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Ah, got to say that I'm not new here, nor new on the fandom. But, I've made this account so long time ago ahahahahha not really and I decided to come to the forums since I got nothing to do. This is literally my third time writing something in here, which is kinda weird but anyway.


I'll tell something 'bout me, read if you want.

  • I live in finland. Basically in the south.
    I have two cats. The older one - two and half years - is half  Norwegian forestcat and his name is Sulo. The other one is called Simo. He is European shortfur and only two years old.
    I'm a girl, dundunduu.
    I love Twenty-One Pilots and Panic! At the Disco. Melanie Martinez is amazing too.  ovO
    I love food, especially pizza and habanero-chili sauce AND NOODLES

Video Games Archive / Overwatch
2016 Jun 13, 17:14:31
Does anyone have the game called Overwatch? I saw the trailer and I've been watching couple gameplays of it. But, one thing I need to ask is; Is it worth buying? I really want it, but I don't want to get disappointed on the game as playin' it.
So basically, if anyone has something to say about it, tell me straight your opinions.
BUT! Use common sense and good language thank you, I don't want to read a sentence with [email protected]#! all over it, thank you.   :P