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Art / Re: Dormin - drawing is magic
2017 Oct 14, 09:06:29
Amazing arts. Though I notice you seem to be calling characters boys or lads when they appear to be female. Like Doormin in the Sugarcube or the flurry heart one.
A little plot thing that could be done, finding an AI or computer to run some of the ship's functions on a more automated basis?

Lift Controls, Status readouts, locations, Medical, food.

Could do a bunch of stuff and in the future could turn it into another plot point, making it go haywire (Get it, hay. :D ) 

Haywire could be it trying to do a bad thing like getting rid of all the ponies or a good thing that ends up going bad, like plants or something.
I saw it via F12, the link is from one of this terrible wallpaper sites that steal images and refuse to allow direct image links and instead make you select for a direct download via a bunch of links of different sizes instead of just giving you the largest size and letting Windows or whatever OS you use to scale it.

Anyway, I changed my previous wallpaper a lil bit.
Spoiler: Wallpaper • show

Made it using this image:
and photoshop cause tis a thing.
*throws himself*

The best of things.
(If you already voted on me, don't reply for me as it messes with the flow :D )


A: 6/10 - Dancing pone, not very original but still nice to look at.

S: 7/10 - Good thing you explained you aren't a shiny vegetable, not many people know the difference between beet and beat ;) 

PT: 9/10 - I feel like it is a reference to something, but I like how it sounds. :)
As someone who uses their computer often in a dark environment would be nice to my eyes if you could add a dulled, dark or night theme to the forum, so it wouldn't blind me when I move from something dark like YouTube to the forum. Wouldn't be hard to find the theme, as SMF has tons of them, is just finding one that looks okay. 
Making your own is also possible with maybe more grey colours than pure white on black.

The @ / mention system worked better before the update to 2.1 I believe, as it actually showed the users as you typed them, leaving little chance of typos. Example: Names which have spaces or symbols, as some people will duplicate names but type them slightly different, meaning you tag the wrong person.
(Should have let someone else reply first then, and for Signature, still no idea what that is.)
A: 8/10 Spiral horn, don't see that often on nice looking OCs.
S: 5/10 Little weird, but I don't recognise it.
PT: 4/10 Magical changeling spotting skills or paranoia?
I`m fine with other characters.
Click the little picture icon, left of the link and the 5th section from the right on the top row, and give it a link like this

Spoiler: picture • show

Also make sure it is a direct image link.

Banned for not being woofer.
Spoiler: Gamepaw - Chubby Wolf • show
Name: Gamepaw
Species: Wolf
Gender: Male
Colours: General base fur colour is a dark Navy (#453b66), He has multiple patches of (#8c73c9), longer, fluffy fur (#765fa7) such as around his (#5a4e86) hind legs or his neck. (#816bbb) Which are multiple shades of lighter purple (#7062a7). On the tips of his paws and his inner ears he has a pale purple (bba6ff). He also has a dark to light blue gradient tail and mane. Which goes from the darker (#42459a) to the much lighter (#7d8df1). He also has light blue eyes (#74d4ff). His pawpads happen to be a lighter blue-ish purple in colours (#9d94fb).
Personality: Gamepaw is a fairly outgoing wolf, not to shy down from anything, bullies and the like. He tends to be kind, fatherly or loving, enjoying looking after others and will even put himself in the way if he sees something he doesn't like. He also tends to very food absorbing, commonly seen eating some sort of baked good, mainly pie as his favourite.
However as a feral or a pet character, he is fairly helpless due to his chubbiness getting the better of him, he can also be scared or become afraid very easily, due to his large weight and general helplessness if he knows something will happen and he knows he can't get away or escape.
Physical Description:  A pudgy wolf by no doubt as his constant snacking catches up with him, but it doesn't cause him much of an issue outside of his feral/pet form. Comparatively being a lot skinnier than the four legged counterpart. As an anthro character he also sometimes has a long extended tail, capable of wrapping around things such as others or his neck like a scarf. As a pet, he can normally been seen with a purple collar on, however it keeps having to be replaced due to his weight and size.
Short Backstories: (Specific backstories for certain universes e.g Pokemon, Fallout)
Being a lazy wolf Game got chubby fairly quickly and failed at keeping up with his fellow pack, who had eventually disowned him and left him to his own devices. Being the slow wolf that he was he found it incredibly difficult to keep himself fed, as all the animals were too fast for him. He eventually settled for mainly grown things, such as berries or fallen apples. Occasionally having to eat meat, the only sources he could find are ones he had to find already passed their prime or those that required digging up.

I`m thinking that he may just show up wanting food and end up staying, not a story teller but a watcher and reactor and for comedy side bits :)

According to my own stats, I should be in the top 10 of 2 of the above.

Topics Started and Replies.
*Throws a food bowl.*
A: 6/10 Cool looking, plague doctor steampunk thingy?
S: 5/10 Mysterious
PT: 7/10 I liked the song.
Well, it says I only have 100 and something even though I spend almost all my time in Roleplay and easily have over 100 posts on multiple individual RPs
Thread Games / Re: X a Y
2017 Aug 29, 03:38:19
Gamepaw floofs a cuddle pile.
Forum suggestions / Re: Automatic Scroll
2017 Aug 27, 19:01:26
The blue arrows? 
Spoiler: show

Either I had no idea that was a thing, or just never used it.

I've always just clicked the topic, the number and then Go Down.

I can't find it either.
It appears as if I only get one or the other or sometimes none.

I`ll receive an alert saying a topic got updated and it won't show in updated topics.


I`ll receive no alert and it shows in updated topics.


I`ll get nothing.


I`ll get both.

This appears to be completely random.

As for some topics I`ll receive all the alerts/updates and then the next time it is updated I`ll receive one none or only one.

Spoiler: Example Picture: • show
Forum suggestions / Re: Automatic Scroll
2017 Aug 25, 20:25:09
On the left, there is a "Go Down." button. It takes you to the newest or last post on that page.

(Newest inside topics, oldest on boards.)

To get to newest/oldest page you can just click the numbers also. 1 or whatever the highest number is.