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@DrifterCrow Yes, there is still a chance that I still want to join the roleplay. However, I'm still unable to comfortably roleplay on three-day time limit. It still may be a couple more weeks until I can.

I did just move to Texas, and there's still much for me to take care of before I can relax and enjoy this roleplay, aside from the things preventing me to roleplay. So, again, I'm sorry for the inconveniences I'm causing, if there are any. I'll be giving you the definite answer of whether or not I'll be joining soon, either directly or indirectly -- but, most likely, I'll be letting you know indirectly.
Out of Character / Re: Malware (OOC)
2017 Sep 21, 15:33:44
@Nightshade Star @Julien999 @Misty Fly



I was so tempted on giving up making posts, but now -- IT MUST BE DONE!

...Nah jk. Nightshade, Julien, Misty Fly? Make the next posts for me please.  :'(

I don't have the time (nor the tools) to make awesome stuff up for this roleplay right now.
I have read and understood the rules of the roleplay. I will follow them.  :nod:

Hey, DrifterCrow, you seem to be experienced in play-by-post roleplaying. Any reason behind why that is?

Just curious.

Never mind that. Wanted to let you know: This Forum Roleplaying thing? Not easy to do on a mobile phone. It really, really sucks. Like, it really sucks.


My thumbs are constantly reminding me that I am overusing them, even though I want to use them even more. Also, the time it takes for me to type a paragraph down on screen compared to a person with a an actual keyboard and PC is... Saddening.

Reason why I'm telling you this is cause I've been looking at the roleplay, and I haven't been seeing any posts. I probably would've already made a few, by now. But, you know. I don't want to bore you or anyone else with the waiting on my part. It'll be weeks until I can get my PC set up.
If, eh? No one's made a post yet! Kind of surprised, actually. Guess I'll make the first post then -- unless someone beats me to it.

Got something busy coming up soon, so I'm not going to be making any posts for awhile.

Sorry for any inconvenience this might cause.

I knew you'd join! That makes me so happy for some reason.  X3
Name: Light Shaft
Race/Species: Unicorn
Age: 19
Gender: Male

Appearance: A robed stallion with a coat the color of alabaster, and eyes the color of gold. His cutie-mark is of a ray of light descending upon an otherwise dark ground from a bright place. And other than the comfortable white robe he has on him, the stallion always seems to wear a demeanor of calm, along with an air of understanding and care. Until you get to know him, that is. Then he may appear as worthy companion -- or a somewhat annoying one. He possesses a mane and tail the color of his eyes, by the way. His mane is always slicked back, even while wearing his wizardly-white hat. His robe is a somewhat tight one, not the slack robes that are stereotyped from the word, "mage." And uh... Anything else? No, not really. There you have it. Ah! He's a tall, slim stallion, one with a decent build due to all the traveling he tends to do.

Personality: Practical, reliable, and unassuming. Although, he does possess a few quirks that may make you think twice about those descriptions.

Abilities/Powers: Possesses the ability to manipulate light, able to have it become lethal as a blade or as gentle as the morning sun.

Items: One comfortable white robe with golden lining, depicting images of the sun and its rays, a golden ring with a similar design to the robe, and a wizardly white hat to match, one with its own golden designs.

Backstory (Optional): His mother was a mage. His father was a mage. He became a mage. What more is there to know? Oh wait. There's actually lot.
Name: Rocky
Race/species: Changeling
Age: Is a mystery
Gender: That's a mystery too!
Appearance: Blackish, chitinous-ish, kind of looks like cheese, sorta looks like a fish 'cause of the fin on his head. You know. Basic changeling looks. Except for the fact that he looks very masculine.
Special talent (if applicable): Turning into useless objects, making snide comments, flirting with mares, whispering into the ears of powerful ponies...
Personality: Fun, optimistic, shy, serious, flirty.
Backstory (optional): Was separated from hive other changelings at a young age. He had to live off the love of children and stuff since no pony else at the time seemed to be very loving. Had to post as a loveable stuffed toy named Charles for a long while, before his owner grew up and tossed him aside. After that, he'd been a loved starved changeling for awhile, and he roams around the world, getting and gaining love however he can.

I've been wanting a changeling OC for so long, and now I have the perfect opportunity here to play as one!

Out of Character / Re: Malware (OOC)
2017 Jun 13, 21:01:03
Out of Character / Re: Malware (OOC)
2017 Jun 13, 03:21:22
My bad again. XC I'm really bad at making my dues on this site X.X  I just keep on trying to figure out how to improve my posts as I go, and I don't see myself improving much. And, also, I'm just wondering how this electricity thing works in the universe. Does it have something to do with magic? Magic to electricity conversion? Or rune programing? I think this is something we'll have to discuss first before we go any further.

