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Hhmm...been wanting to ask if you guys were still adding more of the contest mane and tail styles to the game?
It's been a while, so I feel safe in asking now because it seems that while I won, my design was never added.
That is awesome!  I hope you all have a lot of fun with that.

And I was wondering...will the next update be adding more of the manes and tails from the contest?
Good to hear everything is going great!  Still looking forward to eventually seeing my mane and tail design in the game. ^.^ I will have to switch my pony to it when it comes out.
It would be nice if I could actually play it. xp
I'll probably have to wait till this evening when it's two in the morning for the EST time zone.  Servers have been full for hours.
Shoot.  Can't even get logged in now.  Just gets stuck on 'Logging in' message. xp
Yay! In!  Sadly, it would appear my mane and tail designs are not yet in the game xp  I'll have to see about using them later I guess.
So, once you have the launcher downloaded, does it then download the game through that, or is the game just already downloaded along with it?  My launcher has some kind of green bar that keeps cycling, so I am not sure if that is a download sequence, or if it is 'searching' for the server.
Bummer.  Was gonna do that tonight so it would be ready for after I got done with work tomorrow and after my live stream.  I guess I'll just check again early in the morning before work and get it set up.
Must still be delayed.  It's after 4 AM (1 AM for me) and still no game. xp
So ready for this!  Also in PST.  I'm hoping my design has been implemented already. I'd like to start my first character looking closer to my actual FC, and I just really want to see what you guys did with my design in terms of modeling. ^.^
Sweet!  Put it on my calendar!  Can't wait to recreate Fraize Flamme with the new options that will be available. ^.^  And to see how all of our picked entries for manes and tails look fully modeled and animated.
Quote from: Princess Darcy on 2016 Oct 05, 08:00:51
That is not a feature and is also only client side.  As for if that will be fixed for release I cannot comment on that as I do not know right now

Okay.  Was just curious, as I know I've seen things like it in other games with just using texture files saved to the client folder system, much like texture packs in Mine Craft.
It's not necessary for sure, but it would be a really sweet way to customize ponies if it's possible. ^.^
Might have to put in an app for this. Could be fun, and I've alpha and beta tested a few games before.
Quote from: CommenTerminator on 2016 Sep 18, 18:06:24
I'm a bit flustered that 96% are for Mares. I'm a boy and there is not a single hairstyle in the game that looks close to my oc's hairstyle. I'm not saying there should be MINE. BUTTT there should have been an even amount of boy and girl styles.

The one I did actually has a male version, with facial hair and everything. But I didn't put them all on one page, but separate images, and they only showed a single image of the design.  I wanted my design to look cute and lively on the females, and eccentric and classy on the males.

And congradulation to every one who made it!  There are some really awesome designs here.
I'm a little sad the one with the red mustache that stuck out in all directions didn't make it, cause that thing was amazing, but I'm really looking forward to seeing how these will look in the game!

Also, I've been curious....with a bit of a related question.  I know if the 'pony maker' type thing you guys had, you could upload your own cutie marks if you had a file that was saved in the proper format.  Is that going to be a feature in the game as well when it goes into actual release?
And at last, my entry!  I had a lot of fun with this, and I hope that my attempts at thinking of the design in a 3D space will translate well for all of you, should you choose it. You are welcome to make adjustments if something isn't quiet working right.
The inspiration for the design was a Swiss roll, and was modified from one of my OCs designs.  I wanted the design to feel lively, fun and a bit sassy on the girls, and sort of refined eccentric on the guys.

I hope having only done the side view and front views for the guys works out okay. The mane, tail are the same, other then placed to better fit the shape of the males, so the only things I really needed to show for the males was the facial hair.

Also getting log in error and can't log into game.  Something about not being able to connect to the server, and an unresolved issue.

This is the actual message:
Can't log in: Could not resolve
Unrecoverable error in call to nameserver