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Deleting hotbar.json (~\AppData\LocalLow\LoE\Legends of Equestria\hotbar.json) should reset it, meaning that all the symbols are there like they were at the beginning. (Replace ~ with the path to your user folder)

You will have to close and restart the game for it to have an effect. I don't know if it is possible to move Ground Pound and Bubble Barrage to a different bar, since, as you said, they are not in the skills book. But that should restore it.

When you delete hotbar.json, the game will create the file again with default settings.

I used it when I lost my teleportation spell.
Hello, Sarraceno!

Yes, the launcher can update the game. Sometimes it doesn't work, though and you have to download the game manually.
Introductions / Re: Hi!
2019 Aug 25, 17:41:24
Introductions / Re: Hi
2019 Aug 25, 17:34:39
Hello, Shadow Dusk. I'll give you some general advice:

WASD: move
Space: jump
hold shift: move slowly

For pegasi:
double tap Space: fly
CTRL: descend

while flying:
double tap CTRL: fall

Here are some things you can do in the game:
  • Some NPCs give you quests. Right-click on them to talk to them. You can see your quests by pressing Y. You can find a list of quests here, if you are stuck: If you are planning to do all the quests, be warned that there are some quests that you can only accept if you are a foal. You must do them before you do your talent mark quest.
  • If you want to increase your level quickly, you should improve your combat talent. You can find monsters in Evershade (accessible from Ponydale in the south), the Heartlands and the Gem Mines (in Ponydale, low-level monsters). I would suggest you avoid Bramble Woods though, if you are low-level, an area reachable from the Heartlands and covered with thicket. You can open your talents tree by pressing K. The bar on the bottom right will show you how close you are to the next level. Quests can also give you level-ups, but only up to level 12.
  • There are two productive hobbies that you can take on: Making armor and cooking. Both require you to get recipes. You can get recipes for armor from Golden Gauntlet in the Crystal Kingdom. If you want to make copper or bronze armor, you will also need the Linen Strap Stitching Guide and the Linen Padding Stitching Guide and if you want to make Iron and Steel armor, you need the Canvas Strap Stitching Guide and the Canvas Padding Stitching Guide. You can buy them from Marvell in the Boutique in Ponydale. Then you need resources. You can buy Linen Scrap from Marvell and get Copper Ore, Tin Ore and Iron Ingot from the rock golems in the Evershade. The first armor you will be able to make is Copper armor. You will get recipes for food from some monsters.
  • There are events. If you like roleplaying, you might like the Meet and Greet hosted by Toot Sweet on Fridays at 4 PM EST / 8 PM GMT. Announcements for the next events and summaries of the previous events can be found here: Also consider joining our Discord if you plan to attend regularly. There is also the Hide and Seek event on Saturdays at 5 PM EST / 9 PM GMT. Familiarize yourself with the rules and find out about the next event here: There is also another roleplaying event called the Witchmaster's Key which has a slightly darker tone, but I don't know much about it. Ask Holiday Cheer to find out more about it. For other events, look here: These events are organized by a party planning committee called P.O.N.I.
  • And of course, you can just hang out with other players. Some days it may seem there are not many ponies online, but if you stay around regularly, you might see ponies returning regularly. After a few days, you will probably figure out their online schedules. It is also a good idea to make friends with other ponies. The advantage of making friends with a pony is that you can see where they are in your friends book (press F).

If you need help with a specific problem, tell it here. If I can help you, I'll try. But if I can't help, I'm sure there will be other players who can.
Session Summary 8/9/2019
Players: Toot Sweet, Spring Strudel, Nightstalker, Night Bloom, Rosie Sunshine, Aura Swirl, random fandom, pony jack, Dragon Flare, Star Dust, Cinnamon String, Cupid, Nebenfigur, Smoke Screen, Hot Lemon, Farsight, Alici Alicization, Snow Drop, Sun Bubbles
  • It is a pleasant day in Ponydale. Thanks to a cloud layer, everything has cooled off in time for the Ponydale Water War, with water balloons, water guns, and water buckets.
  • Night and Far discuss some papers from the museum and a water main break
  • Sun uses her illusions to aid her, and Spring takes things too seriously.
  • Spring takes time out to talk to Night and Far, getting sneak attacked by Bloom in the process.
  • After some conversation, Farsight goes off to meet his marefrie-I mean, friend from work
  • Spring squirts Bloom in the face and flies off cackling into the sunset
Check out recaps of previous sessions at:
Session Summary 8/2/2019
Players: Toot Sweet, Spring Strudel, Nightstalker, Rosie Sunshine, Nebenfigur, Coda, Hollow Melody, Smoke Screen, Sun Bubbles, Farsight, Twister, Sweet Wing
  • The group has set up a camp in the Heartlands. What was thought to be a sunny day has changed, and it appears that it will rain
  • Spring is upset, and Toot attempts to open the sky, only for it to...close again? She suggests covering the fire, and so they do
  • the group has smores and tells stories (Spring told one involving a group of Diamond Dogs named Jessica that apparently ends with a ghost and a vow to never eat pizza or cider again)
Check out recaps of previous sessions at:
Introductions / Re: Greetings, Everypony!
2019 Jun 21, 04:33:11
Hello, StringStream,

welcome to the forums.

