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I've had mixed success with this...sometimes, I'm forced to replace it with another skill instead of leaving a blank spot. Give it a whirl.
Quote from: Night Striker on 2017 Oct 02, 12:39:20Welcome to the forums, Golden Sky! Glad to see that you're having fun with LoE already! It was nice meeting you and I hope to see you in-game later! ^-^

Thank you kindly! I've gotten pretty busy this past week, but I'll try to keep popping by in the evenings. It was great to see you in-game!
Woohoo, our impromptu chill session in the Waterfall Cave made it in here! I'm near the end on the left side, somewhere underneath that candy cloud. :) Thanks to everyone who took a break from the SCC craziness to come relax with us!
Quote from: Silverbeat on 2017 Sep 29, 12:29:34Hi! It's nice to meet you. I'm Silverbeat. Your pony looks really cool, by the way. I'm loving those goggles  ^-^

If you don't mind me asking, where did you get the headphones? I've been looking for a pair for myself, but don't know where to find them ^^;

Hiya! For the headphones, once you've completed the Graduation event, you can talk to Hullabaloo in Cantermore (east-ish side) to begin a lengthy fetch quest about stolen cookies. You'll need to travel between Cantermore and Cloudopolis several times to keep talking to ponies, but once you solve the mystery, you get rewarded with headphones. (And if you're dancing while wearing them, they produce music notes!)
Hey everyone! Golden Sky here--I saw the news on EQD earlier this week about the servers being opened, so I figured I should create an account and join the fun! My pegasus is meant to represent my alma mater, Notre Dame: blue fur, gold/silver mane, shamrock mark, and named after the Golden Dome. :)

I've already had a blast exploring with so many folks, and I'm looking forward to passing the fun along to other newcomers as well. Here's to a successful adventure--Go Irish!
General News / Re: Hope you're having fun!
2017 Sep 29, 09:58:01
Just enjoying a beautiful night in the Cantermore Waterfall Cave with 13 of my pals! SCC got a little too noisy for us, and it was incredibly relaxing to chill down here.

There were also a few of us who took a midnight journey to the Castle of the Two Sisters!