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The Retirement Home / Stuck at night
2015 Feb 20, 19:38:36
Anyone else having the problem no matter what you set the time to, it's always dark? I set the time to noon, and the sky gets brighter, but the world itself does not. And there's no sun.
Video Games Archive / Pony-Modded games
2015 Jan 23, 16:48:12
Anyone else here play games like Skyrim or Fallout with pony mods?

I just got into it a couple months ago and it's been ridiculous fun.

And this is how I go adventuring. Unfortunately the pony stuff is only armor and not your actual character. But it's good enough for me!

Group photo.

Pinkie has the very important job of carrying the mead into battle. Without a doubt she is of vital importance.

But sometimes it's too much for her to handle.

And here we have a bear getting smacked with a twicane! Not as good of a shot as I wanted it to be.

And this is just a cool shot with no significance at all.

I've got a bunch more screenshots but I don't want to overwhelm the first post.