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Quote from: Nightshade Star on 2017 Oct 18, 20:25:49Thunder! Feel the Thunder!
*bong bong bong*
*your ears bleed*
Quote from: Nightshade Star on 2017 Oct 14, 07:08:56Aw man.. I'm banned from playing video games..
I'm banned from every electronic. I'm not even supposed to be on right now.  X3  :D
Quote from: Thundergirl on 2017 Oct 14, 00:21:49Why don't you understand me?
Because this needs to move to a different topic.
Quote from: Thundergirl on 2017 Oct 08, 11:20:13let this madness continue!!
Nah, it should stop.
Quote from: moonbeam16 on 2017 Oct 02, 17:27:51And if you think we can't,
We'll always find a way!
Quote from: Thundergirl on 2017 Sep 23, 08:43:37If you're evil and your on the rise, you can count on the four of us taking you down!
'Cause we're good and evil never beats us! We'll win the fight and then go out for Pizzas!!!
What is Flamewar?
Quote from: Nightshade Star on 2017 Jun 03, 15:40:52Like what Siri said.
"Searching the web for "Pokey man"."
Um.. I said Pokèmon..
Hmm.. This sounds interesting.. I need something to do anyway instead of looking at 200 drawings of Wyngro on deviantart. Count me in!

Name: Aqua Fire

Race/Species: Earth Pony

Age: 12

Gender: Female

Appearance: My profile picture.

Personality: Optimistic, Punny, Courageous, Gulible, Kind, Helpful

Abilities/Powers: Fire/Water powers. (In other words, able to put out fires that she caused.)

Items: um... parasprite pushie? None.

Backstory (Optional): Aqua Fire grew up with her older brother, Lunar Knight, and later lived with him. She always looked up to him, no matter what. They moved to a village, hoping to find peace. Some wonder how they are related(especially since their mom's a pegasus, and their dad's a bat.). Aqua always tried to help, but sometimes made the problems worse. Luckily, Lunar always fixed them.

Name: Lunar Knight

Race/Species: Bat Pony

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Appearance: Navy Blue skin, dark blue hair, dark blue eyes. Cutie Mark: Shield with two swords crossed.

Personality: Brave, Loyal, Impatient, Forgiving, Short-Tempered

Abilities/Powers: Hypnosis, Able to turn into Bat.

Items: Sword

Backstory (Optional): Lunar Knight was raised in a tough neighborhoo, where foals would tease him about his dad, and the fact he was a bat. He didn't want Aqua to go through the hardships he went through, so he rented a house in a nearby village p, and when Aqua turned 6, he took her to the village. They often visited their parents, not being seen by others. When Aqua started to volunteer for things, Lunar came with her, in case she needed help, which she did.
Thread Games / Re: Idea, Reason.
2017 Jul 04, 10:16:05
Reason: No idea what a Wyngro is.
Idea: Deviantart group search
Name: Summer
Race/species: Cat
Age: 10
Gender: Female
Appearance: Black Coat, blue eyes.

Special talent (if applicable): Jumped to to really high places, Run away form predators.
Personality: Sweet, Short-Tempered, Sly.
Thread Games / Re: Idea, Reason.
2017 Jul 04, 10:05:14
Reason: Claritiy. Is. Awesome.
Idea: Wyngro
Thread Games / Re: Idea, Reason.
2017 Jul 04, 01:36:02
Reason: Chair
Idea: Wyngro Chair
Thread Games / Re: Idea, Reason.
2017 Jul 01, 10:46:36
Reason: Working at a restaurant.
Idea: Playing Pony Town
Thread Games / Re: Idea, Reason.
2017 Jun 29, 20:32:29
Reason: Is to cool for hot coco.
Idea: Winning Equestria's got Talent.
A wall..
Now it's a pile of drawings.. That or chicken.
The dragon is like, "really.."
I have a Deviantart page, too!
*The pony in my profile pic shows up*
Why yes actually. How can I hel- *sees a changeling* Sorry sir, but I don't bother changelings.