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I. Am. ALIVE!!!
Art Requests / Re: A request
2017 Apr 06, 12:56:36
That's cool! I love it. Thank you. Now I can finally have a photo for him XP
Art Requests / Re: A request
2017 Apr 01, 09:57:05
Quote from: Cyree123 on 2017 Apr 01, 08:38:00
I guess I could give it a shot.  ^-^

Thank you :P
Original Characters / Re: Odd Ponies
2017 Mar 31, 17:16:43
Made a new OC, hoping to expand my roleplaying a bit as well. If anyone's down, PM me. I'm getting too much free-time on my hands and having absolutely nothing to do as a result XP
I'm also still seeking an artist to draw the new character "Roach" So if anyone can help me out, that would be great :P
Art Requests / A request
2017 Mar 30, 13:55:52
I'm planning on opening up a new roleplaying thread. There won't be an actual story to it, it's more like how things were in the old 'Life In Ponyville' thread. However, I wanted to wait until I finished designing the OC I've been working on. My drawing skills aren't exactly up to par, so I was wondering if anyone wouldn't mind helping me out. Beneath this will be a short description of his appearance. Thank you for your time.

Name: Roach
Sex: Stallion
Race: Earth
Coat color: Dull Brown
Mane/Tail: Dark Grey (Almost black)
Eyes: Silver
Cutiemark: Pick hammer, pointed end stuck in a stone.
Accessories: Tactical Vest, Signature Pick Hammer
Other: Typically covered in dirt and dried mud. Excessive exposure to the sun and heated climates giving him freckles on some of his exposed features.
His teeth were damaged long ago and were replaced with silver.
Given his occupation, he's faced a number of incidents that left him with a few nasty scars.
He has a small amount of facial hair, mostly just a shadow at best though.
Yeah, probably a good idea
I'm not sure what ms is, but feel free to track me down in ponyville and we can get things rolling
((You will hear from me as soon as I can get to my computer))

Name: Lollipop Candy (Candycolt)
Race/Species: Pony/Earth
Spoiler: show

Talent: Professional baker/candy pony, extremely creative, near limitless amount of energy.
Personality/traits: Fun-loving, hyperactive, and a total sweetheart. Beware his temper. While he is not typically short fused, his anger can make him a scary individual.
I'm on a nine hour road trip home, so I'll read through what's up and if you see my name in the sign up thread, you know my decision.
Perhaps... Where's it at so far? How would I join? What color is the elephant!?
Still breathing here, waiting for an interaction.
I was summoned! ovO
Name: Ebah
Age: 14
Role: Student
Spoiler: show

Species: Pegasus
Gender: Stallion
Info: Ebah was born to a struggling family. His mother did what she could to get by, but his father was pretty much never around. He's not sure where he was born, due to his mother making him and his siblings move around so much.

(Sorry, I have no idea how I missed that this was a sign up))
Original Characters / Odd Ponies
2017 Jan 09, 00:21:32
These are who I have so far, my other characters are still in the works.

Spoiler: show

Race- Pegasus
Gender- Male
Age- 20
Fur- Grey
Mane- Yellow
Eyes- Blue
Cutiemark- None
Personality- Can be mean, cruel even, but his intentions are always pure.
Background; Ebah was born to a struggling family. His mother did what she could to get by, but his father was pretty much never around. He's not sure where he was born, due to his mother making him and his siblings move around so much. Being used to this kind of life, he became a wanderer of sorts when he got older. He loved being out and about, especially in forests. Something about a quiet, wooded area just gave him a sense of peace; probably because he tends to think too much. Traveling was one of his favorite things to do. He's been to all kinds of towns in various parts of Equestria, but never stuck around in one place for too long. He doesn't typically spend time around other ponies, he can't stand a lot of them. However, despite his disliking of other ponies, he's always willing to help a pony in need; if the need arises. While he can be pretty laid back at some times, he's struggling with himself almost constantly, as all ponies do on occasion. "But, hey; that's just life."

Lollipop Candy (Candycolt)
Spoiler: show

Race- Earth
Gender- Male
Age- 22
Fur- White
Mane- Shades/Tints of Red
Eyes- Yellow/Orange
Cutiemark- Two crossed red lollipops
Personality- Warm, welcoming, kind, generous, basically the ideal pony!
Background; At a young age Lollipop always had a knack for throwing together some rather interesting pastries and sweets. He didn't know why, until he got his cutiemark though. After that, he set off on the adventure of creating his own candy shop. It was a huge success, everypony loved him and the candy he could crank out in record time. One day a very peculiar looking pony came in and tried out what he had. Having enjoyed what Lollipop was selling, he gave him the nickname 'The Candycolt'. Thinking that it had a nice ring to it, Lollipop kept the name and started introducing himself as that to anypony he met. He was more than happy with how successful his shop became in such a short time, but not being able to share his passion with more ponies constantly rattled his conscience. So, he did the only thing a passionate pony looking to spread joy would do. He started traveling! Now he goes from town to town with his trusty candy cart, selling to ponies all over Equestria.

