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Kick back and relax with an external keyboard and mouse. It's what I do with my laptop when I play any game or surf the web and Logitech trackball mice are awesome for not having to move a physical mouse around since the ball is at your fingertips. I really recommend the Logitech Trackman Marble for an external for its ease of use and comfort.
Granted that I'm NOT happy with the nerfing of being level 50 and dropkicked back to level 23 (seriously spent a lot of time to get to that point), I can see why it was done, but it could've been handled better with a raised level cap instead. 23 isn't far off from 25, so instead of dividing by 2 and subtracting 2, the cap should've been raised instead.
Any time I go into battle during the day or night, I hear 2 different themes, during the day something trumpety and during the night something more sinister but mellow. I know these songs are unlisted but I am curious as to what they are called and who they are by so I can favorite them on youtube, soundcloud, or from whatever source they are from. Thanks!
>_> What's the point of having a downloads button on the main site when it gets put on the forums instead?  :/
 >:O I am getting TIRED of watching my download go up... then back down... Use dropbox and/or 4shared as well for Celestia's sakes! Mirrors are handy ya know.  :l >:/
Quote from: Pawny Heart on 2015 Apr 09, 23:02:40
Its almost midnight for me. I don't know which timing they're using. The posts time maybe?
Hmm, the posts say is still 10pm. Where is the forum engine referring to?

Not sure, but it's 11:02 PM for me being on US EST. Even then, they should of had the downloads ready way earlier than this. Taking away from play time because of downloading and extracting a 2+GB program isn't exactly the best practice without telling us if there is any issues that they are working on. Even most mainstream MMOs keep their servers up and do progressive builds and patches on a separate main system. >.<
 :l They should make it up until Sunday if they are going to be releasing the game this late.
Quote from: Cryptic-Dash on 2015 Apr 09, 22:42:29
3 in the morning... pfft sleep, whats that  ovO

ovO Pinkie never can sleep since she's so wound up by sugar all the time.
 >:/ It would be nice to get some updates from the devs/admins about the status.
Me and two others on SL are still waiting for news of the download being available. Why hasn't this been available earlier?  :c
 :l I guess I'll go check on my MC server while waiting on this to work.