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Introductions / Re: Heyo!
2019 Feb 07, 07:37:37
Hello, and welcome to the game,

I hope you'll like it. If you have any questions, I'm sure other players will be ready to help you.

Have fun!
Forum suggestions / Re: language
2019 Feb 07, 07:34:38
I would also like the option of changing the language, but I would understand if there is no such option. It is going to involve translators and additional voice actors and synchronizing (if they are going to have voice acting, which is probable since they are hiring voice actors). This will be additional effort and cost time and maybe money. So I wouldn't be disappointed if there will be no option to select a language, but I'd like it if they did.

Flan owns a café in the city center of Cantermore. Depending on your pony kind, you start out in Ponydale (earth pony), Cantermore (unicorn) or Cloudopolis (pegaus).

If you are in Ponydale, go to the train station, click on the sign and select Cantermore. From Cantermore train station, you go straight ahead and are in the city center. You'll pass Astral Charm on the way.

If you are in Cloudopolis, things are a little bit more complicated. You follow the signs pointing to Cantermore, until you are on the landing platform, then go to Cantermore. You'll arrive on a hill near Cantermore. You should see the city in the distance. Go down the hill and towards the city wall. Go through the gate to enter the city. I don't remember in which direction you should go from there, but you should find the city center from there on your own. If in doubt, ask other players.

Flan owns a café in the city center. If you still can't see her, it's probably a bug or a matter of circumstances. In this case, I can't help you.

Good luck.
Introductions / Re: Hello everyone!
2019 Jan 14, 15:36:41
Hello Pigeon,

welcome to the forum!

I hope you will enjoy your stay here.
Okay, maybe this is a bit late, but there is one more thing I thought about. FireShadow, if this is still relevant to you and you haven't solved it yet: Windows might sometimes hide file extensions (i.e. not show the "exe" thing). So if that helps: It might just be called "loe". I don't know what operating system you have, but if it is Windows x64, the file you need is the one that is not "loe_Data" and is about 21.808 KB in size.
Introductions / Re: Hello!
2019 Jan 10, 14:54:35

It seems like many people had that question lately, because the launcher no longer works. You need to manually download the files from the Download page. The latest update is v2018.10.01. Don't download the Launcher because it is outdated. Download one of the four downloads below. You will get a zip file. Unzip it and run loe.exe

If it still doesn't work, you might need to delete the old game files.

Sometimes, Windows hides filename extensions, so you might only see "loe". Whatever, you need to double-click the thing that is not "loe_Data", but the other.
Introductions / Re: What's the 'haps?
2019 Jan 03, 06:57:07
Happy New Year, Icewalker220 and welcome to the forums and the game.

Legends of Equestria is a roleplaying game, but I feel that its social component is much bigger than in other online roleplaying games.

There are NPCs who give you quests and you can easily get to about level 7 by doing these quests. After that, I find, you must explicitly run around talking to every NPC to get quests.

Every new update brings new quests, for example the December update introduced the NPC Stocking Stuffer (or something like that) in the center of the market place in Ponydale (where Sugarcane Corner is) who gives you a free pair of socks if you do a little favor for her and Stun Law in the Ponydale Mines who gives you a quest that is a little bit... strange.

Sometimes it may seem that there are no other players around, but that is not true. There are many big maps and every map has two rooms. There seem to be more players on the weekend. There are generally more players on the Amareican server than on the Europonian server and the players on these servers are active at different times (get accustomed to time zones). If you want to know more, read "How do I find other players?" by Dr_Nomz in the Legends of Equestria Discussion board.

If you want to make sure that you meet a lot of players in the same spot, parties and events are occasions on which that happens. Look into "P. O. N. I. Headquarters" in the Legends of Equestria Discussion board for that. There, they will announce parties and game events.

Another occasion on which a lot of players gather in one place is roleplaying. One roleplaying group is the Sweet and Elite: Meet and Greet. They are going to have a roleplaying event in Ponyday School House tomorrow, Friday, Jan 4. Sometimes the school house will spawn you in a location where you are stuck. Type /stuck to get unstuck. The game will then respawn you in a fixed location.

