/td][td]01/13[/td]

[td]Results posted (at 11:59pm)[/td][td]11/05[/td][td]11/19[/td][td]12/03[/td][td]12/17[/td][td]01/07[/td][td]01/13[/td]


1st -Princess Parfait will draw you a pony picture(Thanks Parfait!!!!)
2nd - Princess Button will draw you a pony picture(Thanks Button!!!)

Spoiler: Themes • show
If you are concerned whether your song will or will not match the provided theme you can ask any of the judges prior to the deadline if your song will match the theme
Round 1 Theme-Any MLP Song
Round 2- Sing about a place, real or fiction
Round 3- Disney Villain Song
Round 4- Claim a character song (any of the main six, first come, first serve) No two contestants can have the same character. Sing a song to do with your character, show or fandom song. Can't be a song that you have already sung during this contest. No duets, the song should feature /one/ character
Round 5- Sing a Duet with yourself.  Song must have 2 characters singing to each other.  Song must not be a song you have covered so far this competition.  Song may be any genre.
Round 6- Your best song.  Pick the best song you are most comfortable with.  It can be any song you wish, of course respecting the rules.  Must not be a song you previously entered into the competition, and cannot be a pre-recorded song.

If anyone has any questions or concerns regarding any part of this contest don't hesitant to post here in this thread, or you may PM either Ryo D Disk, Pinkie Pie(Button) or Pipkin(LaptopBrony).  You can click our names in the Judges list for a quicklink to our PM accounts.  Remember, this is all in good fun, and we can't wait to hear everypony sing!

Spoiler: Current Contestants • show

Hunter Of The Dark
The Wandering Magus


Spoiler: Videos and Music • show

Spoiler: Round 1 entries(I only linked the ones I have links to, sorry) • show

Spoiler: Round 1 Livestream video • show

1st round-Entries

1st round-Results

Spoiler: Round 2 entries(I only linked the ones I have links to, sorry) • show

Hunter of the Dark-Stuck In Time

Legulus-Pieces Of Me

Julius-Gypsy Bard(BassbeastJD Cover?)

Starsong-Babs Seed

TheLivingCouch-Flower of the Season

Lorentz-Smile Song Rendition

Guitar Brony-Hay Ms. Derpy


Tekner-This Day Aria

Chrisgotjar-Land Of Equestria

Spoiler: Round 2 Livestream video • show

2nd round-Entries

2nd round-Results

Spoiler: Round 3 Livestream • show

Spoiler: Round 4 Livestream • show

Spoiler: Round 5 Livestream • show

Video / My Little Portal VA panel
2013 Jul 23, 14:05:36
Just stumbled on this if anyone wants to see it, the only VAs in this panel are the voices for Spike, Dr.Whooves, Queen Chrysalis, Discord and Shining Armor.  Perhaps they'll do more of these for the other VAs, idk

I have to note the voice of Discord is Aleximus Prime which came as a shock to me, as he's the guy i'm following on dA who did those awesome Pinkie Pie sketches I vectored (yep, the ones with the special eyes  X3 )

Um, should this be in Video or Animation?
The Retirement Home / Story Time
2013 Jul 17, 18:51:25
Not sure where else to put this, I read you all a story.
Actually I got the story from something, if anyone can guess(psst, there are 2 references in this recording)
I have no idea why I did this while sitting in a skype call.....

So anyways, feel free to post your random stuff here, whether it's VA, song, whatever.

Post Merge

ok, have some alot more reading, this time HerpyDooves and I read My Little Dashie in skype(we were fooling around)
I split it up into sections.
Also, people were watching live?  My heart exploded twice, yeah, it wasn't mentioned enough....'

~Electro-BLITZ - This topic has been locked due to inactivity, if this was a error and your the topic starter, please contact a moderator for assistance
Audio / Unofficial LoE Skype group
2013 May 14, 15:50:13
I have decided it is in my best interest to no longer continue running this group.

