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Well as you can see...i LOVE food. I mean who doesn't? I like anything that's outta country and made freshly homemade with great flavors, Greek, Italian, Indian, and Asian.



So tell me...What are your favorite dishes?  :]

Thousands of years ago, their lived a colony of tribal unicorns on a tropical island who worship the goddess of the sun (Celestia) to protect them from the goddess of the moon (Nightmare moon). Until one day, darkness had rained upon on the island. The tribesponies have vanished and leaving the island in total night...

For generations.
The folks in a little harbor called Deep bay, say they have seen boats try to sail to the island. But they eventually get surround by fog, and never come back. The ponies have even heard screams on the island of the lost souls of the tribeponies.

But one old retired pirate captain. Had once tried to sail across the island, until the fog came in, and a Whirlpool had suddenly appears and sunken his ship along with his crew. Only he survived. But what he saw that night he will never forget it in his nightmares...

A dark shadowy pony, walking on water, surrounded by the seas and the misty dark fog like a cosmic globe. With brightly white eyes.

And what he said to the captain, was his last he heard...

"The sea is my home...and the night is my vial...know thee, for i am Darktide...the cursed moon of the sea."

Present Day

You've heard rumors from Canterlot about many ships disappearing from the shore cove of Deep Bay. And the Legend about the missing tribsponies. You and your friends decide to take a voyage to uncover the Legend of the curse moon of the sea, and it's secrets.

You start walking the streets of Deep Bay, you are looking for the pub called "The Black clam". and meet the old pirate captain about the rumors.

Ponies who already signed up
Spoiler: show

Teal Turken

JadeMask114 (Star noon and midnight)

SapphirePony (Ruby Starwing)

FlameandIce (Irina and Elluka Clockworker)

Snowy (Snow Dash)

Lusterless Nova

Stitchin' Time

The Wandering Magus (Lord Fancy Pants and Butler Bloodblade)


Remember my team who are helping me are CinniBun and Magus, but if they are not here i will be in charge, I'll be slow with my posts aswell.
Sign Up

Alright so here's the OOC forum board for Curse Moon of the Sea.

Here will be the rules of the game and the things to know.

1~No god modding

2~No power playing

3~This will be rated PG/G. (mid violence)

4~This RP is story based. So play along. No jump in, or ill delete it.

5~The Wandering Magus (*edit* and CinniBun) will be assisting me with this story, so listen and follow what they say. :]

6~I know their will be multiple players in this so be patient when we post things, Will be slow and be PMing each other about the RP.

Now in this story. Eventually you will split into two teams, i won't tell you when but once you created your teams (Or me and Magus) you will move to a new forum with your team and begin there.

Sometime in the future one of you will get kidnapped/captured. When that happens you must follow it (And if it's necessary, another forum will be made only for you and your captive partner/s)

There will be a little combat in this. So don't be silly with your attacks. Example, no powerful instant kill *pew pew* with a laser cannon. Make it small and simple. If you say like

Pony 1 uses sword but enemy dodges it.
pony 2 comes behind enemy after the dodge and uses flare.

I will accept that kinda strategy. (Btw the enemy is dead ^)

Next I'll put color coding like Teal's Shattered Mind RP, it's simple yet shows what's going on and what to do.

Blue = can be done with spells/abilities.
Green = useable as it currently is or can be done without special effort.
Red = Cannot be done with spells/abilities. Requires special item/etc.
Bold Black = Nothing can be done. You are simply to experience or see such a thing before you.
Orange = Something you may notice that will appear or be useable/important later.

Lastly, if you meet the "enemy" who's part of the story. Be "persuasive" you'll know when the time comes...





Species-Earth pony

Personality-Headstrong, yet a free spirit. He pushes himself to the limit even if it kills himself. But has a spunky side of him.

Amtrack was born in a little lumber mill community somewhere up in the mountain side. Everyday Amtrack work small little jobs in the lumber mill to help the family business, since their were no filly's to play, Amtrack spends his time with his grandfather and his trains.

Amtrack was fascinated with trains, the way they work, move, and is the only transport in all Equestia.

But most importantly, the speed. Amtrack and his grandfather were very close...

But on a cloudy rainy day. His grandfather had fallen ill, their were no doctors in the mill and the only way to get to one is in Ponyville. Which is miles away, and with the rain poring causing a mudslide the trains can't reach into town.
With everyone busy with the mudslide leaving his grandfather helpless, Amtrack couldn't take the pain from his grandfather's eyes.

So he ran, 40 miles, down the mountain and back, non stop. Amtrack didn't think of stopping, he could only think of getting the medicine he needed for his grandfather. Through the terrain and the heavy rain he successfully made it back to the mill and gave the medicine to his grandfather.

After the rain died and the mud slide lowered, the family was shocked of Amtrack's Stamina and speed and saving their grandfather's life, they were proud of him for that.

Which earn him the nickname "Steam horse" and his cutie mark.

(A big thanks to SugarCup, Eclair, and Devmoder011 for the art.=)
Animations Archive / The new Pixar film.
2012 Jun 08, 13:11:07

Pony Off-Topic Archive / I was thinking...
2012 May 24, 22:45:58
...What if Rainbow Dash's mother is Princess Celestia?  o.O
Introductions Archive / Aloha!!
2012 May 14, 13:23:41
Hey there!

I know this website for 2 months now, and decided to make a account.

So a little about me. My name is Morgan (It's my real name.) am 20 years old, gonna be 21 next month. I finished high school and went to university for awhile. Now am working to become a comic writer and sketch artist to start on my dream story/comic i want to finish. ^-^  Am also working with community living.

I became a fan to mlpfim when i was in university, that's almost 2 years i think. How i became a fan, long story short i went to a anime convention and a girl from the hotel showed me it. Got hoked on it in the months that fallowed.

So i hoped to make new friends here, and also make more friends once LOE comes out. Cheers! ^-^