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I made a new poll on Google Forms (link below) so now ponies can choose "Other" without having to use their Facebook accounts. Ponies who have voted unfortunately have to vote again and those who haven't, I strongly encourage you to do so. Terribly sorry for the inconvenience.
I hope to see you all at the event!
Art / Re: Teambuilding
2018 Oct 07, 15:30:08
Grape Bloom, Alt Tab, Garden Smoothie
A couple of months back I asked a moderator, I believe it was Napalm Styles, could have been someone else, about whether or not moderators can view whispers. The question was asked in local chat in SCC and the answer was a definite yes. That was a question I believe I asked more than once but it was ignored previously.
Furthermore I've heard more than one story of players sharing their experiences of moderators interrupting party and whisper chat immediately after a supposed violation of rules occured which would rule out the possibility of one party having to first report a violation.
I'm receiving conflicting information in this thread about moderators being able to view whispers. On one hand I can see that both Woona and Napalm Styles claim moderation memebers cannot see whispers and all actions taken by moderation concerning messages sent via a whisper are based on information in the form of a screenshot or other report submitted by one of the messaging parties. On the other hand there is this:
Quote from: GalapagoisAnd finally, on the note of moderation reading messages: our rules are extremely clear on what will and will not be considered acceptable communication on our servers, and we will continue to enforce those rules to ensure the atmosphere we have strived for all these years is maintained. If you wish to discuss things that you know will fall foul of the rules, you are more than welcome to do so on any platform that we are not responsible for - but while you communicate using our systems and servers, we will expect you to adhere to our rules, regardless of whether or not you believe that the person you intend to see your message would personally find it acceptable or not.
From what I understand, we are expected to adhere to the rules regardless of whether the message is being sent via a whisper or not, which is understandable, however this also hints at moderators indeed being able to view and moderate this messages.