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Session Summary 10/11/2019
Players: Toot Sweet, Spring Strudel, Gabbro Ilmenite, Night Bloom, Silent Shade, Nebenfigur, Night Powder, Rusty Pipe Organ, Cinnamon String, Tale Spinner, Marc Moses, Fire Blaster, Gumummy Drop, pony jack
  • After the show, the group gets ready for the basement tour(Spring finds out Yazaki is Night Bloom's real name, but does not get an answer as to Nightstalker)
  • They take the elevator, which seems to go down more than one would have thought from being a cloud building
  • In the artifact storage, a strange cylinder makes some ponies hear a ringing sound, Tale hears giggling, and Powder hears voices and stays behind and attempts to take the cylinder, evading Rusty and hiding it, only for Silent to catch them, using a trick similar to the ones Bloom had used
  • In the archive room, shadowy ponies appear on the walls. Silent says it is a figment of imagination, but Gabbro sees him glare at the shadows and they vanish, further inciting Gabbro's curiousity
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Session Summary 10/4/2019
Players: Toot Sweet, Spring Strudel, Gabbro Ilmenite, Night Bloom, Silent Shade, Radiance, Sun Glimmer, Rosie Sunshine, Marc Moses, cookie dough, Micro Raptor, Night Powder, pony jack, Paster Primrose, Nebenfigur, Smoke Screen, Cinammon String, Fire Blaster
  • It is a cool fall day and there is a special exhibit at the museum
  • Gabbro almost spills the beans on his training with Night, with Silent Shade saying she inherited "mother's anger". Spring gorges on candy
  • Toot pretends like she was gonna stab Rosie, and Spring fails utterly at pumpkin carving
  • Night Bloom holds a magic show(and Silent Shade calls him Yazaki?!), involving card tricks, disappearing acts, and purple fire
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Session Summary 9/27/2019
Players: Radiant Shores, Spring Strudel, Rosie Sunshine, Nebenfigur, Cinnamon String, Nightstalker, pony jack, Farsight, Gumdrop, Starweave, Tale Spinner, Diamond Hooves
  • The trains creaks to a stop in a lonely station, with the crew rushing for repairs. A sudden breakage in the engine room had forced a change of course
  • A dust cloud caused by buffalo happens
  • There was a floating rock and several ponies investigated it
  • Diamond Hooves reveals her parents died when she was 2 and that she's run the saloon alone ever since, to which Spring expresses sadness and Night dismisses the grief, causing Spring to practically explode, after which Night consoles her, Far scares Diamond off, Spring tracks her down, and Diamond agrees to leave town.
  • Oh yeah, the train was fixed too
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Session Summary 9/20/2019
Players: Toot Sweet, Spring Strudel, Nightstalker, Snow Drop, Bright Hope, Rosie Sunshine, Night Bloom, Velvet Blossom, Nebenfigur, Construct, Cinnamon String, Tale Spinner, Sun Bubbles, Farsight
  • It is the first official day of cider season at Sweet Apple Orchard. It had been temporarily delayed due to mechanical issues, but now they have a steady supply.
  • There are tables with various cider related treats, like doughnuts and apple pies, and games like bobbing for apples
  • Spring devours pies like she's Kirby and Velvet messes with Farsight.
  • A bunch of ponies bob for apples and Night throws horseshoes at Far, hitting a barrel instead, immediately feigning ignorance
  • Tale and Spring talk about adventure and Spring's dead dad, as well as how insane Farsight is, Tale blaming it on accumulated coffee and lack of sleep.
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Session Summary 9/13/2019
Players: Toot Sweet, Spring Strudel, Rosie Sunshine, pony jack, Velvet Blossom, Snow Drop, Fire Blaster, Nightstalker, Night Bloom, Farsight, random fandom
  • It is a cool early autumn day. Cloudy, but with no rain planned. An absolutely perfect day. Nothing could go wrong. Ever.
  • Something goes wrong. The plaza is filled with rabbits
  • Two children have chased them from the schoolhouse
  • The clock bells go off. But apparently the tower was under repairs
  • Spring and Night corner the children and grab them. They take them back to school while the others corral the rabbits.
  • The teacher promises to tell their parents
  • Night and Bloom discuss costumes, and Night has apparently taught Bloom to pick locks
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Session Summary 9/6/2019
Players: Toot Sweet, Gabbro Ilmenite, Nightstalker, Nebenfigur, Farsight, Rosie Sunshine, Sun Bubbles, Tale Spinner
  • The group finds themselves in Cantermore. Ponies are cheering and placing medals around their necks and applauding their heroism, even the captain of the guards
  • Gabbro and Night find things suspicious and spot a mysterious pony trying to approach them, finding out it is Radiant Shine
  • Radiant attempts to help them, tackling 'Nebenfigur'. Night exposes Farsight.
