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After heavy thinking and 2 weeks of scream therapy I have came to thinking and decided to make an OC or one of my OCs cause I might (Cause of tf2 Arctic Circuit)

Age: Fairly young and considered a stallion
Cutie Mark: A turret
Family origin: Unknown (was founded by a female griffon)
Special Traits: Able to step on clouds without hoof enchantment
Home: On the side of a mountain of the Everfree forest
Arctic Circuit or "Turret Hoof" is a stallion that lives on the side of a mountain with a dragon that is an expert with gems. Has a problem with parasprites and is working on an anti-Sprite torch. Turret Hoof as a colt was found in the ruins of a village that was destroyed by timber wolves ,but he was spared from the death and instead was raised by a griffon but Turret calls "Feather leaf"
Off-Topic Archive / Favorite Pushies
2014 Oct 19, 23:31:28
Post your favorite plush toy or all the ones you own it's your choice

These were the first and favorite plush toys I have
Animations Archive / Going fishing [SFM]
2014 Oct 14, 18:51:40

Engineer goes fishing by Dr. Face
Just start slamming SFMs here

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