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Name: AppleJack

Systems: 3DS

Games: 3DS: Sonic Lost World, Smash Bros, Orcaina of time, Nintend dogs +cats, Sonic Boom.

3DS Friend Code: 2509-5117-5483
General News / Re: Announcing Release!
2016 Jul 12, 21:38:44
OMG For good!? i cant wait!! :D i've been waiting for this day to come to hear this! and i cant wait for open server weekend :D <3
Resolved Issues / Re: Unable to Dance
2016 Jan 16, 19:33:02
you should see 2 arrows over the hotbar move them and you'll see your dance,ect
yay!! downloading and ready to play LOE!!!
We had all the fun with in LOE now to say goodbye and await another OSW! cant wait till it comes out again
i see me in the second photo :D (im Strawberry Wishes
Quote from: Flutterflies on 2015 Apr 10, 12:26:43
Either your computer isn't 64-bit or your download failed... Probably the former. Thing is, I don't think the 32-bit version works right now either...

both doesnt work
what do i do about this? DX

It was fun!!!
Cant wait Cant wait!! it would be my first time playing his awesome game im so exided!!!