  • Radiant instructs Gabbro to tire them out, as the mirror shard is attempting to steal magic. The group begins imagining things into being left and right until the dream falls apart.
  • The group wakes up in base camp. Medics tell Gabbro that somepony from 'Equestrian Special Projects', a group Far didn't recognize, showed up rather quickly and took the shard
  • Night accidentally takes too much medicine and gets loopy, and Gabbro resolves to research what he can about this group, but not before sending a thank you letter to Cantermore University addressed to Radiant Shine
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Session Summary 8/23/2019
Players: Lemon Grass, Gabbro Ilemenite, Nightstalker, Nebenfigur, Gumdrop, Cinnamon String, Farsight, Rosie Sunshine
  • The group reconvenes in the Evershade. It is eerily quiet. The only noise is a faint creaking from further in. Night has created an ant repellent using the info from the book, and everyone in the group has been given a bottle of it
  • The ants attack, but are driven away by the repellant
  • The group sees a giant bird fight an ant
  • The group finds a box in the road and Night opens it to find a bunch of empty potion bottles labeled 'Doctor Mysterious'
  • They find a giant ant and follow it to the anthill and ants feeding on magic from broken golems. Far establishes a shelter and the rest head back for the day. Gabbro asks Night to try and see if there is any liquid left in the bottles and if there is, to find out what it was
Session Summary 8/16/2019
Players: Lemon Grass, Gabbro Ilmenite, Nightstalker, Nebenfigur, Rosie Sunshine, Gumdrop, Silver Cloud, Tale Spinner, Farsight, Wine Plant, Cipher Decode, Platinum Pen, Pure, Sun Bubbles
  • It is a muggy day in Ponydale, and the town is infested with bugs, leading to guards on alert and exterminators being called
  • Tale and Lemon Grass chase the bugs around with nets, and Gabbro asks Sun to create an illusionary bright light in the hopes of drawing the bugs to it, but realizes it would not help in the daytime.
  • Night and Far are chatting and Gabbro joins in, only to be interrupted by a loud noise and several giant ants running around, which Lemon Grass recognizes as Arcana ants, which eat magic
  • Gabbro, Night, Far, Neb, and Tale work together to get ponies to safety and drive the ants off, but Pure ignores the warnings and attempts to fight, getting bitten and poisoned in the process.
  • Tale whacks Pure in the head trying to catch a rare dragonfly
  • The ones who fought(minus Neb) find a giant anthill outside Town Hall
  • Gabbro recognizes the ants as the same ones they fought in the Evershade forest, and worries something big is going on.
  • Lemon mentions a book that would tell them more about the ants, and Gabbro, Tale, and Rosie head to the library to find it
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Session Summary 7/26/2019
Players: Spring Strudel, Nightstalker, Rosie Sunshine, Night Bloom, Farsight, Nebenfigur, Smoke Screen, Shadow, Tale Spinner, Ice, Cinnamon String, Lemon Grass, Cosmic Feather
  • A summer picnic day is held in Ponydale at Sweet Apple Orchard. The weather is pleasant.
  • Spring eats a sandwich, several ponies swim, Night reads a book, Bloom hunts bugs, and Far laughs at physics due to an experimental horseshoe from the guard that allows walking on water, but it starts spreading to those around it
  • Tale and Smoke Screen start apple bucking. One apple hits Spring in the head however and she starts talking gibberish before collapsing. Through the combined efforts of Tale's boots, Night's herbs, Rosie's medical knowledge and Ice', she is revived, though with a splitting headache, and Tale is very very apologetic
  • Shadow starts feeling weak, and Ice screams for help and almost has a heart attack multiple times. Rosie rushed over, and helps, only for Ice to faint. Spring starts to legit wonder if the pond is just cursed at this point, Ice has to be revived with a  defibrillator only for them to have low self esteem.
  • Bloom shows off another magic trick and brings several butterflies to life.
