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Session Summary 2/14/2020
Hearts and Hooves Day
Players: Knick Knack, Spring Strudel, Nightstalker, Rosie Sunshine, Nebenfigur, Cinnamon String, Night Bloom, Nightstalker, Farsight, pony jack, Fester Albines, Sorunome, Fire Blaster, Exsio Picore, Sun Bubbles, Sona Pona, Shadow Pone, Smoke Screen, Sunlighy
  • It is Hearts and Hooves Day. The skies are clear, and shops are decorated and people with special someponies are enjoying their special day.
  • Cinnamon String and Nebenfigur are totally in the area by pure coincidence. Farsight is grumbling he can't spend time with his marefriend.
  • Night Bloom shops for items to help Night.
  • Knick Knack is hoping to see Toot and a certain stallion, yellow fur and a light mane
  • Sona gives Spring a business card and places a listening device near a fugitive-looking couple.
  • Shadow Pone briefly goes berserk.
  • Night wakes up and seems better.
  • Fire gets pelted by pillows from seemingly nowhere.
  • Spring mentions Gabbro's mumbling of the name Silvermoon and frantic searchings in Potion books.
  • Bloom performs a magic trick for Spring
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Session Summary 2/7/2020
Assault on E.S.P.
Players: Toot Sweet, Gabbro Ilmenite, Nightstalker, Fire Blaster, Dark Spectre, pony jack, Scatty Clockwork, Sona Pona, Blackjack, Sun Bubbles, Wind Spray, Sunlight, Camelia Foxtrot, Farsight
  • The group has attached the amulet to a complicated device with a series of large batteries
  • Everyone crosses through the portal and ends up in the first room of the ESP HQ, finding three of Tale's boots.
  • Shortly after, they find metal spiders with the fourth boot
  • Fire bashes them in with a hammer while a chunk of the group heads to the Containment sector to find utter chaos. Safety robots, bubble monsters, etc.
  • Meanwhile, Fire fights...Heartless?(confused me)
  • The main group finds noise in the control room and discovers Tale, unharmed. It was she who released everything.
  • Tale runs off, leading everyone to The Chief, who just let's everypony leave with the shards...if Night agrees to drink a mysterious red liquid.
  • Night does so and doubles over in pain and begins acting very strangely...
  • Far takes care of the shards, Gabbro brings Tale home, and Sun Bubbles...takes the safety robot Mr.Safety home with her
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Session Summary 1/31/2020
Fine-tuning and Answered Questions
Players: Radiant Shores, Gabbro Ilmenite, Fire Blaster, Cinnamon String, Nightstalker, Nebenfigur, Scatty Clockwork, pony jack, Sun Bubbles, Farsight, Dazzle Blaze, Sona Pona
  • It is a snowy day, and the last day's excitement is mostly forgotten by the public(somehow). Most of the group returns to the University as Oricalchum finetunes the device, while Night prepares to interrogate the Pegasus, Miss Blue(really Blue Moon), with Farsight and private detective Sona Pona taking notes
  • Night manages to get the name of the group:Encounter-Secure-Protect. As well as the description of the entrance room, the way the amulets work, the fact that the place is underground, etc.
  • Meanwhile, Cinnamon absolutely nerds out and helps Oricalchum and Radiant Shores finetune the device
  • Sun and Scatty help as well by placing reflector shards, and Neb brings his 'friend' cookies.
  • Meanwhile Fire wanders away from the group not knowing what to do and finds a very strange place at the University
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Session Summary 1/24/2020
Fairytales Alive
Players: Toot Sweet, Gabbro Ilmenite, Brilliant Dawn, Scatty Clockwork, Fireblaster, Hot Lemon, Nebenfigur, Cinnamon String, Dazzle Blaze, Farsight, Tale Spinner
  • It is a peaceful day, and the sun is out. The group is at the University to meet Oricalchum, who is completing the Shard Radar.
  • Instead they meet Brilliant Dawn, Oricalchum's assistant, who tells them the professor isn't done yet.
  • Suddenly, weird things start appearing. Giant beanstalk, evil puppets, a giant goose.
  • Tale leads the goose to the beanstalk with food.
