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Well wel, looks like some people are having fun,
Hopefully none of you have wrote enough to be done.
For you all have done very well, admirably I admit,
Hopefully I'll read more and enjoy such wit.

Magus my chum, i see you have been thinking hard,
but you can't solve everything with nukes like some exodia card,
Perhaps I should give out a hint, would it be too soon?
Maybe we should wait for others to answer, hopefully before a blue moon.
Rhyming with a topic? I do not quite understand
Do we set a topic then converse with rhyming at hand?
Through my mind it sounds like mere conversation,
Though I guess it could be practice of one's presentation,
Very well then, I shall conform and play this game,
Though a chosen topic would we need to name.
Unless there is a criteria of which to choose from,
I shall choose from my head, hopefully it won't be dumb.

Since this is a mlp community, one of I'm quite fond,
Lets discuss our thoughts that season 4 has spawned.
Having Zecora returning in the premiere i find it fitting.
Positive feelings towards this season I have no problem admitting.

Very well then, I shall cast forth the first stone.
Not as hard as my last riddle so no need to groan.

My status is legend, since the very start
Being known for having a savage heart.
I was made to be the best, stronger than any foe,
Despite my power, my place in the world has yet to show.
I am a treasure to many, as if it were some sort of game.
But only the master has the power to capture me and tame.
Well well well, what is this?
The revival of this post that I have miss?
Oh what fun and joy we could have tickling our tongues,
Whats this? The answer for my old riddle has yet to be sprung?
No matter, I give praise to those who tried their best,
With out further ado, I will reveal the answer for this test.
For it was Chaos that I sought,
The force behind change of lot,
For with out it, much of the world would be the same,
Nothing new or unpredictable would quickly grow lame.
Though chaos isn't always nice, for it takes no side.
Being behind events of terror and dread in great stride.

Now for those interested, I will offer more riddles,
Or conjure up one for my mind to fiddle.
Come one, come all to join our fun.
For this thread is no where near of being done.

A fishing game where you can only use your hands.  Watch out for snapping turtles,   :]
Facing a dino team on primal carnage consisting of 5+ carnos.
There is no best. All ponies are awesome.
Pony Off-Topic Archive / Re: Bronycon Promo
2013 Aug 06, 12:47:57
I had fun in it. Saw plenty of famous faces in between panels ranging from ACRace to Dustykat. Got a creeper hat and a few pony pins from the vender hall.   :3
A sprite

made fresh from the super speedy lemon squeezy 5000   :]
that one kid who comes in and "trolls people" for his youtube channel on your tf2 server then proceeds to advertise his channel for the next hour. 
A dunkin donuts cup.

'Murika is running on me.  :3
Gameshark, because im a rebel  >:/
Rogues, or anything that can stun you for half the battle. 
gumbi pony
butterfly kisser
pvping in open world pvp on wow.  killed a horde person around my level, few minutes later he comes back with 2 lvl 85's and hunts me down.  fml :c
when your opponent on a fighter game complains that you cheated after you turned them into paste.
Beating your opponent despite the odds.

taking on 3 guys at once...ranked first place  8D
Quote from: Chishio Kunrin on 2013 Jul 29, 22:04:20
Ellowee is just our mascot, not an actual user. The team member who posted probably forgot they were on the Ellowee account. :P

I was playing along, guess that failed
Quote from: Chishio Kunrin on 2013 Jul 29, 15:40:18
Silly Ellowee. What're you doing here? You can't be a brony. You're a pony! You already live in Equestria!

Maybe she watched the show and became a fan.