  • Spring offers to help advertise Tale's book(possibly in exchange for a free copy) and Tale reveals plans for a spinoff titled 'The Grumpy Guardspony'
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Session Summary 7/19/2019
Players: Toot Sweet, Spring Strudel, Gabbro Ilmenite, Nightstalker, Nebenfigur, Scatty Clockwork, Grace Seraph, Tale Spinner(duh), Night Bloom, Flaming Lightstream, Smoke Screen, Cinnamon String, Cloud Spinner, Herbert Horst, Wind Spray, Cell Shader, Star Dust, Farsight, Green Starwing, Bae B, Hot Lemon, random fandom
  • The Talentzvah is held at Spring's place of undisclosed name, where there a a buffet table, a table filled with ice cream and baked goods, a stack of treasure maps(looking suspiciously like the building), and a corner with comics and such
  • Cloud Spinner(Tale's dad) gives a speech. Tale's is the third Talentzvah in the family. The eldest, Sky Spinner, has inherited his dad's talent for weather, and the middle child, Shadow Spinner, inherited her mom, Cloth Spinner's sewing talents, while Tale has a unique talent
  • For a while, Cloud and Cloth had thought Tale was part of a baking club, but when Cloud tried to have Tale bake him a cake...well, let's just say he realized Tale's talent was NOT baking and since, Tale has been writing her adventures down
  • A treasure hunt is begun, copious amounts of swiss rolls are consumed, and ponies give Tale gifts
  • Gabbro gives Tale a sword he forged himself
  • Spring gives Tale a party and a massive cake
  • Night and Bloom give Tale a journal, a bestiary and a map book of Equestria
  • Sun mails Tale some of the fireworks they made with the ingredients Night gave then
  • Farsight gave Tale a refillable metal pen
  • Toot gave Tale the new Daring Do book
  • And many other gifts I cannot remember
  • Oh, and Night herself spent most of the time brewing a potion *insert cooking show music here*
  • The treasure hunt is finished, and the prize is a pre-pre-release copy of Tale's book, featuring Tornado Swirl, Fruit Treat, Schmancy Shoestring, Breeze Mist, Bedtime Story, the Grumpy Guardspony, Lightwalker, Basalt Manaccanite, horse John, Star Foam, and Violet Moonshine
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Session Summary 7/12/2019
Players: Toot Sweet, Spring Strudel, Nebenfigur, Smoke Screen, May Precious, pony jack, Nightstalker, Night Bloom, Cinnamon String, Farsight, Wind Spray, Cosmic Feather, Sweet Treat
  • The Cloudopolis Flight School is holding an open house event that will conclude with fireworks. There are many activities
  • Night Bloom tries and dominates at apple-bobbing, with his older sister cheering him on. When congratulating him, Spring briefly sees sharp teeth, but passes it off as her imagination.
  • May Precious plays with Night's ears and Farsight's armor.
  • Farsight, meanwhile, sees pony Jack's shadow, and gets suspicious.
  • Night, Toot, and Spring enter the (very glitchy) school to find old class photos. After some(buggy as a Changing Hive) searching, they find them, and comment on how adorable Spring, Gabbro, and Toot looked as children
  • Bloom does not have enough tickets for a deck of cards and obliterates the apple bobbing to get more(Spring offers her own, but they turn out to be unnecessary)
  • Meanwhile, Far starts yelling at pony jack. Spring hears this, but Far having paranoid rants was nothing new, even when he started yelling about it, so she thinks nothing of it and pays more attention to Bloom's card trick
  • The fireworks are viewed, and it is a nice end to the day
  • Oh, and btw, Smoke Screen emptied what is probably the nation's supply of confetti
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Session Summary 7/5/2019
Players: Toot Sweet, Spring Strudel, Nightstalker, Scatty Clockwork, Magenta Vineyard, pony jack, Nebenfigur, Hot Lemon, Star Sapphire, Sweet Tooth, Tale Spinner, Great Spirit, Smoke Screen, Cosmic Feather, Sweet Treat, Farsight
  • It is a sunny but muggy day in Cantermore. The streets are relatively clear as a result
  • Tale shows off their Talent Mark to the rest of the group and everyone meets Night's cousin(?) Magenta.
  • Tale gives out invites to their Talentzvah and is interviewed about how they got their Mark by Hot Lemon
  • While Spring manages to stop Tale from explaining the golems, Far talks about his trip to the Broken Hills, and Star Sapphire pretends to be a princess in front of Scatty.
