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Original Characters / My OC : Marble Star
2015 Sep 08, 14:38:37
Backstory :
she got amnesia at the age of 7 because of amnesia she never never knew her parents
she grew up at canterlot orphanage she had friends Confused speed and Spring Splash they pretty much grew up together
later she got adopted by her foalsitter she doesnt pay attention to her friends anymore pretty much...
later her foalsitter tried to teach her how to bake it wasnt so succesfull to be honest but she kinda liked it at first i mean srsly who wouldnt?
she had her cutie mark before she got the amnesia so she doesnt remember anything about it...
eventually she started working at the bakery she loved the job at first..eventually she moved out of her foalsitter home and got her own home at about age 17? she never changed the job she managed to buy a standart house with the bits she saved although the house wasnt perfect it wasnt exactly new... but she liked it.
she tried to figure out how she got her cutie mark but she couldnt figure it out so she kinda gave up on that...
she became kinda bored with life