  • Farsight bashes the puppet apart.
  • Gabbro realizes the theme and leads the wolf to the three houses made of straw, sticks, and bricks, destroying the first two and hiding in the third, completing the 'story' and destroying the wolf.
  • Two ponies, who had been chased by the wolf, appear, one holding a Mother Goose book with a bookmark and a shard of glass embedded within.
  • A blue Pegasi takes the bookmark and runs. Brilliant Dawn, actually Night's changeling ally Elytra, tackles the Pegasi, who is revealed to be an ESP member. Gabbro retrieves the bookmark.
  • They briefly escape and open a portal with their amulet, but Elytra casts a sleep spell on them, stopping them.
  • Gabbro goes to Far to get the shard into containment, and Tale charges through the portal, which closes behind her.
  • Gabbro gets the now depowered amulet and ties, blinds, gags, and deafens the pegasi. Infuriated at Tale's recklessness, Gabbro and Elytra take the Pegasi to HQ for questioning, while Far took the shard to the Professor and investigated the area it was found.
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Session Summary 1/17/2020
Cookie Talk
Players: Knick Knack, Spring Strudel, Silent Shade, Nightstalker, Blackjack, Scatty Clockwork, Fire Blaster, Cinnamon String, pony jack, Nebenfigur, Farsight
  • It is a chilly day in Cantermore. Snow covers the streets, but nothing special seems to be happening, except it is the first day of the Filly Scout cookie sale
  • Spring notices that Night's wings have...changed. Instead of Pegasus wings, she now has bat wings, like her father, though Night tries to deny anything is different
  • Sun shows up, and Scatty and Sun awkwardly interact.
  • Spring meets Knick Knack, and learns they are Toot Sweet's roommates, and that Toot was sad about getting fourth
  • Silent, Scatty, and Far talk about soul capsules and how creepy they are
  • Cinnamon is confused about everything and tries to tell Knick knack they could be a good mentor, only to be asked if they and Nebenfigur are in a relationship, which they not-so-convincingly deny
  • Fire, who has been parkouring on buildings while playing VR Mario, loses and falls over
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Session Summary 1/10/2020
The Doctor's Games
Players: Toot Sweet, Gabbro Ilmenite, Nightstalker, Fire Blaster, Rosie Sunshine,Great Honor, Ice Wingge, Neon Spoon, Blackjack, Tale Spinner, Farsight
  • Professor Oricalchum has asked the group to check up on his colleague Doctor Fulcrum, needing a device from the doctor for a special project, though having recieved no response, the group is sent to check on him and retrieve the part at his large house on a hill
  • There are multiple traps. First, a spring loaded welcome mat that Tale destroys with her sword.
  • Then Night went off to a water wheel and the group finds the Hall of Horrible Polka Music(a string of words I never thought I would utter)
  • Fire burns the portraits emitting the music and Night begins tinkering with some levers
  • The group makes it through a checkerboard room that fires Pies and finds a pushable wall and reach the Doctor
  • The doctor gives the group the Automapper, and they set off to bring it to Oricalchum
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Session Summary 1/3/2020
Pie Time
Players: Toot Sweet, Spring Strudel, Nightstalker, Night Bloom, pony jack, Rosie Sunshine, Sun Bubbles, Cosmic Burst, Marshmallow Cactus. Blackjack, Fire Blaster, Farsight, Tale Spinner
  • It is the Annual New Year Pie Bake-Off in Ponydale at Town Hall, and contestants and onlookers alike await the judging
  • Pretty much everyone loves Spring's Dream Pie and Toot's Apple Peis, and Farsight falls in love with Coffee Pie
  • Bloom gives Spring a present via a magic trick
  • Night is given a mysterious jar of something by Far, who receives bits in return
  • Toot comes in 4th for the Ameteur division, while Spring wins 1st in the Professional Division
  • Night and Far discuss a plan to find the shards and Night gives him a sealed envelope
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Session Summary 12/27/2019
A Snowy Day
Players: Toot Sweet, Spring Strudel, Nightstalker, Magenta Vineyard, Blackjack, Nebenfigur, Fire Blaster, Windy Camo, xLeadMarex, Benzene Brooch, Flaming Lightstream, Kage, Cuti Killer, AdamDash, Temporal Flux, Farsight, Marc Moses, White Squirrel, Cinnamon String
  • It is a nice snowy day. Hearth's Warming has passed and now the town has a couple days to relax
  • Spring is bonked by Christmas ornaments knocked off by LeadMare, who is reprimanded by Farsight.
