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As the title says. Anyon here playing any of: Crusader Kings 2, Europa Universalis 4, Hearts of Iron 3, Victoria 2, and others?

Im personally owning ck2 and eu4, and its really fun to create all the alternate history  :D

For those who dont know, these games are strategies, based around controlling a nation, aiming at maximum realism, have a real-time pacing (by a daily or hourly base), and are just awesome  ^-^ . The most fun thing is to see the history unroll so differently from what we know, like seeing an islamic britain, or a norse russia :D

Ck2 is absed around feudalism and medieval era. Eu4 is based around the reneissance, trade, colonisation and reformation, HoI3 is taking palce in WW2 and is jsut a combat simulator, and Victioria 2 is in the 19th and 20th centure, during the age of industrialization and empires.

Im a big fan of them all :)
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2015 Jan 26, 10:35:07
Hi everyone. Im about a month watching ponies now. I used to be a kinda "brony" about 2 years ago, but i got bored of it. I come back now! Im from Poland, Im also like the only polish i know that is a brony. So uhhh, hi.