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The tavern keeper comes out of the door with a bowl of butternut squash soup and a bottle of soda. He walks over to Onyx and place the food and drink on the table in front of him. "Enjoy," says the tavern keeper as he walks back behind the counter and resumes cleaning the dishes.
"Very well," he says before disappearing into the door behind the counter.
The tavern keeper takes out a hot teapot from within one of the cupboards underneath the counter. He carries it over to the human and pours in the red tea into the tea cup. He stops pouring and carries it back behind the counter and into the cupboard. He looks over at the portal as it shuts off prematurely. He states, "The tavern's null field just went active. Any and all magic foreign to the tavern is now being terminated, spells leading to here will explode back towards it's source. So whoever casts the spell will end up caught in the blast, unless they are in here then they will lose their ability to cast magic for a week due to the null spell. And if it is a magic item, that will explode. The tavern does not like having portals unless it's its own doors."

He looks over at Onyx. He says, "Since you came over here through a foreign and illegal portal, the way you came in is now gone. If you walk through those doors, you'd find yourself trapped. It'll take a while for me to configure the exit doors. So while you are here, your first order of foods and drinks are on the house."
The tavern keeper looks at Onyx with a curious expression, then at the shimmering portal behind him. He asks, "From whose portal did you come out of? Oh, and welcome to the Wanders Tavern."
[ I keep forgetting I have the two characters. ]

Both Drifter and Krazy finishes their drinks and gets up from the bar stools. Drifter takes out a few bits and gives them to the tavern keeper. He says, "Thanks for the drinks and food. The next time I find those doors, I'll come back."

Krazy states, "You'll definitely see me again."

The two leave through the door, exiting out to the floating islands. There, the door closes behind them. The tavern keeper takes the bits and places them into his moneybag. He looks at the rest of the patrons, continuing to clean the dishes left by the two.
Quote from: Silverbeat on 2017 Oct 13, 12:40:14Silverbeat jumped in fright at the sudden exclamation, nearly choking on her piece of pancake. Then, after the initial shock wore off, she watched with mild amusement as Krazy fell silent. She then stopped to listen to the tavern keeper, breaking off a small piece of her pancake and giving it to Max.
"That's amazing. I guess I might be a But I don't really know all too much about things outside Equestria". She paused for a moment, then added "Actually, there's probably a whole heap of stuff in Equestria I don't even know".

"Most are ignorant to that fact, not just you. There a lot of ponies that have yet to venture out of their own towns or villages to see. It has been like that long ago with farmers, artisans, and forgers, but the wanderers, adventurers, and the merchants were mostly out and about from village to city. How unfortunate that times have changed," said the tavern keeper.

"With the growth of trading companies and transportation, it has become rather difficult to keep the traditions of venturing out and selling our wares. There are only a few of us merchants left to carry on with that tradition. Others would rather build buildings and set routes. That is no way to make money and have an adventure," said 'Drifter', adding into the conversation.

Krazy, keeping quiet of the whole thing, finishes up his soup. He begins to drink the liquid from his cup.
"Had no idea?!" exclaimed Krazy. "Ever you actually stepped outside of your own nation and even looked? Even the isolated vill-"

Suddenly, Krazy turns silent. He opens his mouth but no sound came out, not even whisper. Drifter glances towards the tavern keeper for the source of Krazy's silence. "What?" said tavern keeper. "He needed to shut up. There are things in this world he has no business shouting it out, especially when they choose to be secretive."

The tavern keeper looks at Silverbeat. He says, "That said, there are things outside Equestria that are more powerful or equal to the Princesses. Some choose to stay hidden while others are more... 'loud'. The tavern is once such place of power. There is also unknown entities and the unfortunates, such as our loud-but-silent friend here."

He looks at Krazy and says, "Now, I will release the Silence spell. Once I do, you will not cause anymore commotions or troubles, or else I'll throw you out and take away your access to the tavern. Do I make myself clear?"

Krazy reluctantly nods at the tavern keeper, glaring at him. With that, the tavern keeper releases the spell on him, giving sound back to Krazy's voice. "Wow, I've never seen anyone make Krazy do anything, other than Raghnall," said Drifter. "Sorry for my friend's outburst, he forgets he is not in the 'old days' anymore."
"Well, the tavern keeper would be the one who is to direct that power and many have tried to usurp the tavern keeper to take control of that power and use it to take over. I, myself, would love to get a hold of a similar power. However, back then the tavern had many patrons and many allies. Attempting to do something foolish would be a waste of time," explained Krazy.

"However, if the tavern wanted to take over, all it needs to do is destroy the government of the targeted nation. As for the Princesses, they won't see it coming. It just has to come out of a door, which would act as a focus, and obliterate the entire area, mountain and all. And even if the Princesses somehow survived, they would have to find the original location of the tavern, and only the tavern keepers knows of its true location. But the scenario of the tavern turning its power against the world is unlikely. The tavern's only purpose is to provide food, drink, and lodge. Nothing else. And it does it by choosing who is to be the next tavern keeper and giving them instructions on how to locate the tavern," said Krazy, replying to Silverbeat's question.