  • Spring gives cookies and talks to Night, her and Far getting a gift
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Session Summary 12/13/2019
Desert Travel
Players: Toot Sweet, Gabbro Ilmenite, Nightstalker, Sun Bubbles, Aura Swirl, Rosie Sunshine, Fire Blaster, Marc Moses, Blackjack,  Nebenfigur, Cinnamon String, White Squirrel
  • It is the night of a predicted meteor shower, and a camp has been set up, but many are on their own to get there. It is afternoon and the wagons have already left, so the ponies will have to travel through the blazing hot desert to make it
  • They meet a Diamond Dog named Digby and, in exchange for water, get given directions and a warning about 'tumbles'
  • This warning turns out to be apt when a group of tumbleweeds roll up...and reveal themselves to be tumblewolves
  • Gabbro, Nebenfigur, Nightstalker, and Fire all fight off the wolves, and they make it back to camp
Session Summary 12/20/2019
Meteor Investigation
Players: Toot Sweet, Gabbro Ilmenite, Nightstalker, Nebenfigur, Rosie Sunshine, Marc Moses, Blackjack, Tale Spinner, Cinnamon String, pony jack
  • It is a chilly night. The telescopes are set up, and everyone awaits the meteor shower
  • Gabbro tells Tale about the journey she missed and the shower begins
  • The telescope pones seems to see something odd, and Tale looks as well. A pinpoint of blue light in the sky, streaming towards the camp, redirecting itself to a plateau at the last moment
  • Gabbro, Night, and Tale make it up, spotting a glowing meteorite and a pony from 'Ethereal Storm Plotting' who claims to be an expert meterogist.
  • Gabbro attempts to contain the stone, only for it to explode into a bunch of shadow things that are then contained within a box by the ESP pony
  • Night claims she will not let ESP take any more artifacts, and the pony, Ms. White, smiles, heads into a portal, and then as it closes, the smile becomes a scowl
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Session Summary 12/6/2019
Bowled Over
Players: Toot Sweet, Spring Strudel, Nebenfigur, Scatty Clockwork, Sun Bubbles, Silent Shade, Nightstalker, Marc moses, Blackjack, KKeyKevin, Tale Spinner, Cinnamon String, Farsight, Hot Lemon
  • On a chilly day, Ponydale Bowling holds a half off promotion
  • Spring gets nothing but gutters except when Sun starts creating illusions, where she accidentally gets a strike.
  • Spring starts heading from lane to lane, seeing Cinnamon and Neb be adorable together, Night and Silent eating nachos. Etc.
  • Trivia starts
  • Tale nearly causes Far to choke by mentioning ESP.
  • Spring confronts Sun and Sun reveals they are working on invisibility.
  • Spring reveals to Scatty that it was Sun who made the plant illusions resulting in anger, and Tale decides to seek Gabbro
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Session Summary 11/29/2019
Fixing the Weather
Players: Radiant Shores, Gabbro Ilmenite, Nightstalker, Nebenfigur, pony jack, Scatty Clockwork, Tale Spinner, Cinnamon String, Fire Blaster, Cipher Decode, Farsight
  • The sky is on lockdown. After multiple missing weather ponies, the guards are not taking any risks. The Showcase has ended, leaving empty tents in the courtyard as classes continue tensely
  • Gabbro notes students leaving
  • Night questions Radiant, learning of a Weather Studies class
  • Gabbro investigates the classroom, telling Night of the students
  • Night questions them, and discovers that one put a strange piece of glass they found embedded into the roof into their telescope, and it started sucking ponies ot was pointed at
  • The shard was a mirror shard
  • Far has the pony turn the telescope around and it frees all the ponies
  • A pony from "Eastern Sky Protection" shows up, takes the telescope, and leaves via portal
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Session Summary 11/22/2019
More Disappearances
Players: Toot Sweet, Gabbro Ilmenite, pony jack, Nightstalker, Sun Bubbles, Fire Blaster, Cinnamon String, Nebenfigur, Silent Shade, Farsight, Scatty Clockwork
  • The University is holding a showcase, mostly meant for aspiring students, with tents set up
  • Gabbro attempts to help Scatty overcome his plant fear, but fails.
