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Does anyone know reliable and relatively cheap public game sever host? One that supports Garry's mod? And, if that's even possible, one with no monthly fees? I'm willing to pay a larger sum of money if it means no monthly fee.
Almost Halloween!  :3 Lindsey, as always, makes another great video with her violin playing.  ^-^ I know how to play the violin also, but not nearly as good as her.  :I I still have trouble with fiddle music.  X3
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Off-Topic Archive / The Walking Dead
2012 Oct 14, 23:20:13
Anyone else enjoy the season premier as much as I have? It was so awesome!  :3 Poor Hershall.  DD: I guess this is a Walking Dead thread. Discuss please.
Just as the title says, what's YOUR favorite plane!? :3 Not sure why, but I'm in the airplane mood. It can be any plane really. Bomber, fighter, supply, airliners, etc. Many of you are probably not big on aircraft in general, I'm not either, but I'm kinda curious on what some of our favorite planes are.

Here's some of mine! P-51 Mustang! It was quite the escort fighter in WWII.

The Boeing 787 Dreamliner isn't bad either!

I love the A-10. So AWESOME!  :3

EDIT: I hope this doesn't break rule 7-e.  :I
Animations Archive / A Rhyme by Rarity
2012 Sep 22, 21:17:45
I'm pretty sure most of you have already seen this, but I posted it anyways.  X3 It's a cute little animation flick.

Off-Topic Archive / Lincoln Trailer
2012 Sep 18, 21:04:01
A movie about one of the greatest presidents and during the saddest years in US history?? o.O Sold!  :D

This movie also got me to thinking of maybe how awesome it would be to see a George Washington and Franklin D. Roosevelt movie being made. :3
Animations Archive / The REGIS MK-V
2012 Aug 26, 20:48:01
"Surrender now and you will all die peacefully" ovO

I've been researching a little bit on our nations various presidents, like Abraham, George Washington, Hoover, ect, and look what I just found out about good ol' Mister Teddy Roosevelt. America's 26th president.

"During a stop in Milwaukee on his 1912 "Bull Moose" campaign for the presidency, Roosevelt was shot at close range by John Schrank, a psychotic New York saloonkeeper. Schrank had his .38 caliber pistol aimed at Roosevelt's head, but a bystander saw the gun and deflected Schrank's arm just as the trigger was pulled. Roosevelt did not realize he was hit until someone noticed a hole in his overcoat. When Roosevelt reached inside his coat, he found blood on his fingers."

This what he said after he found out he's been shot.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I don't know whether you fully understand that I have just been shot; but it takes more than that to kill a Bull Moose."

He then finish his 90 min speech with the bullet still near his heart and THEN was sent to the hospital! How can you not admire that!?

He also Hunted Elephants and was a deputy sheriff in North Dakota where he hunted 3 outlaws that stole his riverboat and caught them! He watched over them for 40 hours straight keeping watch on those criminals till they go to trial! O: Seriously, I don't know why Chuck Norris jokes exist when we have this guy being the true figure of manly!  :D I just thought this was so awesome when I discovered more about Teddy that I just had to share this with you guys. This man defiantly is in the same league as George Washington and Andrew Jackson. I'm sure he probably did much more than what I already listed.
I know these things have already been out for awhile, but I couldn't resist posting these for TT fans out there. Although the animation is weird and they're short, the hilarious comedy the original had are still there.  :3

Rememeber: Tara Strong plays Raven.
Music Archive / BACON!!!!
2012 Aug 10, 23:28:54
Been awhile everyone. Here's my first post after a long time.  :D And it's about BACON!!!!  :3
I'm talking about strategy games made by Paradox like Crusader Kings 2, Supreme Ruler: Cold War, Europa Universalis 3 and Hearts of Iron 3. I would LOVE to play multiplayer with these games.  :D

Animations Archive / Bobob-Bo-Bo-Bobo
2012 Jun 10, 01:01:19
The anime that made you go "wat".  o_O

It was one of the funniest shows ever.  lol Anyone else enjoyed it as much as I have?
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Can't wait! :D
Animations Archive / Megas XLR
2012 May 14, 20:32:47
Now THIS was a GREAT cartoon! One of my very favorites! The intro just gets your blood pumping!  :D

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Remember! Chicks dig giant robots.  ;)
The Retirement Home / I'm going for a walk.
2012 May 14, 20:14:14

Don't judge the way I walk!  >A<
835 hours. I haz a life.   X3 Post how many hours you have been playing Garrysmod!
Hello everypony. The name's Michael A. Puffer. Or just call me by my account name, Parasprite. I like politics, history, astronomy, music, video games, and MLP:FiM. I was once part of the old forums