C'est la vie
June 5th, 2016 - I overhauled and updated this was it ever unorganized!!  Art is sorted more by year than type

Welcome to my art thread.  I've been drawing ponies since around July 2012(When I joined here) and I feel i've been making progress on making my art....not suck.  Feel free to look over my work if you wish and any feedback you have on anything here is welcome and appreciated.  I have recently become proficient at drawing with my tablet, and using Paint Tool Sai.  I am also a vector artist, although my vectors have slowed down a bit recently...
I also do minecraft pixel art, as well as pony skins and some resource pack texture modifications


Spoiler: Darcy Reference Sheet • show

Spoiler: Melanie Reference, for now • show

Spoiler: Speedpaints**Newest one-The Air • show

Spoiler: Cecil • show

Spoiler: Derpy Hoodie • show

Spoiler: Rainbow Dash NATG2014 • show

Spoiler: Cool Edge • show

Spoiler: Fluttershy Bellyrubs • show

Spoiler: Come on Darcy! • show

Spoiler: Learning to Fly • show

Spoiler: The Air(Fixed the letterboxing!!!!) • show

Spoiler: Art-2017 • show

Spoiler: Blep again • show

Spoiler: Kira the Kitsune Cutie • show

Spoiler: Noms at the beach • show

Spoiler: Now i am a FLOOOOOFFFFF birb pon • show

Spoiler: What is sleep? • show

Spoiler: Sharkblepo 3, coming to theaters near you • show

Spoiler: Not So Cute mod pon • show

Spoiler: Pencil Blep • show

Spoiler: 2015 redraw thing • show

Spoiler: Oh yeah i am a birb pon • show

Spoiler: EEEeeeeee!!!! • show

Spoiler: Oh right I art... • show

Spoiler: Bunny costumes are awesome! • show

Spoiler: Clouds • show

Spoiler: Hai der • show

Spoiler: Cute mod pon • show

Spoiler: Coffee Naps! • show

Spoiler: More Belly Rubs! • show

Spoiler: Naps and coffee?  I guess? • show

Spoiler: Cutesy Mod Pon • show

Spoiler: Ohai der • show

Spoiler: Cause clouds • show

Spoiler: Easter thingy • show

Spoiler: Paint • show

Spoiler: Art-2016 • show

Spoiler: Cutesy • show

Spoiler: Opuscule Antiquity • show

Spoiler: Dashie • show

Spoiler: Cutie being cute • show

Spoiler: Learn To Fly • show

Spoiler: Socks, Bows and Belly Rubs • show

Spoiler: More coffee • show

Spoiler: Flutterbox • show

Spoiler: Darcy in a dress, again • show

Spoiler: Beverage Horses • show

Spoiler: Coffee Stuff • show

Spoiler: SoundPallette(CGEyeguy's OC) • show

Spoiler: Learning to Fly • show

Spoiler: Oh, You found me • show

Spoiler: Seriously? • show

Spoiler: Quick little thing • show

Spoiler: Melanie(CoffeeBot) • show

Spoiler: Coffee Haul • show

Spoiler: Pinkie Pie redraw • show

Spoiler: Darcy on Drawpile • show

Spoiler: Livestream Splash Screen • show

Spoiler: New Deviantart ID • show

Spoiler: Box Ponies • show

Spoiler: Dis pone is on fiyah! • show

Spoiler: Coffee pone wants cuddles =3 • show

Spoiler: Blep • show

Spoiler: Art-2015 • show

Spoiler: Chrisgotjar • show

Spoiler: ShinodaGE • show

Spoiler: Darcy again • show

Spoiler: Above pinkified version • show

Spoiler: Darcy, back to old shading techniques* • show

Spoiler: GuitarBrony(Six String) in LittlePip cosplay • show

Spoiler: Darcy in Calamity cosplay • show

Spoiler: Pats win the superbowl! • show

Spoiler: Hi There • show

Spoiler: Twilight! • show

Spoiler: Cool Edge • show

Spoiler: Darcy DeviantID • show

Spoiler: News Flash! • show

Spoiler: D&D Style Darcy(Human) • show

Spoiler: Adorable Darcy in SOCKS!  Roll A constitution Saving throw • show

Spoiler: Pinkie Pie, Meet ball! • show

Spoiler: Floofy Darcy! • show

Spoiler: Wing Nomming Darcy • show

Spoiler: Take Flight • show

Spoiler: Fluttershy Bellyrubs! • show

Spoiler: Wedraw4boops Stream Challenge picture • show

Spoiler: Lantern Pone • show

Spoiler: Adorable Sock Coffee Pony • show

Spoiler: Maid Darcy • show

Spoiler: Darcy Vector • show

Spoiler: She is back! (Kinda) • show