About the verification thing: I have no idea. Was it introduced with an update? I don't remember having to do such a thing.
Going back to Check List solved the problem for me. Of course, she will complain that you didn't solve the quest yet, but it will apparently reset the spawn points, but your success with fighting these creatures will also be reset. I think I had to do it twice. I'm not absolutely sure if that was what solved the problem, or if I tried going to the spots in a different order and that eventually solved the problem.
Introductions / Re: Hiii
2019 Jun 03, 15:07:12
Hello, Snug Bug!

Welcome to Legends of Equestria. I hope you will enjoy the game.
Writing / Re: Testing...
2019 May 26, 12:21:56
Well, you cannot see your character when you get to maximum zoom level and everything is very close. Does that count as first person? But it is not in the video settings, as far as I remember.
Introductions / Re: hi
2019 May 21, 15:30:30
Hello razoul,

welcome to Legends of Equestria.

Maybe you want to show a screenshot, so the team knows if this is a known problem or not and can maybe offer a solution.

If you want to report a bug, here is a thread that shows how to do it:
Session Summary 5/17/2019
Players: Farsight, pony jack, Toot Sweet, Aura Swirl, Sweet Wing, Boss Racket, Rosie Sunshine
  • It is a rainy and stormy day in Ponydale. The ponies take shelter in the Clover CafĂ©.
  • Farsight meets a shady contact.
  • Toot seems a bit absent. Rosie and Farsight worry.
  • Sweet Wing asks Rosie to go for a walk. Aura Swirl follows them. First they visit the hospital to visit some of Sweet Wing's friends. Sweet Wing breaks down crying, telling Rosie that she wanted to become a nurse, but her classmates said that was stupid.
  • Toot tells Farsight why she is so absent-minded: She had weird dreams involving stone creatures, a diadem and a cult that they have dealt with.
  • Rosie and Sweet Wing visit the school. Sweet Wing tells Rosie that she flew for the first time there: A friend would move the swing and Sweet Wing would jump off and fly.
  • Farsight promises Toot to do some research on the cult.
  • Toot runs off and Farsight tries to get her back, but loses her.
Check out recaps of previous sessions at:
I love the Cloudopolis Academy interior. The details. And the pictures and toys are so cute.
Introductions / Re: Hello! :3
2019 May 12, 15:59:47
Hello, nice to see you as well!
Hello Adonis Spero,

sorry for it taking so long. Welcome to Legends of Equestria.

If you like roleplaying, you might like the Sweet & Elite: Meet and Greet.

It's on Fridays at 8:00 GMT / 4:00 PM EST (check your time zone).

So far, we haven't been using any stats, so it's more about playing out your character.

A note on the Style: Slice of Life usually means that, while there will be a setup, the session will mostly be driven by character interaction. Adventure means that the Game Master will have a plot set up that we will follow.

If you want to participate in it, I would also recommend joining their Discord channel. They have an invite link in the thread as well.

I would also recommend the Hide and Seek:

Please note that the information about the next event will always be on the first page.
Yay! Looking forward to the Winter Warm-Up event and the new quests! Also looking forward to see the new Academy interior. Maybe taking lessons in the classroom will help me not crashing into everything. Also looking forward to the new foal content. Good that I have one. I'm also happy that the launcher now works again.
I totally understand the argument that this will make a bad impression on new players, and you are probably right.

Personally, I like the trees though. Though other players might disagree with me, I personally like the spirit of Heartswarming being carried over the year. Maybe that's just because I haven't grown sick of the trees yet. However, I do like the idea of reviving the Winter Roll Up quest. I have been playing this for less than a year, so I have never seen that quest and I wonder what it might be like. I would think that I would be more positive about the idea of removing the trees if they are replaced by other interesting decoration.

However, I will also appreciate a new update with new contents and new quests. Also, I don't mean to be pressing, but a new update would be a good opportunity to make it run with the launcher again. I got used to the luxury of auto-updating. Of course, if you are already very busy with other things, I don't want to cause any problems.
Off-Topic / Re: Christmas traditions
2019 Apr 22, 12:29:54
I didn't expect someone still posting in this thread, since it is already spring, so I'm pleasantly surprised.
Thank you, Griffon, for sharing this with us.
Art / Re: Soobel's things
2019 Apr 22, 12:22:38
I like your Developments pictures.
Original Characters / Re: Hi everyone!
2019 Apr 14, 10:02:37
Hello Looloo, welcome to Legends of Equestria. I hope you will have lots of fun!

I like the name.