Post Merge

Or maybe not. Anyone's character have an electric device with them? I can't seem to figure if Weekend's suit either runs on electricity, magic, or both. >.<
Out of Character / Re: Malware (OOC)
2017 Jun 09, 04:06:05
Fortunately for Mimic, Wonderbolt's are usually seen wearing their signature Wonderbolt flight suit, which doesn't show the individual's eyes or cutie-mark. Therefore, none of the ponies there in the clearing -- I now deem this place we're at to be a forest clearing in the Everfree -- should have really any clue which could have them suspect that Mimic is not who she claims she is. Unless, of course, they've seen the real Cloudchaser's cutie-mark and eyes.

Post Merge

By the way, the forest clearing in the Everfree thing is up to everyone. I just imagine that's where we would be if there was a giant hole into ground leading to Ponyville's power plant.
Out of Character / Re: Malware (OOC)
2017 Jun 05, 03:54:10
So, um... I guess we're just waiting for a confirmation of "everyone is in the same area now," now?
Out of Character / Re: Malware (OOC)
2017 May 30, 23:58:42
Ohp. My bad if it seemed like I was doing nothing.

I was going to post something beautiful in response to Nightshade Star's genius join plan, but then it got deleted.

I thought, "I spent literally an hour making that post." Then, I looked at the time on my phone. "I'm just gonna..." Before I fell promptly to sleep.

Sorry everypony.  0:)

Oh, and I also got unbelievably busy being a substitute grandma.

:] Surprisingly tiring when you've got to take care of literally everything in the house.

Here, I'll try to make more posts to make up for my lack of posting.

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I'm so evil. ovO

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Mmm not my best post, so far, but it gets the job done.
Out of Character / Re: Malware (OOC)
2017 May 24, 19:58:05
Quote from: GlassMirror on 2017 May 24, 18:02:58
@Aqua Fire
@Misty Fly
@Peace Keeper
@Nightshade Star

First let me give a brief synopsis how what's happening so far after I left... xD

Ok so, from what I read, it seems that everyone (other than Marble's OCs and idk about Weekend sadly... xD) on page 7, is at the power plant, including Azure of course... Also, you guys are destroying the power plant? Isn't that bad? I mean, you guys are only turning it off for a while, not destroying it, ponies won't have power at all unless I'm reading that wrong. xD

Also, it seems as though some of us are going through your own tangents, meaning that some of you might be not following each other and stuff... You guys need to be on the same page, and not on different stuff and all. I don't want anyone to be confused or feel left out.

I have a story plot for this rp, and it'll be executed a little later once Mal shows up again for like, the 2nd or 3rd or whatever time.

We're all so split up though... Everything's gonna get confusing that way. Why can't we be in one place together? Malware can't be in multiple places at once... xD

Post Merge

I actually would like for everyone to come together and stuff and not stray away for now... Since some of us are confused (I'm kinda confused myself just a little bit since everyone seems to be doing their own story within this rp. xD)

TBH I was sort of waiting for something solid to pop up due to everyone's characters making their own inferences on what exactly they were going to do about Malware. That's sort of why Weekend's still inside of "the forest." Also, Julien and Nightshade Star's characters just joined and needed a little solid footing, you know? I wanted to have a little fun with their OCs  ;) . And, also, Weekend probably would've just continued to watch the power plants getting destroyed, not partaking in them. Therefore, if Weekend was with the rest of the ponies at the power plant, I wouldn't have really posted anything other than, "Weekend felt sorry for whoever was going to clean up this mess," and etc. In other words, she wouldn't have added anything to the story (or whatever that is at the mo). And uh... Yeah. If you're confused on what this paragraph was about, it sums up to this: That's why she, Mimic, and Nightlight are still not with the others.

Am I a bad pony for doing this? ono

P.S. @Nightshade Star @Gamepaw  We need to put up "Where's my chubwoof?" pictures around Ponyville, A.S.A.P.!
Off-Topic / Re: Dumb things that annoy you
2017 May 17, 03:41:14
Writer's block. 'nuff said.

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Introductions / Re: Uhhhh
2017 Apr 15, 16:43:10

MrCry.... You're not a YouTuber, right?  ovO

Nevermind. Ignore me. Even if you were the person I suspect you to be, I've nothing other to say than this: Your videos were very helpful. Thank you. And if your not the person, I apologise. It must be the madness that Thundergirl mentioned. XP

I forgot to say welcome! So, welcome!

These forums are awesome despite their looks. They are a rich depository of knowledge and fun hidden beneath the guise of normalcy, I swear this to you.

So, enjoy your time here on the Forums if you can! As I never say, "Fun can be found even in the most boring places on the web." Or was it, "People make the party not the party itself."? I don't know! Welcome!
Introductions / Re: New guy here
2017 Apr 09, 13:07:03
Out of Character / Re: Malware (OOC)
2017 Apr 04, 02:32:04
Quote from: Peace Keeper on 2017 Mar 29, 15:58:13
Great  Now I know where everything is at. Thankies :D

*gasp* Peacekeeper's flippin' Canadian! lol

Post Merge

Question to GlassMirror: Are we allowed to describe our surroundings as we see fit? Like say, the weather, what time of day it is, etc.? Reason being, I'm starting to get an itch that's telling me we need to establish where we are. Or are you going to handle that?