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Kebab is bettur   :]
Put cream on victim's hand
Tickle nose

Laughter ensues   ovO
Peace Keeper works for the United Nations
The Retirement Home / Re: DO YOUR CHORES!
2014 Oct 02, 20:24:19
Excuse me sir, would you be so kind as to start mopping the corridor now?
Much appreciated

The Retirement Home / Re: Last poster wins
2014 Oct 02, 20:15:06
*walks in* Hey guys, what's happenin'?   :]
The Retirement Home / Re: Count to 1000!
2014 Oct 02, 20:11:52
Mah phone  :3

yaay tech stoof  :P
Off-Topic / Re: Dumb things that annoy you
2014 Sep 28, 20:35:53
It seems that I don't even know how to meet people to make friends with them and stuff.

You see, I'm trying to open-up on this Aussie Brony forum so that maybe I could make friends
with some peeps at the meets and stuff.
But it looks like you have to be like a Pinkie Pie because I'm trying come-up with a casual approach but noone really talks back I guess...Iunno what to do.
I can't stand being alone and all.

And unfortunately I always have this awkward approach seems to make people really uncomfortable when I talk to them....sooo uh....I guess I'm kinda doomed?   >.<
>Doritos and Mountain Dew   ovO

>Fetta cheese and Watermelon (not mixed's eaten at the same time)   :P

>pieces of cheddar/mozzarella cheese in soup
Off-Topic / Re: Dumb things that annoy you
2014 Sep 26, 08:36:01
Everytime I try to open-up and be optimistic, it always goes down shortly later from my overly-fragile emotions...
(it only takes a few insults...)
Then I return to my state of know the rest...
Off-Topic / Re: FUNNY image Thread!!!
2014 Sep 24, 05:56:43
^-^  coot~
Off-Topic / Re: Dumb things that annoy you
2014 Sep 23, 22:17:23
How I'm socially awkward...and I have a bit of a socio-phobia (especially when meeting new people)

My i.r.l. "friends" don't understand. My "friends" never understand. 'Stop being so self-centred and open-up.'
Yeah. Like it's THAT EASY.
I try...I try to talk to always ends-up becoming awkward...I can't think of anything to say.
I never speak much...nor have I made friends with many people around it'll take a while.
A LONG while.
And it doesn't help when my "friends" keep ditching me either.

Sometimes I ask myself why I even bother trying.   >.<
Off-Topic / Re: Today's Smile
2014 Sep 23, 07:23:57
Survived the 4 hour flight home...yey (scary turbulence at landing though ;~; )
Off-Topic Archive / Re: Amazing desserts
2014 Sep 22, 05:25:37
Quote from: MrEmu on 2014 Sep 20, 18:26:41
Spoiler: show
Spoiler: Mini Strawberry pies • show

Spoiler: Rainbow cake! • show

Spoiler: Heavenly cake! • show

Spoiler: Tea time! • show

Spoiler: Rainbow cupcakes! • show

Spoiler: OhMiGosh...I need this... • show


Prease add meh   (and we cern plai)   ovO
Quote from: Puynsi on 2014 Sep 20, 05:31:26
I think this is something good, why?

Notch said that Minecraft was more like an experiment rather than a completly serious project, getting out with that kind of cash before MC loses his already dwindling hype could allow Notch to make dunno, more games, projects, some people say he will become the Robin Hood of the indies and such.

To put it simply, Notch made the right choice, the amount of cash he got out of the deal will allow him to make a much bigger project (if he does it).

I concur with this...

but apparently Notch also gave away Mojang due to the build-up of stress...I guess from when it became a big thing...
Probably from hate comments and such...

Quote from: -ReiMar- on 2014 Sep 18, 13:55:07
Microsoft sux, Apple sux, EA sux, Google sux. They ruin everything.

It's all about the cash   ovO
(because capitalism)
(This applies to ArmA 2 and ArmA 3)

When you're driving in any land vehicle...for 10 kilometers...(which is like...a 10-15 minute drive)

and just as you reach your destination...or even get near it...

you're obliterated by an enemy tank/helicopter/jet/AT dood.

All that time and effort wasted.   :l
(they also tend to get me by surprise...jumpscare bonus)    >.<
Walking around the corner in an FPS game...

to see another guy already aimed-in at you...



Walking/running around a corner, an enemy jumps out from that very corner so sudden...that it makes you jump.
(always happens to me)
and it takes like...2 seconds to recover before you can actually aim and defend yourself...(I always spray and pray  ovO  )
and then you die.

awww   :c
Off-Topic / Re: Dumb things that annoy you
2014 Sep 20, 13:03:45
I must be unlucky...

because everytime I try to get involved in an activity (i.e. a game)
I somehow become the outcast...especially when I'm part of a group of friends/acquaintences...
I keep trying and trying but I just don't see any use...I'm always an outcast...

It also seems that a lot of...bad things have happened to me recently...
or always...

...maybe it's a CURSE   O:

Seriously though, it's kinda depressing...   >.<