Spoiler: Meetal • show

Spoiler: Starsong! • show

Spoiler: You woke me up for this? • show

Spoiler: Snowsucks • show

Spoiler: Darcy on a cloud-with ugly background • show

Spoiler: Darcy on a cloud • show

Spoiler: Xmas Darcy • show

Spoiler: Twilight meet book guy? • show

Spoiler: Odd.png • show

Spoiler: Snow Day • show

Spoiler: Can't Swim • show

Spoiler: Cute Mod • show

Spoiler: Art-2014 • show

Spoiler: Moar Derpy? • show

Spoiler: Surprise • show

Spoiler: Darcy gets her cutie mark! • show

Spoiler: Happy Canada Day! • show

Spoiler: CrabApple • show

Spoiler: Cecil • show

Spoiler: Darcy's Coffee Break • show

Spoiler: 2000 Pageviews Darcy • show

Spoiler: Rainbow Dash redraw this • show

Spoiler: Same as above with awesome background • show

Spoiler: Sleeping Darcy • show

Spoiler: Soulmane • show

Spoiler: Darcy, now 65% more kawaii • show

Spoiler: Pinkie and Dashie • show

Spoiler: Darcy, Darcy....Darcy • show

Spoiler: She's a Derpy, she's a hooded Derpy • show

Spoiler: Semi realistic Darcy • show

Spoiler: Will Cuddle for Coffee! • show

Spoiler: Hi there, just chillin' • show

Spoiler: CrabCuddle • show

Spoiler: Ponies meet minecraft! • show

Spoiler: Am I kawaii yet? • show

Spoiler: Derpy's Cider • show

Spoiler: Coco Pommel • show

Spoiler: Pinkie • show

Spoiler: Derp'n along • show

Spoiler: Pinkie vs Derpy • show

Spoiler: Random Sketch • show

Spoiler: Darcy drawn in Sai with a tracker pad • show

Spoiler: Redesigned ponysona, new color scheme • show

Spoiler: Derpy Hooves again • show

Spoiler: Pipkin and Pipkin • show

Spoiler: Ponysona with Tim Ponys Coffee • show

Spoiler: How do keyboard? • show

Spoiler: How do phone? • show

Spoiler: How do mushroom stew? • show

Spoiler: Day 1-Draw a posing pony-Rainbow Dash(Also posted on drawfriend!!!)* • show

Spoiler: Day 2-Darcy's in the slot, Pinkie's in motion on second [s • show
down[/s]day.  Draw a pony in motion*]

Spoiler: Day 3- Cecil's gonna get it..... • show

Spoiler: Day 4-Fluttershy • show

Spoiler: Day 5-Rainbow Dash should pick a better place to nap... • show

Spoiler: Day 6-Future Legend • show

Spoiler: Day 7-Take a break • show

Spoiler: Art-2013 • show

Spoiler: Derpy • show

Spoiler: Fluttershy • show

Spoiler: RD Sketch • show

Spoiler: RD Shaded • show

Spoiler: Pinkie Pie • show

Spoiler: Pinkie Sketch • show

Spoiler: Pinkie and Tails • show

Spoiler: Starsong • show

Spoiler: show

Spoiler: Derpy tablet sketch • show

Spoiler: Meet the Captain! • show

Spoiler: My first non-OC vector • show

Spoiler: Have Some RD • show

Spoiler: random • show

Spoiler: PINKIE PIE! • show

Spoiler: Sad Pinkie • show

Spoiler: Penelope • show

Spoiler: Starsong • show

Spoiler: Derpy Hooves • show

Spoiler: Art-2012 • show

Spoiler: My old OC, Penny • show

Spoiler: Haz sum sad Penny, wanna cupcakez? • show

hide'; } else { this.parentNode.parentNode.getElementsByTagName('div')[1].getElementsByTagName('div')[0].style.display = 'none'; this.innerHTML = 'Spoiler: In memory of Julius' late night ponying lolshow'; }" />Spoiler: In memory of Julius' late night ponying lolshow

Spoiler: Plushies! • show

Spoiler: Darcy • show

Spoiler: Pinkie Pie • show

Spoiler: Minecraft Pixel Art • show

Spoiler: Surprise • show

Spoiler: Ryo(Original art by Ryo, I added the glasses) • show

Spoiler: Derpy • show

Spoiler: Rainbow Dash • show

Spoiler: Fluttershy(I didn't make the original art) • show

Spoiler: Derpy(I didn't make the original art) • show

Spoiler: my ponysona • show

Spoiler: Ask the Coffee Pony(tumblr posts) • show

Spoiler: Not enough Darcy • show

Spoiler: My cloud • show

Spoiler: Do I share coffee? • show

Here is the link to my DeviantArt.  I am also on Derpibooru, i'll link my artist account, or just look for my artist tag, artist:laptopbrony
My Deviantart account
My Derpibooru account