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Forum suggestions / Reduce Bits Drop
2019 Sep 08, 06:11:55
o i dont mean to be mean to egosoft at all  infact i absolotly love them for there great games, thus me going threw so much to make them work _

as an update as well, for sure the program navida experince is one of the many programs messing with the game. as i had it minimzie again and noticed it somehow turned its self back on my guess is its turning its self on when i relaunch the game. so i will see if i can uninstall it in its entierty. _
No one picked my guy? 
Who figured it out?
Duane Allman.  Just listen to Whipping Post or Stormy Monday from live at the fillmore.  That's how the blues should make you feel.
Video Games / Other Pony Games
2019 Sep 03, 06:27:42
One feature that I really miss a lot is that in older X games each ship had different compatible weapon systems a player could mount on the ships. That made each ship individual and unique.
I see that we have a lot less weapons in X4 now and this might be the reason why Ego removed that system from X4, but I hope we will see more new weapon systems in the future and then I hope we get the compatible weapons for each ship back.

Any chance for this? What do you think? Any information about this? Is Egosoft happy without this feature?
Thread Games / Cant Connect To Server
2019 Sep 01, 08:54:57
С сегодняшнего дня что-то произошло, и я не могу получить в любой сервер. Написано мне следующую ошибку  Could not connect to server"

Как решить эту проблему.