Generally the Sweet and Elite roleplaying group has two modes: Slice of Life and Adventure. In Slice of Life mode, players are expected to come up with their own plots. I feel that some players have a whimsical sense of humor so that the plots are sometimes a little silly, but in a funny way. When nopony comes up with a plot, it's mostly talking. In the other mode, Adventure, Game Master Toot Sweet comes up with a plot and it is much like a narrative RPG. In case you are unfamiliar with this: It's like table top, but without the dice and numbers. Look into the respective forum thread in the Legends of Equestria Discussion board and join their Discord server to keep up to date if you are interested. They have posted an invitation link to their Discord server in their forum thread.

There are also other RPG groups, but I have never seen them. Also, there are roleplays on this forum, but I haven't taken part in them either. If you want to play in the forum RPG, first introduce your character in the Original Characters board and then take part in one of the roleplays in the Roleplaying board. However, some roleplays are restricted and won't accept new players until they have finished. In any case it is probably a good idea to ask if you can participate in a certain roleplay or jump into a roleplay that has just started.

If you are new to the game and are unfamiliar with usual game controls, I suggest you start as an Earth Pony. Your teacher, Fizzy Stradlin, will teach you how to walk and jump.

There are some abilities that are available to all pony kinds, but some are restricted to a specific pony kind.

Earth ponies are stronger (which means you will have more HP) and have more stamina. They will be able to run faster and for a longer time. One ability exclusive to earth ponies is talking to animals, which will give you more options what you can tell your pet (Yes, there will be pets). This means that your pet will be able to support you in combat. Ponies without this ability can only tell their pets "Sit" and "Follow me". Sometimes it may seem that your pet isn't following you. Don't worry though, they will run back to you when you stand still. The other ability exclusive to them is agriculture.

Unicorns can obviously use magic and this is the ability exclusive to them. Also, they can teleport, though not in infinite ranges. But they are weaker physically.

Pegasi can fly, obviously and there is the Flying talent, but I haven't played one, so I can't tell you more about it.

You will use the journal a lot. It shows your friends, your party and your quests. Also, it shows the skill trees. Your experience is measured in talent points that you can invest in these skills. Some of the skills available to everypony are Cooking, Partying and Artisanship. In every skill tree, there are skills that are relatively cheap (20 TP) and some that are prohibitively expensive (500 TP), for example, everypony can have Regenerative Aura from the Healing skill tree after doing some quests, but all the other skills in that skill tree are prohibitively expensive.

During the main questline, you will be asked by your teacher what you think your talent is. After completing the associated talent quest, you will be given the basic level of all skills in the associated skill tree for free (even the ones who are prohibitively expensive). Be careful, though. After completing this quest, your character will be an adult pony. Don't complete the quest if you want to stay a foal. There are different quests for foals and adult ponies.

On the bottom of the screen, there is a quickslot bar. You can drag and drop your abilities into that quickslot bar to have quick access to them. All you have to do is to click on them or press the associated button to perform them. You have ten quickslot bars. You can use the slider [<>] to go through them. However, I would suggest that you put the things that you use most often into quickslot bar 1, since the user interface will not keep the current quickslot bar when you change between rooms or places and it will be reset to quickslot bar 1.

Fighting monsters like hornets, manticores, diamond dogs and lantern monsters gives you loot. I don't fight much with my unicorn character Scatty Clockwork, because I'm bad at fighting and he is weak (even with armor).

Speaking of armor: You can buy items and clothes from merchant ponies and sell it to them, too. Sometimes you can get them for completing quests, too. Most clothes are just cosmetic, but armor, as expected, slightly increases your HP. Healing potions and food restore HP. Some items are needed for crafting or cooking. Clothing mostly does nothing, but it is a good way to express the style and personality of your pony, for example my unicorn character Scatty Clockwork wears a scroll bag and a lab coat and my earth pony character Rosie Sunshine wears a nurse cap and a dandelion bracelet. There are reasonable types of clothing like armor, lab coats and saddlebags and rather silly items like you can wear a book or a frying pan as a hat or fake wings. Also, the LoE staff seem to have a sock fetish. There are more kinds of socks than any other items and they make a lot of noise about socks. Oh, and you can have accessories like the Alchemic Torch, an normal Torch or a Lantern, that provide atmospheric light when it's dark. For the Alchemic Torch and the Lantern, you can also choose the color of the light. It costs a small amount of bits, but, seriously, if you complete some quests, you will have more money than you need, unless you buy lots of stuff, but what are you going to do with lots of clothes that you can't even wear all the time (Rarity, please don't hit me)? Maybe doing lots of crafting might cost a lot of money if you regularly buy resources for it, but I can't tell, because I haven't had a crafting pony so far.
Yes, deleting the old files will make extra sure that it can't mistakenly use the old files, because they are deleted, and will instead "have to" use the new files.

