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Quote from: Mike Dragon on 2017 Apr 06, 23:36:29
Here you go!  ^-^!JcYU1abJ!hgummczXOOUoWn9PST3USrj6GG5mFQ3Dqr2BLEwBQfM

Quote from: Galapagois on 2017 Apr 08, 11:05:19
Updated, with a little luck our own website won't decide to block it too  :ellowee:

Yay! Thanks!

Sorry, I forgot to come back after posting that.

Only thing to sort out is getting my antivirus to stop deleting it. :T
Can someone re-upload the original Sockuestria game? I want to try it but mediafire has blocked the file thinking it's 'dangerous'.
I had an amazing time bouncing around as a Pinkie Party Pony and met so many people as well.   ovO

Quote from: Tiger Eye on 2015 Oct 11, 14:58:54
Will be Twilight's castle in Ponyville in the future? (Just asking xD)

I honestly don't know if Hasbrow would stand for that.
Personally I'm fine with the map as it is, all I could ask for is maybe some rooms in Cantermore Castle. (...and maybe less derpy jumping animations.)
The cupcakes are secretly Cupcakes cupcakes.

Oh, and Peace Keeper's mother was Rainbow Dash. :o
I secretly eating a Twinkie right now.
Secretly Dr. Evil trying to deflect suspicion.
Has been secretly licking Naura's candy before she gives them away.
Quote from: LaptopBrony on 2015 Oct 06, 11:03:02


And I haven't used flash on youtube for ages. Ever since they started with the html5 player.
*gasp*  O: They found me out! Abandon thread! Mares and foals out of my way! *leaps under coffee table*

Secretly wishes they could be Rainbow Dash.
Secretly worked at a cheesecake gactory before he was fired for eating the merchandise.

Still such a long way to go though. But on the last open server the game looked really impressive, much better than I'd expect from an Alpha.

Also does anyone have a link to the trailer on youtube? Flash keeps crashing for me.
Is secretly a bottle-nosed dolphin.
Quote from: Night Pony on 2015 May 31, 10:26:45
I will change again.  ovO

Then I will keep changing it. I will change seven times a day every day. ovO
Off-Topic Archive / Re: Gif's Galore
2015 Jun 01, 03:50:03

Only twelve more days.
Alright, thanks sleuth.

Quote from: Night Pony on 2015 May 31, 09:06:50
Until I start using your avatar.  ovO

And I will change it, and yours will break. Heheheh. ovO
It's not showing an avatar for him on his profile but if you scroll down the page you see this:

And the same page in a private browsing session:

I have also seen it on someone else's posts.

Edit: Same result when using chrome.
Edit2: Seems to be only on his comments on profiles. Thread posts are fine.
I was kind of confused by this at first. I saw some posts by this user MrEmu and noticed he had the same avatar as me. And I mean the exact same avatar. Same url and everything.

Only after looking at the page whilst logged out did I see he doesn't actually have an avatar set. It seems very strange that the site would use my one (or likely the one of whoever is viewing) for his posts.
Off-Topic Archive / Re: Favourite Mod?
2015 May 30, 07:36:51
I haven't met any mods buut...

Quote from: PrincessButton on 2014 Aug 12, 14:58:43
Quote from: Itty Bit on 2014 Aug 12, 01:02:06
Oh yeah, I almost forgot to post my favorite mod! I bet you guys would never be able to guess!
Spoiler: show

But really, I love all of you guys, and appreciate everything you all do ^-^

... ovO

I'll say Princess Button. Because her oc is awesome.
Off-Topic Archive / Re: Gif's Galore
2015 May 30, 07:25:48