  • Tale tells a bunch of kids the story of their first encounter with the rock creatures while Magenta tells some hilarious stories about her and Night's youth
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Session Summary 6/28/2019
Players: Gabbro Ilmenite, Toot Sweet, Spring Strudel, Nightstalker, Silent Shade, Vala Vidalia, Scatty Clockwork, Tale Spinner, pony jack, Hot Lemon, Nebenfigur, Aerial Ace, Sweet Tooth
  • Investigations and interrogations begin. After Spring rambles on, Vala immediately stepping on Tale's dropped plate. Meanwhile, Silent explains the stolen gem was a red diamond dug up in the Heartlands
  • The investigation finds no sign of lock-picking. The breaker for the lights is in the basement. The janitor's key mysteriously disappeared a week earlier, only to return. In Silent Shade's office, the safe and window appear like they may have been lock picked and the key to the exhibits is missing. A yellow hair is found on the window and rope is found in the trash on the ground. Toot also finds Silent's key and the necklace in the fountain
  • All the clues lead to confronting Sir Guilded, who is revealed via a wet spot. They use a smoke bomb and escape out the open window
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Session Summary 6/21/2019
Players: Gabbro Ilmenite, Spring Strudel, Nightstalker, Silent Shade, Toot Sweet, Cosmic Feather, Cozy Fur, Scatty Clockwork, Nebenfigur, Hot Lemon, Sweet Tooth, Sun Bubbles, Tale Spinner, Areial Ace, Wish Dancer, Vida Vidalia, random fandom, Aura Swirl, Downvote Pone, Buttercup, Sky Storm
  • The group recieved invitations to a party hosted by Nightstalker's father at his museum
  • Tale tries to show Sun their new Talent Mark, but Sun is obscenely oblivious to it until Tale spells it out...loud enough for everyone to hear
  • Spring explains that she is going to provide food at Tale's Talentzvah, and Tale blabs to Spring about the rock cult
  • Suddenly, the lights go out. When they come back on, one of the exhibits is missing, and in its place is a card with apparently a picture of a cat
  • Police are called and everyone is gathered in the center of the room. The thief was Le Chat Noir
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Session Summary 6/14/2019
Players: Gabbro Ilmenite, Radiant Shores, Nightstalker, pony jack, Rosie Sunshine, Nebenfigur, Cinnamon String. Farsight, Tale Spinner, Herbert Horst, random fandom, Sun Bubbles
  • The group is investigating what they believe to be the hideout of the group creating the golems. Night, Far, and Nebenfigur alerted their respective superiors, but it would take time for backup to arrive. They arrive at a collection of ruins. There are signs of archaeologists having been present, but none are to be seen at the moment. Instead, a hexagon of cloaked figures are seen creating a golem and sending it off to join a growing collection of them
  • They are also seen creating what appears to be a giant one using a tablet of some kind. Gabbro asks if it would be possible to disrupt the magic, and Cinnamon String states that with enough magical interference it might be possible
  • The guard reinforcements arrive and Radiant has a plan to neutralize the golems. Meanwhile, Tale wants to play the hero, but Far is stopping them
  • The plan is to distract the golems and the cult while a team of unicorns works together to disrupt the magic. Not only that but to steal the tablet being used in their construction.
  • Night, Gabbro, and Tale disrupt the hexagon and knock the leaders out, with Night securing the tablet. While Radiant and co get to work on the spell(with some hiccups), Gabbro and Tale distract the golems, with Far picking off some of the cultists.
  • The spell works and the golems fall apart. The remaining cultists surrender, Toot appears, having used the diadem to have the crystal beetles disrupt the cult's plans(they destroyed the wagon in the Heartlands)
  • Everyone celebrates and is told not to tell anypony about that day's events. Tale's flank itches oddly and as the group heads off(Far heading to his home town), Gabbro decides to take toot home...but doesn't know Toot's address. It'll be a long evening. Afterwards, Gabbro treats Tale to one of Spring's cookie cakes, discovering Tale's Talent Mark. A Talentzvah is arranged
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Session Summary 6/7/2019
Players: Gabbro Ilmenite, Toot Sweet, Nightstalker, Radiant Shores, Farsight, Sun Bubbles, Rosie Sunshine, Cinnamon String, Krystallo Ftero
  • The group investigates a mining facility outside the Crystal Kingdom. There are cart tracks leading to and from the mine and the city, and the Crystal's, while the same ones found in the golems, are smaller.
  • While Gabbro is disappointed that the perpetrators are not likely to return, a large chunk of the group investigates the tracks to no avail
  • Radiant Shores tells everyone that her old teacher, Dr.Orichalcum, lives in the Kingdom, and may possess the equipment to track down where the Crystal's were taken
  • The Doctor signs Cinnamon's book and mentions that the shady ponies in cloaks who took the Crystals were scared off by a giant crystal beetle who clawed at them
  • Radiant finds a concentration of Crystal's in the Heartlands that they believe is the cloaked ponies' base.
