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Out of Character / Re: Campfire Stories OOC
2018 Jul 26, 20:59:11
that sounds like a plan
also heads up maple is a very decorated officer haveing received the highest award one can from Celestia herself
mostly just memories about working on the ship and the moment the aliens attacked
when your head cannon gets shot down so fast  D:
so maple was a special case since he was in and out of cryosleep. the reason for this was simple his position on the ship as head engineer he had to check up on everything ever so often  its why his office is so decorated
so i was planning on maple getting most of his memories but before i do that we need to discuss if anyone had specific ideas?
*laughs evily*
sorry for late reply soo maple downloaded all info regarding the attack as hes haveing lots of suspicions about thunder mostly cause he hasn't tried at all to come find him, on another point he is a soilder back in equestria a combat engineer who was picked cause of his long service and leadership to take over the position of head engineer on the arrow
the data that maple took was anything relating to the attack on the arrow
Name: Maplewood

Race: Earth

look: (normal version for this rp)

personality: stubborn about many things but is sweet and kind to his friends and peers

Name: Axel

Race: German shepherd

personality: care free, funny and very silly at times   
heya boss sorry work been crazy
heya anyone got the link to the rp or is it not there cause i cant find it
heya there
salutes smiling sure can and your welcome stay safe
smiles and nods sure can i need to do something
smirks well im kinda a handypony i help out others with things
smiles sure can besides it been a while since iv done something different
chucklesyes but its ok im supposed to help out any citizen in need
chuckles and follows the mare to the shop glad to help and get away from the guard duty names maplewood btw
maple starts blushing no no no its fine here let me get that picks up most of the flowers and smiles