  • Gabbro, Nebenfigur, Farsight, and Nightstalker discuss the disappearance of two more weather Pegasi, one of whom being Toot Sweet. Night has an idea, and tells Gabbro that she will be his instructor in training instead of the usual.
  • Scatty casts acceleration on Sun, resulting in a hyperactive and constantly thirsty Sun Bubbles
  • Sun was looking for the pony supposed to take over the geology exhibit, and found him with the help of Farsight
  • Silent and Cinnamon discussed mathemagics
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Session Summary 11/15/2019
A Strange Event
Players: Toot Sweet, Spring Strudel, Nightstalker, Nebenfigur, Rosie Sunshine, pony jack, Cinnamon String, Farsight, Winged Hussar, Aura Swirl, Sun Bubbles, Fire Blaster, Sole Eclipsa, Luna Eclipsa, Blue Roses, Cipher Decode, Marshmallow Cactus
  • It is a bright sunny day in Cantermore, pleasant despite the chill. University staff are preparing for some future event, setting up tents and stalls.
  • Toot is sour due to having to work that day, and in Cantermore
  • Far accosts Fire Blaster over his keyblade. Nebenfigur debates waking Night up, but Spring advises against it. Sole Eclipsa, Rosie Sunshine, and Winged Hussar help to defuse the situation and Fire is merely fined 1100 bits.
  • It is discovered that the reason Toot was called in is because the entire Cantermore weather team is MIA. Night agrees to investigate, and Spring agrees to ask her mother if there was any kind of training that would have left the team busy
  • Marshmallow Cactus is revealed to be literally marshmallows, and asks ponies to eat her hand repeatedly. Spring is weirded out by this and flies off
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Two years of Sweet and Elite. May the third be just as good
Thanks to Smoke Screen for all the hats
Session Summary 11/1/2019
Lost in Memories
Players: Lemon Grass, Spring Strudel, Nightstalker, Silent Shade, Rosie Sunshine, Winged Hussar, Browny Brony, Fire Blaster, Sun Bubbles, Tale Spinner, Gumdrop, pony jack, Cinnamon String, Nebenfigur, Farsight
  • The group enters, the rather large house, only to find everything black and white, like an old photo, with edges seeming blurred
  • Turns out Silent used a memory stasis spell and to leave, they must collect a few items.
  • The book and crystal ball are found in the library
  • The feather is found in the ballroom
  • The puzzle box is found in the study
  • The stone in the conservatory.
  • The music box was...I dunno, but it made Winged Husser fall asleep
  • Apparently, saying whose memory it is would be aware of their presence.
  • The medallion is found, and Spring reveals that Silent has powers to Farsight.
  • They bring the items downstairs to find the cylinder from the museum, Night promises to explain later, and Silent and Night wake everyone up in a flash of green and purple
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Session Summary 10/25/2019
Forest of the Full Moon
Players: Lemon Grass, Spring Strudel, Nightstalker, Silent Shade, Cloudy Paint, Fire Blaster, Valor Heart, Rosie Sunshine, pony jack, Winged Hussar, Caramel Tart, Fourleaf Clover
  • The group finds itself unable to sleep on a dark night. Then the wind picks up, a gentle sound and a faint whisper lulling everyone to sleep. Everyone finds themselves in a dense, unsettling forest.
  • Night and Silent are arguing. Apparently they had messed with something without wards and caused this, though they refused to actually explain it to the group, only revealing it in hushed conversations with eachother.
  • They come across a bridge with a barrier that requires a riddle to pass, the answer being river
  • They then find a cemetery with another riddle. The answer is death(also apparently Fourleaf Clover was a ghost?)
  • They find a garden full of Alicorn statues. The answer this time is silence
  • They end up in a meadow and find a house. The door opens...