The tavern keeper walks out of the door with a bowl of water, a plate of cabbage leaves, and a plate of blueberry pancakes. He places them in front of Silverbeat. He looks over at Krazy and says, "I see you still pertain memories of the original."

"Hmm, yes. Always fun to have memories of his more exciting moments and use them in my more common practices," replied Krazy, giving the tavern keeper a rather creepy smile.

Drifter gives a rather bothered look at Krazy. He says, "Alright, stop before you ruin my drink. I'm trying to drink in peace without your nonsense."

"Fine," said Krazy as he returns his expression back to boredom.
"Very well," said the tavern keeper as he walks into the door behind the counter.

The door shuts closed. Krazy turns towards the others. He says, "While he is preoccupied, I can answer the other questions. The menus here only hold items found around the world. The menus change when the tavern picks up the memories of the food or drinks while still including the exotic items. It also adds it into its own memory, which is composed of nothing but recipes of every single food and drink in existence. However, it cannot serve any of those items without a tavern keeper, and for thousands of years, it had stayed silent until our current keeper has came and accepted the role."

"Now that he is here, he now serves this current generation with food and drinks as it has done before. And if you had not guessed by the magical transporting doors, this place is overflowing with magic. Enough magic to topple any powerful nation, and all of that is being directed towards providing lodge, food, and drinks while in off-site location no one can find," explained Krazy.

He turns back towards his food and eats the last of his bread, he soon begins consuming the soup.
The tavern keeper looks at the human and says, "You are asking about wrong place. Equestria doesn't have that particular item in any sort of restaurant or café. This tavern is the only place that serves all sorts of food and drinks from around the world, including from the minds of its patrons. Whatever you see on those menus are what you have either seen or had before along with a couple of other items from all over. The tavern then adjusts the items to make them taste better while still pertaining to the vitamins and whatnot. Similar to being in a dream world I suppose, except that this tavern is in the same plane of existence as the world outside."
Krazy looks at Silverbeat and replies, "Yes, the tavern has always existed. It's just been inactive for probably a century. It has always served its purpose of providing food, drink, entertainment, and room. Much like any tavern does. As for the creature, that is called a human. You don't see them in this world because they aren't from this world. I could go on and on about them, but it'd be boring."

The tavern keeper picks up a menu and gives it to Silverbeat. The menu seems to consist of items only Silverbeat and her pet likes along with a few items from around the world.
Original Characters / The Fractured (OCs)
2017 Oct 05, 12:46:10
Full Name: Aragor Krazy

Name: Krazy

Species: Pony

Fractured Race: Earth Pony

Age: Unknown

Krazy stands four feet eleven inches tall and weighs around two hundred thirty pounds. His coat is white and his mane and tail are red. His eyes while inside the Fractured Islands are red, outside they are red and blue. His pupils are small. His cutie mark is a red flame with a twisted sword in front of it. Krazy wears a white cloak with a hood.

Fractured Leader (Insanity): One of three leaders that rule the Fractured Islands. Primarily leads the faction, Insanity, along with maintaining and ruling the land, Insania. The leader's secondary purpose is to maintain the balance of the islands.

Krazy holds the personality of the original Aragor, his insanity to create cruel experimentation and the torture of all living beings without reason. He is an insane pony who plays with his targets rather than finishing them outright. He can be angered and annoyed pretty easily. Despite holding these negative emotions and personality, he can also be surprisingly intelligent.

Magic - Destruction, Alteration, Illusion: Despite not having a horn, he has gained the ability to use magic in it's more destructive means. He can cast destruction magic spells or use alteration spells to improve his abilities for a short time. He can also use Illusion magic to play tricks on his opponent or mess with his victims.
Chaos (Insanian): Because of the Island's influence on Krazy, he has gained the power of Chaos and insanity. As a leader, this power is doubled.
Equip: Has the power to equip weapons and armor from a pocket dimension.

Pocket Dimension:
Steel sword


Full Name: Aragor Zane

Name: Zane

Species: Pony

Fractured Race: Pegasus

Age: Unknown

Zane stands at four feet eleven inches tall and weighs around two hundred pounds. His coat is white and his mane and tail are red. His eyes are blue while on the Fractured Islands, outside they are blue and red. His cutie mark is shield with a blue flame in front of it. He wears a black cloak and hood.

Fractured Leader (Sanity): One of three leaders that rule the Fractured Islands. Primarily leads the faction, Sanity, along with maintaining and ruling the land, Saniar. The leader's secondary purpose is to maintain the balance of the islands.

Zane holds the personality of the original Aragor, his protective nature to protect a city in which his tower once stood. He protects all those who lives under his rule along his friends and acquaintances. He is kind and caring. He is calm and collective. Just like his insane counterpart, he is also intelligent.

