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The Retirement Home / Goodbye everyone!
2013 May 25, 13:26:56

I know this is suppose to be in introductions but since I (was) a big part of LoE according to a lot of the public, it probably fits better here.

I will now say, my farewell. I won't post the document here, since it will be removed. People that wish to speak with me, know where I am. Others probably can get a hold of me some other way.

EDIT: Grammatic errors. I hope you all like the mascot that will handle the PR from now on btw.

GOOdbye everyone!
Go with peace and pLEasure!
It's time for the 24 hour event!

We welcome you all to participate in Leg
ends of Equestria's 24 Hour Event.

Here is the schedule detailing the times that different teams will host their sections of the livestream.  The section called "HATS!" is an event where we will listen to you, the community, as you suggest hats that we could create for the game. Of course, the hat suggestions will be moderated by our team, so not all hats will be made.

The event begins Friday, the 4th of January, at 8PM EST.

We hope to see you there!

Link to the Livestream channel:

News Archive / 24 hour event!
2012 Dec 17, 18:37:52
24 hours, 1440 minutes, 86 400 seconds...
Legends of Equestria presents our 24 hour event, live! We will once again create, design and write live for 24 hours! Where you, as the public, can see how we create our content for the game!

What will you see during this 24 hour event? Progress on Canterlot, the capital city of Equestria! A great deal has been planned!

You'll also get to interact with the staff, ask us questions during several Q/A sessions, and chat with your fellow fans!

The event starts the 4th of January, 8pm EST and ends 24 hours later!
Hope to see you all there!

Link to the Livestream:
News Archive / The Stress test is over!
2012 Oct 01, 18:31:48
I want to point out once and for all that our stress test is over.

The files have been removed from our site and the servers have been restored to their previous state.

Please stop asking for the files and how to get them to run.

We will never support this version again!
News Archive / Want to play?
2012 Sep 21, 21:42:31
It's over for this time!

QuoteThe workaround unfortunately made the hoofsteps silent. We thank you for your understanding. It is after all a pre-alpha.


Good commands to know: /additem X

Quote from: Ryo_D_Disk on 2012 Sep 29, 11:12:14
/help  -gives you all the commands
/bye -gives you the goodbye message and logs you out
Item commands
/inventory -tells you your inventoy in order
/additem x  -adds a item based on the numbered list given on page 1 just replace the x with a number e.g. /additem 21 to get an item
/wearitem x - this directly adds a equitable item from your backpack to your character but you have to use the item slot between 0-11 to do so e.g. /wearitem 0
/unwearall -removes all equipped items
/time x -changes the time based on the number entered (i find that 12 turns it to day)
Time for the obvious ones and emotes
/sit -allows you to sit
/facehoof -facehoofs
/stand -returns your charter to the original movement animations


For all Ponies races:
Left Shift - Sprint
Left Alt key + middlemouse button - Head turning
Space - Jump
WASD - move around
1 and 2 - sit and facehoof (or click the small images)
Hold Right mousebutton if you wish to steer the character.

Left Shift (While flying) - Fly faster
Q or E - Roll
R - Loop!
CTRL - Decend
Double Space - Fly
Hold right mousebutton to steer with mouse while flying.
3 - Excited

Left shift + left mousebutton - fireball!

Look on all ponies for now


Legends of Equestria is going to Canterlot Gardens! We will be hosted in the gaming room together with Fighting is Magic! Please stop by and talk with us and share your thoughts and ideas. Or just stop by and give us muffins and cupcakes.

But that's not all. We will be performing a stress test. During Canterlot Gardens, we will open the game to the public during that weekend. You will need a forum account to log in, so if you don't have one yet, register on our forums.

There will be two ways to obtain the game:
1) Stop by our table! We will have flash drives with the game on them to copy to your computer, or bring your own flash drive (at least 512 mb), and we can copy the game onto it.
2) Download it from our website! We will provide links to download the game, including a torrent link. We urge you to NOT download it from any other source.

We want to remind you all this is still pre-alpha. It will have bugs, it will have graphics issues and it will not be finalized. The server might also go down due to load. Everything is subject to change!

More information about this event will be released next week!
News Archive / The Road to Alpha!
2012 Jul 18, 13:12:24
As promised, the road to alpha is now published on the frontpage.


  • We also attending Galacon! We are official guest of honor during this convention and it will feature a whole lot of fun such panels, auctions, voice actors, games and to top it all of, an actual gala on Saturday! The event is located in the the beautiful city of Stuttgart,Germany. The dates for the convention is 11th to 12th of August.
    Legends of Equestria will have a panel show what we been doing in the background during the summer. Not only that, we will also hold an auction plus sell things at our table! This is to help collecting money for Bronies for Good. As in the past; Legends of Equestria have helped charity before with The Massive Smile Project's official video.
    Remember, you will be able to play our game at the Convention!

    Our people that are going: SweBow (PR & Business), SteveLynx (3D), Dandy Lion (2D), Pa Hsia (CA) and Antlershy (Programming).

  • Not only that, but in the end of September. We will visit the new and magnificent Canterlot Gardens in Strongsville, Ohio. The date you need to plan is 28th to 30th of September! It will feature guest as Tara Strong, Nicole Oliver, Andrew W.K. and many more. Canterlot Gardens will also feature a Gala and a DJ Pon3 party! We will also here have a panel where you have the possibilty to ask your questions directly to our team, updates who will be attending the panel will come later.

Animations Archive / Ducktales
2012 May 25, 03:57:09
I feel the lack of Ducktales disturbing!

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News Archive / The Massive Smile! Project
2012 May 11, 21:08:16
Hello! Forest Rain asked us if we had the possibility to help out with this video, and so we did.
Musetrigger, Rice, Airbrush and Pa Hsia is our artists that helped out!

[ Invalid YouTube link ]
Yes, Legends of Equestria will attend the European Brony convention called "Grand Galloping Gala" or Galacon for short.

SweBow will be there live to show a livepanel and he will atleast pick Dandylion up on the way there!

Check their site up for more info

Here is their press announcement:
held in Stuttgart from August 11th to August 12th

(Stuttgart, April 2nd 2012)

My dearest subjects,

We are very proud to announce the first Galacon in Stuttgart, Germany - A convention for fans of Hasbro's "My Little Pony™: Friendship is Magic" franchise. On August 11th and 12th, the DJH Stuttgart International will be the place where everypony should be. Up to 400 ponies from all across Europe can come. We will have the best night ever.

The main event of the convention will be the Gala Ball on Saturday to please her royal majesty Celestia. Speaking of special someponies, we are very proud to announce some of our guests of honour:

SweBow - PR Head of the anticipated "Legends of Equestria" MMORPG will present the game live at the Gala and will show its special features.

Mr. Poniator - You might have seen one of his episode summaries. Combining Flash animation skills and a good sense of humour, he puts a new twist on your favorite MLP episodes. You can also expect that he has something prepared for the Gala.

KeepOnRockin'Brony - The Neighterlands have more to offer than tulips and windmills. KeepOnRockin'Brony will rock the Gala with DnB and more. It will be a musical extravaganza.

Kiyoshiii - Even though nopony knows how many "i"s are in his name, he is the Rarity of Art for the Gala. Everything from our con pony, Canni, to the promo art arose from his creative mind.

Ticket registration will open at the end of April. For information and more, feel free to visit and leave a note.

Your faithfully,

Galacon Staff

Hope to see you guys there!  ^-^