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Greetings and welcome to EquestriaUnleashed (EqU) we are a fast expanding pony Rp community that focuses all of its resources among its members. This is a completely free community so far and hopes we will be able to continue and maintain this goal. Things available to (EqU) members and guests include a fully dedicated super server who is owned entirely by EquestriaUnleashed. Giving us the abilities to run and maintain a rather healthy number of game servers, These include 3 x highly modified pony craft (MC) servers all linked together and 3 x 100+ mod pony RP Garry's mod servers covering hide and go seek open world game modes. The community also has its own new and developed social network consisting of a chat with many functions it has a forum as well as blogging. Furthermore, the ability to have multiple profiles for all your chars on one account. Most recently acquired and set up 2 x discord servers both serviced by (EqU) owned and made Discordbot, we call Tia (CelestiBot) that currently provides pictures/music as well as Rp text chat rooms for both group open Rp and private locked type Rp. If you are one that has any helpful skills/abilities, and you wish to contribute with this pony community. We are most excited for such inquiries and are happy to be able to welcome all users to our tight-knit community.

1. The community is regularly open to all who wish to be part of this amazing pony Rp group. Even guests who just wish to hang out among other nice ponies are always welcome.

2. We are a very active group with members online around the clock, and also we are looking into starting training grounds for fresh new and old members alike. Ones who wish to partake and possibly learn brand new and exciting talents aimed at the Rp side of things.

3. We have come from and have built everything together with the help knowledge and support of other members. Everything that happens gets spoken about by the members that have been in the group for a long time and have desired to further help, By providing their input and thoughts into maintaining and improving the community for you all.

4. There are a few ways to be able to apply or just come visit and see what (EqU) is all about. Either leave a post with details name intent and how we can best get in contact with you. The other way is LoE itself by locating members of (EqU) and expressing interest in knowing more information. Last is we're quite active in the LoE chat-box so should be able to locate any member there any and all information in this topic post may be changed or modified at any time.

5. Helpful names are still being set up correctly Racquel SilverSpirit message/chat-box any members who would be happy to have their name here to be contacted just inform us, and you will be added thank you.

6. this is a pretty rough draft for the moment, and we are sorry as we will be getting the time in small amounts to be able to make it how it should thank you for your time.

Announcement post and link about EqU's Grand Opening Gala 15th of April

Main site
EqU Discord
EqU chat site
Hello and welcome to the post for EQMC's Modded Minecraft Rp and Survival Servers. We also have a auto installer so should be install log in and play make sure you have the latest java installed also and good luck will update this more as i go these are a few of the maps we are using.

Links for the installer for your Operating system
Once downloaded place the derpy exe on your desktop open the launcher
Should work fine unless your missing something or don't have the system to run it
Any help needed you can Pm me here or there and and ill help as much as i can.

Linux/Apple Os Launcher

64 Bit Windows Launcher