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May I suggest for you to add some exp events? You know, times in which enemies give more exp so we can level up fast.

Or maybe some exp boost items. that would be useful too :)
Quote from: Neoooo on 2020 Mar 01, 00:37:14While the slider for the levels is no longer present, you can still access the same functionality by pressing Shift+[number] to get to quick switch to different levels (I.E. Shift+2, Shift+3, Shift+4, etc,)

The slider is still present but instead of being on the top part of the bar is now on the bottom part of it. Also you can use the mouse wheel to scroll through the bar. just hover the mouse cursor over the tool bar and use the mouse wheel :)

Oki doki loki :D

*Goes to install the new update*

Thank you very much for all the effort you're making to fix bugs and bring new content to the game  ^-^
Quote from: otherunicorn on 2018 Apr 02, 20:49:30Activision and Electronic Arts, eh?

Makes sense, those two are the big microtransactions advocates :v
Yay! a new update!! :D

Let's get this party started! :D
Quote from: McClaw on 2017 Nov 01, 00:14:22And you've talked to Ensemble again, I assume, with no additional instructions forthcoming. Hmm. I heard a claim somewhere that it also took 1,000 bits, but I haven't completed the quest so I can't confirm that.

Indeed you need to pay 1000 bits to ensemble when you give him the materials (plus 50 bits to loadsa monet for the dye when you talk to him to get the dye)
On colts the barebones suit doesn't covers the body of the pony fully, just some tiny bits get covered. At least that's what happened with my Pony o.o
Good thing there is a Windows 32 full package download. The launcher only downloads the 64bit Windows version.
Quote from: ObeyBunny on 2017 Sep 08, 17:32:31I checked out the FAQ page and didn't see a specific bit requirement. Just that you need "Windows (Vista or later)" and that if you bought a computer around 2010, you should be fine.

I'm in much the same boat as you. 32 bit is what I've got.

32bit is still supported, got confirmation from one of the devs, so no problem there n.n
Pony Off-Topic Archive / Re: ocs
2017 Sep 08, 17:10:40
I see a lot of Pegasus OCs as well Unicorns XD
*Raises hoof* Windows 32bit will be still supported right? There are some players like me that still use 32bit Windows and in my case the game plays fine, I have a good PC and such, but I can't afford migrate to 64bit just for a game, it would be a long process reinstalling everything x_x

It's been a long trip, but we're now here, getting close to the big opening :D

It has been a big pleasure to be part of the limited access release, and be able to help the game's devs. I admit I didn't didn't help as much as I would have wanted, but I did my best and I met wonderful people as well n.n

So next stop, the Open Access Release!! :D
Everyone who didn't got chosen, don't worry! remember there will be more phases later to select more people to test the game. Meanwhile all of us who got chosen are going to work hard reporting bugs and problems to make the game better for everyone ^-^

So cheer up! This first phase is dedicated to you all :D
So far nothing on my inbox here :c

But I'll keep checking! ovO

Forgetting the username? but that question was one of the first questions on that form we filled :I

Luckily I didn't forget to fill that one with my forum username :P

But don't worry, there will be a next phase later so you can try to enter along with who ever didn't make it to this first phase ^-^

I hope I get chosen on this first phase, it would be a nice birthday present ahead of time for me since my birthday is on December 19 XD
Quote from: Cooly568 on 2016 Nov 29, 10:25:59
I just realized I forgot to mention something in my application. Well shoot. RIP me.

And may I ask what was that you forgot to mention on your application? o.o
Oh boy oh boy oh boy! The suspense is killing me! ovO

Good luck everyone, Now time to spam the that F5 button on the private messages inbox! :D

And everyone who filled the application for the limited access release (myself included XD) will be checking their forum inbox like this:

Good Luck to everyone! :D
OMG!! Finally it's here!! :D I already filled the form  ^-^ Best luck for everyone! :D

*Gets in the hype train*
OMG! OMG! OMG! The applications are comming!  :D

Time to keep a closer look on the site's announcements, and I mean closer!

So the best luck for everyone!!! :D