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Thread Games / Re: Word Association Game
2018 Aug 03, 13:42:54
Road signage
Thread Games / Re: Word Association Game
2018 Jul 30, 00:03:23
Archery armguard (because Leather armor is that typical archer armor in games)
Thread Games / Re: Word Association Game
2018 Jul 19, 13:12:45
Boxing Gloves
A:7/10 Classic style is always a solid choice

S: 5?/10 I cannot make an accurate judgement on that, as I have no idea what that's from. Looks like an old Nintendo 64 game or something

PT: 8/10 it is indeed always a fine day to play.  :D
*throws the cheese*
Quote from: Ellowee on 2017 Sep 22, 07:16:54Known issues:
  • New skills are not added to the hotbar. You have to manually add them to the hotbar from the book yourself.

In all honesty, i'm finding that this hasn't really been an "issue" for me. I like my hotbar a certain way, so this means one skill to be dragged instead of all of them.  X3
General News / Re: The LoE Forum is Back!
2017 Aug 24, 09:49:00
I'm glad they're back, I kinda missed thread games since that's 99% where I hung out.

On passwords, In this day and age I highly recommend a password manager. There's so many cyberattacks recently on a bunch of different sites that coming up with a new password all the time gets difficult. And as we all know, using the same password on everything is very insecure, but just convenient.

I personally use KeePass. It stores a file locally that you can add entries to, and also has a password generator that you can set the parameters to. Just don't forget to have a backup, lest your computer decide today's a good day to go kaput on you, leaving you without access to your passwords. The password generator essentially gives you disposable, yet secure passwords, because if one place gets your password stolen, it was only that one place and changing to another secure password takes seconds.

Sorry, I'm rambling where I probably shouldn't be. Let's go back to being happy that the forums are back.  X3
After several months away from it, have been back on Dark Souls 3. I still seem to be ok at pvp somehow, either that or all the good pvpers have left for other things. Admittedly my stat build is less than ideal. I end up winning pvp and bosses via attrition. Aniri's Straight Sword + Sun Princess Ring means that with good dodging I can ignore chip damage through my shield instead of using estus on it. I'm working on upgrading some shield that also has hp regen passive for even faster health regen, but I need to get it's stability up before it's viable.

Though the Warmth spell stole a lot of stat points for faith that I probably should have put into luck for damage, I probably have a higher dark defense than most melee people because of it. And honestly, Warmth is fun to use, especially when my caestus slowly restores FP. Praise the Sun, Praise the Heals!
Avatar: 8/10 Floofy chubwoof is floofy.
Signature: 10/10 Animation and Pie!
PText: 7/10 Description of chubwoof.
Video Games Archive / Re: Nintendo Switch
2017 Mar 31, 01:14:04
I really like what they did with the lost woods. The music and general look of it made it feel like a place you could realistically get lost in very easily.

Spoiler:  BOTW: Lost Woods Music • show

To stay on topic, I've been out of phone data this month. So if I have a period away from home where I have nothing to do, I just whip out my Switch and can play things anywhere. It's great! Then get home and put it in the dock to enjoy the games on the big screen. Here's hoping that Super Mario Odyssey is as great as Breath of the Wild is. Those two and Mario Kart are going to seriously end up wasting so much time  lol

Spoiler: Super Mario Odyssey Trailer • show
Video Games Archive / Re: Nintendo Switch
2017 Mar 30, 09:11:27
As a switch owner, I can say that Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is an excellent game, especially if you like open world stuff. It does have it's flaws, much like Ocarina of Time did, but it's clear that Nintendo put a lot of effort into it to make it as good as they could. I've been playing it since basically launch and am still discovering little things that I didn't know about. I mean, it's obvious that you can run around and swing a sword, not so obvious that...
Spoiler: show
some npc's will comment on the fact that you've taken off all of your armor and are running around in just your underwear.
Quote from: Sweet Brew on 2017 Mar 29, 19:40:55
Naturally, I won. ^u^

It isn't over until it's over :P
True, I'm actually playing right now!

The pone below me doesn't play minecraft on the computer
I've been playing the heck outta Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild lately. Undertale is also among my favorites. Though Minecraft and I have grown apart, I still enjoy hopping on occasionally, along with Terraria.
Banned for glasses.

"But you wear glasses!"

Unbanned for Danny Elfman in signature
Eh, I'm not quite popular enough to get messages, so I'll know right away. xD

Most of my friends are on a discord server anyways, so we talk through that instead of here.