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Updates Archive / Closing the Stress Test
2012 Oct 01, 01:32:14
Game access for regular users should now be disabled. If I've done it correctly.  You'll be able to stay in the servers, until they eventually get restarted. I'm still at the hotel for Canterlot Gardens, and am too lazy to restart them myself.

Hope you all had fun, even through our servers dying due to load, getting stuck in the map, falling into the void, etc.

To uninstall the game, simply delete the files you extracted from the zip folder.

The game also will have made additional files in the AppData folder. Looking, for me, it's in Users\AppData\LocalLow\LoE\Legends of Equestria. This might change depending on your computer and operating system.

Additionally, a few entries are made in the registry, if you want to clean those out manually. Just search for either LoE, or Legends of Equestria.

You're welcome to keep the files on your drive if you want, but it's rather pointless, as you will not be able to connect.
System Requirements

  • 2 GB ram
  • dual core processor, somewhere near 2 GHz. A single core processor works, but is not recommended. SSE2 is required (pretty much anything after 2005)
  • an okay graphics card. generally if the computer is made after 2007, you'll be fine. The bare minimum would probably be 128 MB vram, DirectX9.0c/OpenGL3.0
  • 4 gigabytes of hard drive space
  • OS: windows, mac osx, or linux

Names and accounts

Your login information for the game is what it is for the forum - if you change your password for the forum, it will change for the game.  Characters will also be linked to your forum account.