Spoiler: show

Name: Roach
Sex: Stallion
Age: 25
Species: Earth
Eye Color: Silver
Coat: Dull Brown
Mane/Tail: Dark grey (Almost black)
Physique: Roach has a moderate tone and muscle build to him from living in the badlands. Excessive exposure to the sun has given him freckles on some of his exposed features (Face, hooves, chest) In place of regular teeth, due to an accident a few years back, he has been fitted with a set of durable steel chompers.
Residence: Roach lives in an old mine system in the Badlands. While he considers this his true home, he does have family all over Equestria and occasionally travels back to either visit them or just to tour some of the many great sights the world has to offer.
Occupation: Miner
Cutie Mark: A steel pick hammer, pointed end embedded into stone

Unique Traits:
Spoiler: show
Bite Me: Becoming lost in the desert is one thing, getting lost with little to no supplies can be fatal. It was this very mistake that caused Roach to resort to eating small minerals to keep himself going. While it did keep him alive, it also permanently damaged his teeth. He did not believe in modern medicine, or even using potions for that matter. Luckily for him, he stumbled upon a very crafty blacksmith who offered to make him a new set of teeth completely out of forged steel. With his new set of chompers, he can chew up just about anything with ease. He made consuming solid objects a regular habit. Though they weren't doing much for him nutrition-wise, the muscles in his jaw built up enough to give him a nasty bite.

Badland Wanderer: Moving to the Badlands took a large toll on Roach at first. The excessive sunlight slowed him down by assaulting him with enough heat to roast an egg on a rock. His skin would burn to the point where he had blisters forming under his fur coat. Over time, he adapted to the climate. His thin blood allows him to travel throughout the desert-like area with little to no repercussions from the heat. His body adapted as well by holding in most fluids that he consumed and storing it for energy. He considers the freckles on his body to be a sign of his new life-style, as he no longer burns from being out in the sun all day.

Iron Hide: Being a miner isn't easy, accidents can happen at any given moment. Roach has suffered a lot of physical trauma from doing what he does, and in turn has grown accustomed to most forms of pain. While he can still feel pain, he can shrug it off rather easily. Multiple incidents involving physical damage to his body has made the skin beneath his coat unusually thick, reducing the amount of damage he actually took when an accident occurred. He still has a few nasty scars though.

History: Roach is just one of the many children in his nuclear family. Some had an either equal/identical mindset, while others, such as him, preferred something different. He was never any good when it came to schooling, book smarts just weren't in his vocabulary. Though not the brightest when it came to that, he had a knack for identifying animals and wildlife. He was gifted for having survival instincts unlike any other in his family. When disaster would strike, he would be the first to know.

As he got older, he found himself being pleased with the idea of a life outside. He took to building shelters in the backyard, refusing assistance from anypony who offered it. He wanted to live a life where he could explore, be out in the open and make something of himself, for himself. Of course, in order to do that, he needed money. A close friend of his offered to talk to his father, who was a miner by trade, to get him a job. In less than a week, an old stallion came to his home and took him off to start training.

Many years passed and Roach was loving every second of it. He was a natural when it came to work and his knowledge of dangerous animals, as well as having keen senses to dangerous environments, benefited everyone in his field. He earned his cutiemark in mining some time ago already and kept to it like his life depended on it. It happened shortly after he completed his training and put him out on the field. At the time he couldn't afford a pickaxe, so instead he carried a decently sized pick hammer to do the work. The first few hours couldn't have been more uneventful, just swinging at rocks over and over again to find nothing within them. It was just a few short minutes until it was time to leave when he finally struck something. As he broke apart a large stone on the cave wall, it burst open to reveal a large number of gemstones that nearly blinded him with their radiance. He was filled to the brim with excitement, the joy he felt practically pouring out of his mouth as he drooled at the sight with a dopey smile on his face. A strange tingling sensation followed, as well as a chill. He glanced around, his eyes soon resting on the mark he now holds on his flank. But that's history.

The job was enjoyable, but the areas they worked were running low on precious minerals. Roach suggested going to a place much larger, a place that ponies were fearful to touch. The Badlands. Of course, given the dangers of being in such a place, they declined his suggestion. In a fit of anger he completely destroyed their official headquarters, taking down their primary support beams and causing the building to come crumbling down.

Obviously, this didn't work too well in his favor. A lawsuit was filed and the company sued Roach for everything he had. He was left poverty stricken, homeless, and jobless. This went on for about a year before he decided to change it. If the Miners weren't going to scavenge the badlands for what riches it may hold, then he would do it on his own. And he did. He traveled to the Badlands, took on countless struggles, and dug down deep. In time, he found what he was looking for. With all of the minerals he found, he could move back to the civilized world and retire as a millionaire.

It was tempting at first, but by then he had already fallen in-love with his new life. So he stayed in the Badlands, mining what he could, adventuring as he pleased, and occasionally touring the cities back in Equestria.

Character Personality: Roach can be laid back every now and again, but he's a tough stone to crack. He has no problem sharing storied about himself, but prefers to keep his emotions and feeling to himself. He's fairly open-minded as well, but stubborn as a mule when it comes to his beliefs on certain topics. While adventurous and fun at times, he can be stern and has no problem telling it as it is. Probably the worth thing about him is his temper; This is the only thing he truly struggles to control. Being used to living on his own, he can be slightly hostile to others, especially if their new.[/spoiler]