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Off-Topic Archive / Forum Question
2016 Jun 25, 14:26:40
To all the mods and admins,

I was wondering if there was any host site that you used to make this (like ProBoards). If there is, I would like to check it out!


Founder of the OLT Shorts series.
All rights reserved.
Pony Off-Topic Archive / Job Application
2015 Dec 11, 22:41:42
Is there any sound-to-art mixers? I've helped my friends make videos that would never make it without my skills. I figured if I can do it with videos that I may contribute to the production of this game. Any requirements needed? 0:)
Pony Off-Topic Archive / Signature Help
2015 Dec 07, 18:22:08
Hey I know im supposed to put this in the Help section, but it has this new thing in it, so I ran out of options.

I want to add a picture to my signature. How do I do that? X3
Introductions Archive / Leaving Cancelled
2015 Jan 20, 20:24:59
Well, I decided I wasn't going to leave LoE. Ten days isn't that I'm announcing my comeback!
OC: Oshawott
Creator: Oshawottlovestacos
OC Height: 2' 4"
OC Weight: 3-4 lbs.
OC Type: Water
OC Evolution:

Oshawott -> Dewott -> Samurott
Rules: Only use yourself in a new statement and not anyone else (unless you are interacting with another player)

Oshawott: being a derp :P

There is a knock at the door.

Oshawott: Who could it be? I didn't expect anyone today... o.Owalks up to door and opens it

(RP opens)