Magic - Restoration, Protection, Alteration: Despite being a pegasus, he is still able to use magic in their more protective means. He can cast healing magic and protection magic to protect the weak and heal the injured. He can also cast Alteration spells to fortify his defense or increase abilities of those around him.
Harmony (Saniaran): Because of the island's influence on Zane, he has gained the power of Harmony and peace. As a leader, it's power is doubled.
Equip: Can equip armor and weapons from a pocket dimension.

Pocket Dimension:
Black Knight Armor
Black Knight Shield
Black Steel Sword

Full Name: Aragor Raghnall

Name: Raghnall

Species: Pony

Fractured Race: Unicorn

Age: Unknown

Raghnall stands four feet eleven inches tall and weighs around two hundred twenty-five pounds. His coat is white and his mane and tail are red. His left eye is red and his right eye is blue. His cutie mark is a grey flame with a black and white sword crossed. He wears a grey cloak and hood and saddlebags.

Fractured Leader (Neutrals): One of the three leaders that rule the Fractured Islands. Primarily leads the faction, the Neutrals, along with maintaining and ruling the land, Nora. The leader's secondary purpose is to maintain the balance of the islands.
Judge/Overseer: Is appointed as judge and overseer by the Originals, to watch over and judge the current residents of the Fractured Islands and all who enters the land. Has the power to move the islands if deemed necessary.

Raghnall holds the personality of the original Aragor, his wisdom to seek knowledge and his judgement of others fairly. He is a fair but lawful pony who judges others without bias. He takes no side and fights for no pony. His expression hardly changes, looking either gloomy or bored. Like his other two counterparts, he is intelligent.

Magic - Destruction, Restoration, Alteration: He has the ability to cast all sorts of magical spells, however, he only casts them should it require him to do so.
Null: Raghnall has the ability to cast a null, an anti-magic power that can nullify the effect of magic and destroy magic circles. He can create a null zone, which is an area-of-effect, and can control the size of the area.
Neutrality (Nora): Because of the island's influence on Raghnall, he has gained the power of Neutrality. As a leader, the power is doubled.
Equip: He can equip armor and weapons from a pocket dimension.

Pocket Dimension:
Levitation crystal staff
Healing crystal staff
Red Fire Magic pistol
Blue Fire Magic rifle
Grey Hunter's cloak

Saddle bags:
Law scrolls
Spell scrolls
Blank scrolls
"Very well," said the tavern keeper. "If you want anything, feel free to ask. I've got drinks and food that you may consider liking, even some for your pet if you wish."

Drifter turns his head towards Silverbeat and says, "I would imagine that you are confused as some patrons were before. I'd say you aren't the only one. I was a little more surprise this place exists. If you want information about this place, you'd better ask my friend here or the tavern keeper. They know more about Wanders Tavern than anyone else in the world, well the only ones I know of."

He points to the white stallion sitting next to him and the tavern keeper behind the counter.
The tavern keeper looks as the door opens, revealing a newcomer. "Welcome to the Wanders Tavern. How may I help you?"

Krazy glances towards the door, then at the keeper. He whispers to Drifter, "I believe he is starting to adjust the memories now."

"How can you tell?" asked Drifter, in a lowered tone.

"His line changed. It went from 'take a seat' to 'How can I help you?'," replied Krazy.
The tavern keeper walks out of the door holding a cup of red tea. He walks over to where the human is at and sets it down on the table in front of him. He says, "Enjoy."

The tavern keeper walks back behind the counter and resumes cleaning the cup.
"Coming right up," said the tavern keeper as he walked behind the counter and into the door.

Krazy returns to his soup and bread and Drifter returns to his ale. Krazy states as he rolls his eyes, "Yes, Mr. Obvious for stating that this is a tavern. I'm sure the name 'Wanders Tavern' didn't tip anyone off."
Drifter raises his eye at Krazy. Krazy says, "Don't look at me. Our gates been destroyed for over thousands of years. We know of another source where he could have come from. Well, besides the second source, but that one has been hidden for years."

The tavern keeper places down the clean plate and walks over to the pile of menus. He picks up one and walks over to where the human is sitting at. He places the menu down in front of him and says, "Pick whatever you want on the menu. Also, I don't accept human money."

The menu consist of items the human likes along with a few items found around the world [Not the human world].
The tavern keeper looks at the door opening. "Welcome to the Wanders Tavern," he said. "Take a seat, I'll be with you in a moment."
Drifter smiles and says, "Well I, myself, am a drifting merchant. I sell my wares everywhere I go. To multiple foreign lands and mysterious places, such as Krazy's home for example."

"Hmm, yes. My home," replied Krazy. "As for myself, I'm in charge of a certain group of individuals of the Fractured. No need to go into greater detail than that. I do have a talent for magic, though being a Earth pony, that is quite difficult... for normal folk. The magic I study is destruction, illusion, and alteration. Other than that, I've got nothing else."
"I am called Drifter Krow. And this here is a Fractured known as Krazy," said Drifter as he points to both himself and the white stallion.

"Aye, that'll be me. So what is it you do, Nightlight?" asked Krazy.