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What i mean by is do i need a strong computer/Laptop to run this game at a decent frame rate? I need to know this because I'm planing on getting my own computer/laptop but don't know what i need to run it. Any answers will be appreciated.
Pony Off-Topic / Re: Changelings
2019 Jan 23, 16:00:16
shes back in season 8 in episode 13 the mean 6.
Pony Off-Topic / Re: Changelings
2018 Sep 23, 19:10:33
Well it seems changelings are bug-like so must have outside skeleton so thatexplains chrysalis being able to turn her neck 180 degrees in To Where and Back Again.
(That part creeped me out i don't about you but it did for me) i haven't found anything creepier than that even in real life. :I
I am trying to play a game called MLP fighting is magic. but no luck.
I no way to play Legends of Equiestria.
So have fun without i will even have a hard time getting on to the Forums because of school being over and that was my mane source of access to a computer.
So if you don't see me put up anything on the forums for awhile you know why. :') I don't want to leave this computer but i have to to go home. D:
We can type down the actions we do in the chat if there is one.
we might not be able to do it in game but no one said we can't do it here on the forums. Then just roll the dice in real life.
I have a lot of ideas X3
the 2nd line works for all of them but rarity.

7th rarity

6th fluttershy

well that's what I think.
i voted on the poll before my OC got its big changes so can i change my vote.if so how do i do it?
Original Characters / Re: OC: Master Masher
2018 Jun 01, 08:55:44
Well his whole mane gimmick is video games. So that is why he sounds good for a video game.
Original Characters / Re: OC: Master Masher
2018 May 31, 15:03:32
I call it Healing Aura.
Original Characters / Re: OC: Master Masher
2018 May 29, 12:06:54
Master Masher also has this move that heals allies and hurts enemies in a certain area.
she did not come back season 7 but she is coming back in season 8. I saw it commercials for season 8 and when the new ones were on.
Maybe i don't need a cutie mark to figure out my special talent in real life because i think have found it. X3
Pony Off-Topic / Re: Fluttershy Fans
2018 May 25, 17:04:45
Awww thats cute.
Funny thing is i had a dream that showed me this. I think my brain put all of the pieces together and showed it to me in a dream. Also funny thing the dreams i see i can remember them at any time it is like they turned into memories or something.
Pony Off-Topic / Re: Fluttershy Fans
2018 May 25, 10:16:12
I have a fear of heights at place that are familiar to me. When i first started school i was shy at first but today i try to find a friend in every pony i meet. I did not even know about the till last summer at the tail end of season 7All my life i have loved animals. I also love to sing (more on my own where no pony else can hear.) I am shy about singing where others can hear. I don't want them to judge me. :(
Well i as i was taught to sound it out if i did not know how to spell it.
She is the element of Magic so maybe she can master every spell known to all pony kind. Maybe even more.
Pony Off-Topic / Re: Fluttershy Fans
2018 May 17, 11:09:17
I like Fluttershy and i also like Rainbow Dash But i like them both equally (same goes with Derpy and Luna) I like all of them. If it came down to one i could not decide which one.