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Session Summary 10/18/2019
Crimson Carnival
Players: Toot Sweet, Spring Strudel, Nightstalker, Gabbro Ilmenite, Marc Moses, Shadow Pone, Sun Bubbles, Night Powder, Aura Way, Structure, Tale Spinner, random fandom, Rosie Sunshine, Fire Blaster, cookie dough, pony jack, Farsight, Night Bloom
  • The group receives a flyer for a carnival, but upon entering White Tail Park a thick fog rolls in. The sound of rides and laughter can be heard, and every pony ends up in a large field. A red moon shines high above, and any attempt to leave results in returning back to the field. All the attractions have a macabre twist, strange figures move within the shadows, and the attractions seem unmanned(unponied?)
  • There were ghost bumper cars, and a pony named George who spoke in an accent
  • Gabbro attempts to talk to Night about her family, but Spring shows up and calls Bloom Yazaki, only to receive a poor reception. She quickly grabs Gabbro and runs off to the haunted house ride.
  • Gabbro is terrified, but Spring was excited the whole time.
  • They enter a hall of mirrors and Night and Bloom scare Gabbro.
  • They attempt to do the same to Spring(Spring apologizes to Bloom, but it's a distraction), but she is unphazed. Gabbro witnesses Night travel through mirrors to get behind Spring
  • Tale manages to get her skeleton costume back from a reflection that stole it
  • At dawn, a chime sounds and they all end up back in White Tail Park
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Session Summary 10/11/2019
A Spooky Basement
Players: Toot Sweet, Spring Strudel, Gabbro Ilmenite, Night Bloom, Silent Shade, Nebenfigur, Night Powder, Rusty Pipe Organ, Cinnamon String, Tale Spinner, Marc Moses, Fire Blaster, Gumummy Drop, pony jack
  • After the show, the group gets ready for the basement tour(Spring finds out Yazaki is Night Bloom's real name, but does not get an answer as to Nightstalker)
  • They take the elevator, which seems to go down more than one would have thought from being a cloud building
  • In the artifact storage, a strange cylinder makes some ponies hear a ringing sound, Tale hears giggling, and Powder hears voices and stays behind and attempts to take the cylinder, evading Rusty and hiding it, only for Silent to catch them, using a trick similar to the ones Bloom had used
  • In the archive room, shadowy ponies appear on the walls. Silent says it is a figment of imagination, but Gabbro sees him glare at the shadows and they vanish, further inciting Gabbro's curiousity
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Session Summary 10/4/2019
The Ultimate Show
Players: Toot Sweet, Spring Strudel, Gabbro Ilmenite, Night Bloom, Silent Shade, Radiance, Sun Glimmer, Rosie Sunshine, Marc Moses, cookie dough, Micro Raptor, Night Powder, pony jack, Paster Primrose, Nebenfigur, Smoke Screen, Cinammon String, Fire Blaster
  • It is a cool fall day and there is a special exhibit at the museum
  • Gabbro almost spills the beans on his training with Night, with Silent Shade saying she inherited "mother's anger". Spring gorges on candy
  • Toot pretends like she was gonna stab Rosie, and Spring fails utterly at pumpkin carving
  • Night Bloom holds a magic show(and Silent Shade calls him Yazaki?!), involving card tricks, disappearing acts, and purple fire
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Session Summary 9/27/2019
Engine Trouble
Players: Radiant Shores, Spring Strudel, Rosie Sunshine, Nebenfigur, Cinnamon String, Nightstalker, pony jack, Farsight, Gumdrop, Starweave, Tale Spinner, Diamond Hooves
  • The trains creaks to a stop in a lonely station, with the crew rushing for repairs. A sudden breakage in the engine room had forced a change of course
  • A dust cloud caused by buffalo happens
  • There was a floating rock and several ponies investigated it
  • Diamond Hooves reveals her parents died when she was 2 and that she's run the saloon alone ever since, to which Spring expresses sadness and Night dismisses the grief, causing Spring to practically explode, after which Night consoles her, Far scares Diamond off, Spring tracks her down, and Diamond agrees to leave town.
  • Oh yeah, the train was fixed too
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