On my computer, I have two versions and it works, as long as I make sure that I use the new executable. Maybe it's one of these strange things that sometimes work and sometimes don't.

However, as valex44568 said, it's safest to only have one version on your computer, so it cannot mistakenly take the wrong one.
Hm, strange. It worked for me. Are you sure that you started the LoE version that was included in the zip file? It doesn't have a launcher.
That's strange. It looks like this on my computer:

I have Windows x64.

However, if you use Mac or Linux, I can't help you, since I haven't looked into these downloads.
Yes, I think there is science in Equestria.
Whereever there are ponies who want to find out how the world works, there will be scientists. And scientists do science.

While this is an unfounded hypothesis, I have some evidence:
  • Twilight Sparkle is a scientifically inclined pony. I bet there are a lot of scientific books in her library/the castle's library. These books have to have been written by somepony. Thus, there are scientists and thus science.
  • Astral Charm is a science pony. Thus, there is science.
  • There are schools in Equestria. I bet they also have scientific subjects like biology, physics and, wait for it, math.

I believe that the world being flat is the easiest explanation why Celestia can bring up the sun and is the only raiser of the sun (I have no evidence of this, but I don't think it has ever been said that there is another raiser of the sun). Also, the sun seems to revolve around the world where Equestria is. If there was a solar system, I couldn't imagine how Celestia would "raise" the sun.

Concerning the age of Celestia and Luna, I'm not sure. They are either immortal, age very slowly or stopped aging at some point. In the very first episode, it said that Nightmare Moon (which is Luna) reappeared on the 1000th day of the Summer Sun Celebration. Assuming the the Summer Sun Celebration is an event that happens once a year, this would mean that Celestia and Luna are at least 1000 years old, probably older, since I doubt that Celestia has banned Nightmare Moon to the moon when they were born. And they still look younger than some other ponies who are probably not near 1000 years.

However, the idea that Celestia and Luna have never aged doesn't seem to work, since Celestia told the Mane 6 that she was once a filly in the episode with the theatre play.

One other thing that I have asked myself (and probably many others asked themselves) is how earth ponies and pegasi can hold things with their hooves or play instruments. I haven't heard a satisfactory answer to that question and it seems the most satisfactory answer so far is "don't worry about it too much".

Then, there is the question if they will develop computers and smartphones in Equestria and, again, how they will be operated by earth ponies and pegasi. Typing might be realised with "hoof adapters", cone-shaped things that you can put on your hooves, so you won't press multiple keys while typing, or REALLY big keyboards, but that would be very impractical.

There were times where I wonder what technological age Equestria might be in, but some argue that you shouldn't measure technological advance solely by comparing it to Western human culture. That would imply that all cultures discover technology in the same order. Civilizations living mostly in the air (like the Breezies) might be highly advanced without ever having developped the wheel, since wheels have no advantage when transporting goods through the air and are of no practical use in airborne transportation (i.e. vehicles) either.

Sorry for not answering all your questions and for rambling.
It seems that the updater is still outdated. You will need to download one of the direct downloads here. The recent version is 2018.10.01.

What you will get is a ZIP file. Unzip it and double-click on loe.exe. The game will start immediately, there will be no launcher. Thus, it won't download future updates.

I hope they will update the launcher soon, because that's the more comfortable way when you are on Windows.

Has it been determined when Frisktaker's birthday party will start? Also, is there anything I need to know about how these parties work? Do I need to prepare anything? It is the first party I plan to attend.

If I don't read anything, I'll assume that the party starts at 9PM GMT. Also, is the location of the party already planned?