  • Gabbro is told by Tale briefly about their adventure to get the diadem that controls rock creatures from the crystal bugs. Far tells Tale to shush and Gabbro begins to suspect the diadem might be connected to all of this
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Session Summary 5/24/2019
Players: Spring Strudel, Radiant Shores, Nightstalker, Farsight, Onion Sing, Rosie Sunshine, Jingles Sporadic, Sun Bubbles, Tale Spinner
  • It is a normal spring day, but the guards seem on edge, with rumors from the heartlands of horrible monsters and rampant gangs. Night is in conversation with some of them, and Far is so tired he walks into a tree and MIGHT have received a concussion
  • Spring approaches Night, and after three minutes, gets her attention, though Night denies that anything is wrong, and Far, satisfying his coffee addiction, is confronted by Tale, wielding a paper with the headline "UNREST IN HEARTLANDS"
  • Spring is distracted by Jingles Sporadic's rhyming and then Radiant Shores shows up to get a muffin
  • After Spring gives out pie, Night goes over and talks to Radiant, discussing some seismic activity on a map.
  • After Radiant leaves and Tale talks her into thinking there may be more to the activity than she thought.
  • Far and Night have a private discussion about what this might mean. They decide to keep as much info as they can for themselves both to avoid a panic and to keep info from falling into less than trustworthy hooves
  • Jingles falls out of a tree and shatters their prosthetic leg. And literally noone notices at all. Even when they start yelling.
  • Spring and Tale discuss Tale's possible TM, and Spring suggests that maybe Tale should consider writing about adventures or going on adventures and writing about then
  • Tale admits to skipping school and Farsight drags them to the train to Cantermore, up the cliffs to the blimp to Cloudopolis, and all the way to the Cloudopolis school. By the ear.
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Huh. I've been waiting for the moment where I have the free time to go to one of these events again. And now that moment has come, heh
Session Summary 5/10/2019
Players: Spring Strudel, Toot Sweet, Tale Spinner, Rosie Sunshine, Nightstalker, pony jack, Silent Shade, Sight Unseen, Sun Bubbles
  • It is a spring day and the plaza is filled with ponies. But a wagon approaches, peppy music playing from inside it, and no pony appears to be pulling it. It folds out and reads 'Doctor Mysterious' Wagon of Amazement'
  • As everyone looks on, a purple Earth Pony pops out in a smoke bomb and greets the crowd
  • He promises a show and asks for a volunteer. Rosie steps up and takes part in a card trick
  • Spring properly meets Silent Shade, who immediately flirts with her, and quickly stops when she threatens to smack him.
  • Spring notices Silent drinking out of a flask. When questioned, he states it is a tonic for his 'joints'
  • The Doctor shows off several artifacts. his last one? The 'Mirror of Truth'!
  • When ponies start to question him on his 'possession' of the mirror, he has one last trick and calls up Toot. He has her get in a box, which is spun around and opened, with no Toot inside
  • After the group worries, they turn the box back and Toot returns
  • Silent enters the wagon and proves that the mirror is a fake, berating Mysterious.
  • Meanwhile, Tale struggles with cookie addiction and attempts to use Sun's illusions to ward off the hunger
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Session Summary 4/19/2019
Players: Gabbro Ilmenite, Spring Strudel, Toot Sweet, Nightstalker, Night Bloom, Rosie Sunshine, Sun Bubbles, pony jack, Hot Lemon, Derpsy Hooves, Sweet Wing
  • Springtime finally approaches, and  the snow production has stopped. The Weather Factory has made rainbow snowflakes to send things off and invites everyone. Cookies and punch are provided free of charge
  • Gabbro, Toot and Rosie talk about Latte while Spring and Night have a conversation of their own. Night is surprised Spring was able to get Bloom to open up and Spring replies that she has experience dealing with kids
  • Spring learns, through Night Bloom, that Night's own mother was dead and that she and Bloom were half-siblings
  • In turn, Spring tells Night that she is the older sibling and that her father(who was a member of the royal guard) had died when she was young and when Gabbro was very young, and that his armor belonged to his dad
  • As he grew up, Gabbro wanted to be like his father, and read all kinds of adventure stories. But his own fears kept him from reaching that potential, and he gave up that dream and became an Artisan
  • The day ends and everyone goes home