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Forgot the group pic from the cottage hangout last time.  ^-^

A party at the Ponydale gazebo with ground fog.  :o

And a pic from today's Poetry Slam at the Ponydale school house.  ^-^

A random pony stack...

Lemon Cloud's birthday.  ^-^

A LOT of Maplesweets on April 1st.  :o

And a cozy get together at the cottage.  ^-^

Some pictures from the Royal Guard event, where a bunch of fine ponies went through a series of more or less gruelling trials to be accepted as recruits into the Royal Guard.

And they all got accepted, because everypony did an outstanding job!  ^-^

Also there is a straight up open hole in the world at the ruins, where you can accidentally fall into.  :o

Art / Re: Pumpkin's Creative Corner
2019 Mar 23, 13:29:35
Rarity welcoming spring.  ^-^

Art / Re: Pumpkin's Creative Corner
2019 Mar 20, 12:37:35
Twilight out on an early spring walk, enjoying the fresh air and mild temperature.

A pic from today's Lucky Clover Celebration.  ^-^

And some random stuff that has piled up in my folder...

Waiting for EEGS.

A fun pony gathering in Cloudopolis.

The day the TREE decided to trap ponies and turn them into a cronenbergian nightmare.

Impressions from tonight's Carnival parade and party.  ^-^

And the Truth or Dare after party.

Art / Re: Pumpkin's Creative Corner
2019 Mar 01, 12:23:25
Derpy out on a stroll on a chilly February afternoon.

And the rest of the Winter Games 2019 impressions.  ^-^

End of the scavenger hunt, I think. I sadly missed most of that day...

Stacking Race early session.

Foal Curling early session.

Stacking Race late session.

Foal Curling late session.

Winter Games day 2 after party.

Ice Skating Race early session.

Ice Skating performance.

Ice Skating Race late session.

Winter Games 2019 Closing Ceremony.

And then evil bunny rabbits and other creatures (incl. a book snake!) attacked.  ^-^

I for one welcome our new bunny overlords.

A pic from Holiday'S birthday party, which was held spontaneously and in a small, familiar setting.

And impressions from the Winter Games 2019 Opening Ceremony.

(And I opened some pony merch, incl. Cutie Mark Crew, in case anyone is interested. Click me! ^-^ )


A random cloudy event in SCC.  ^-^

A random gathering in Cantermore.  ^-^

And a more or less random party in the gala hall... incl. an after party on the drawbridge.  ^-^

Art / Re: Pumpkin's Creative Corner
2019 Jan 28, 13:13:58
Rainbow Wishes was not allowed on the slide cause she is too tiny.

A grey, rainy winter day in Berlin.

You can click the sign at the train station and then select your travel destination.  ^-^
Some impressions from Gloomy's birthday party.  ^-^

And here are my impressions from the big New Year's party in Ponydale.  ^-^

One short thing I have to say before the pics:

There has rarely been a New Year's Eve where I haven't been horribly down and depressed.

But in LoE I finally found a place where I can go, feel comfortable and actually enjoy myself, even on a day that is normally just sad and a HUEG BUMMER for me.

And that is thanks to my wonderful partner Holly and all of the good ponies I had the pleasure of getting to know over the last year.

I wish you all a safe, successful and amazing 2019!

The New Year's STACC.

A few impressions from Spring Strudel's birthday party.  ^-^

Enjoying the festive tree in Ponydale on Hearth's Warming Eve.

And the Hearth's Warming party in the gala hall.  ^-^

Loving the festive update!  <3  <3  <3
I am sure there are lots of ponies who will be happy to take you on an expedition to the castle, if you ask in global.  ^-^

Today was the big Crystal Fair where many ponies offered their wares and fun games with prizes.
And there was also a very impressive air show by the Wonderbolts!

The Crystal Kingdom never felt so alive and I want to thank everypony who organized and participated in the festivities.
I had a great ol' time! ^-^

Ponies, including the Mane Six, gathered for the Hearth Warming Helper event in the cottage today, where they exchanged presents and enjoyed each other's company as well as the cozy cottage atmosphere.

Even Santalestia showed up to bring joy and chicken nuggets to everypony.  ^-^

And after the cozy festivities ponies went to the Castle of he two Sisters and heckled the ancient artifacts.