Thanks in advance for your reply.
No, sorry, I can't say I have had this problem, so I can't provide a solution that is sure to work. Here are some things that MIGHT work:

- Try unequipping it and equipping it again.

If that doesn't work:

- Close the game and start it again. Sometimes the game has weird bugs that go away when you start it anew.

If it still doesn't work:

- Try unequipping and equipping it after you have restarted the game.

Also, are you wearing armor? It might be worn over your scarf, so nopony can see it.

Again, this is not guaranteed to work, since I don't have that problem myself. If it didn't help, I'm sorry.

if you use Windows: after unzipping the file, double-click on loe.exe to start the game. It is a second copy of the game that runs without the launcher and won't update itself. It is the newest version of the game, so you should be able to run it. However, I hope that the launcher will be updated soon, so we can soon use that again.
Introductions / Re: Well, here I am.
2018 Dec 26, 07:30:01
Hello, DividedS.

Welcome to the forums and the game and Merry Cristmas, if you celebrate that. If you don't, please excuse my thoughtless remark.

I hope that you will quickly find a way into the game.

If you can't find other players, I suggest you look into "How do I find other players?" in the Legends of Equestria  Discussion board.

You can also play by yourself. Some NPCs have quests for you and some sell items, for example Bluebell in Cantermore, Buttercup and Marvell (in Carousel Boutique) in Ponydale and Free Trade and Ensemble in the Crystal Kingdom.

If you are into roleplaying, there is the Sweet and Elite: Meet and Greet roleplaying group. They meet once a week to roleplay. There are two kinds of roleplay: In the Slice of Life mode, the game master sets up a scenario and then the players are left to do something. If there is a plot, it is made up by one or more players. Sometimes, there is no plot and it is mostly about interacting and talking. In Adventure mode, there is a set plot and story that you and the other players go through, and though the frame is set by the game master, the player's actions shape it and give it some unique flavor.

Look into the respective forum thread on the Legends of Equestria Discussion board if you are interested. They also have a Discord group. They have posted the link to the server in that forum thread as well.

There is also the forum roleplay, but I can't say much about it since I haven't tried that out yet.

If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask other players in the forum or in the game. They will probably be happy to help you. For example, Scootaloo is a very experienced player and will probably be happy to help you. She says that she is online almost all of the time. I have never met her in-game, but her forum posts are very helpful for new players. In-game, the players gray haze and Spring Strudel helped me a lot getting into the game.

I hope you will have lots of fun. I'm not in the game very regularly (except for Adventure roleplaying sessions), but if you see Scatty Clockwork or Rosie Sunshine, that's me.

These are suggestions that I would give to every player, since they work fine for me. However, if you want suggestions that fit your tastes better, you might tell more about yourself, so we know what you like, and maybe ask other ponies, since my tastes don't necessarily need to be yours, too.
I don't mean to be rude, but when will the launcher be updated? I really liked that it automatically downloaded the newest version on startup, so I don't want to give it up. I also downloaded it manually now, but as soon as the laucher gets updated, I would use that alone.

I still like the snow in the menu, though. Nice detail.
Off-Topic / Re: Christmas traditions
2018 Dec 25, 15:21:17
I hope you all have a wonderful day and Merry Christmas to everypony celebrating that.

trigger-bolt and Princess Darcy, thank you for sharing your Christmas traditions with us.
Hello, Dr. Nomz.

You can store items in the bank. The bank in Cantermore also looks like a bank and there is a guard standing in front of it. The bank in the Crystal Kingdom is less obvious. It is just a door on the central plaza. You can interact with the bank by clicking on the bank door. Once the bank is open, you can transfer items to it by clicking on them in your inventory. Click on the item in the bank to transfer it back into your inventory.

I don't know if you can sell items to NPCs (you can certainly buy from some of them), but you can trade with players. Right click on them and then select "Trade". Then click on the items you want to sell. If you made a mistake, click on them in the trade view and they are transferred back. Once both players have clicked on the crystal in the middle, the goods are exchanged. However, as far as I know, you cannot suggest an amount for the other player to pay. You select what you have to offer, then the other player decides what s/he is willing to give in exchange and when you both accept, it's a deal, otherwise, not.
I'm the next one to thank you.

Thank you.