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Likely, it would be something along the lines of Bygone using "MAGIC!" to fix up the crystal, or take it at least. He might also work on repairing Checks horn. Silver and Crimson will do terrible things to the stallion. Grey will continue to freak out over the state of Check, probably ignoring her broken hoof, causing unfortunate damage to it. White will absolutely freak over Sweet's state, and Sweet will be drained.

As for how to resolve it... that will just take a few more moments in the RP.
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Wait, hold on a second.
We have:
Grey, Silver, Crimson, White, Blue, Obsidian, Ivory, Platinum, and Check (more of a pattern, but eh.)

Why do we have so many colors?
Sveta heard the tramping of several ponies coming up the stairs, and stood by, waiting for movement or sound to determine whether this was well, or for ill.

Though that booming sound from the door being shut did little to reassure him.
One Day More...

EDIT: Also, Sveta is a (very) rough translation from the word "Light" so, close enough to a color
((Man, that is sad. We will miss you Check!))
The sound of light scuffling reached Sveta as he sat, contemplating the madness of the book before him. He turned his head toward the sound, wary of the possible danger. He moved to flatten himself beside the door, waiting.
"Very well." Sveta gave her a perplexing look, before heading to the other room to read said deranged ponies journal.

"Now lets see what we have here... he lightly mummbled as he began to read.

Oh my... Is that really... Oh my." He murmered lightly to himself, now lost in thought.
Sveta simply blinked, "I'm sorry, her what?"
Sveta gave a small shudder, that equine doll was just strange and odd. However, when he heard his name from behind him, he was severely startled. With a rather undignified *squeak!* he turned around.

Seeing it was only Grey, he let out a shuddering sigh, "Gesh, well. Hello to you too." Making an nondescript gesture to the cavernous complex, "You know anything about this?" he asked. "Or more specifically," he began, "That?" he asked whilst pointing to the strange... doll.
Sveta nodded as he saw Grey moving inside the side room. It was good for his mind that he knew a friend was here. However he decided that trying speak to her might startle a tense and weapon carrying mare, who hefted that sword with eerie ease.

He slowly went to the opposing guilt door, peaking inside, where he saw...
((Hail Grey, and Welcome Back))
Sveta took in his surroundings, finding them much too confining for his taste. The walls around seemed only to allow functionality, not expanse. This reminded him of several of the small cloud igloos he had built when staying in different locals. However, as the comfortable walls of cloud only hid the sky from view and provided cushion, the wall here did nothing of the sort. The cavernous dent upon the earth seemed to eat up what little light reached its yawing mouth, eager to consume what little life reached into the land. The comfort of his cloud home was distinctly devoid from this structure. The walls not only obscured the skys, but were ridged and cruel in their manners. There was a distinctly unwelcome feeling here.

The sad excuse of a room he was in, was dominated by a single structure. A set of cruel iron cages. They were upon a cart, the one whose ruts he had been following, and appeared to have been for function. The thought sickened him, but only strengthened his resolve.

There was a (far too small for comfort) tunnel that lead further and deeper, and a small section of wall that seemed to be pushed inward. Inching towards the wall, he found it to be another opening into the compound. A light gasp had sounded from within, and set his mind forward. He slowly began to creep ahead.
Looks right by my count. Course' I might have missed something, but looks good by me.
Well, that's all I can do for now, at least till things begin rolling again.
Sveta had trekked decently into the woods, when the signs of a scuffle tangented off for a moment. He paused a moment to check what had been done. It appeared as though there was some kind of net trap, but it had been cut down. Strangely, the ropes, made of hastily done up vines, appeared to be gnawed on...

He had no more time to waste on this, despite a small trail leading off away from there. That didn't seem like a tactic those running away would set up. Too temporary. He shook his head and continued following the carts track.

The path of destruction to the natural ecosystem was very apparent as he moved along. Broken branches here, vines with massive gouges in them, the ground was riddled with debris. So too was the sudden lack of its path. Seemingly for no reason, the path just lead up to a small hill in the woods, before vanishing. The hill didn't particularly stand out, it was just a large bump upon the ground. More of a dune of ground really. When he took a few steps forward to investigate the missing tracks, nothing appeared to change, for a moment. When he looked down at the ground, he saw his feet lightly sticking into the ground. Appalled, he moved to take his claws away from the ground.

But when they moved away, almost as if there was nothing there, he was thoroughly confused. What in the world? he thought, before an idea popped to him. An illusion! Wanting to test this, he placed his head on the pseudoground for a moment. As it did, he could then see past the illusion with the eye closest to the ground, and it lead down.

Down was not a pleasant idea to him. His entire life was the sky! His job, his family, his home even, all based around the heavens! Down, particularly the dark, cold, cramped, Underground,... Not so much.


But there were ponies down there who needed help. Ponies who could use his help. Ponies he considered friends.

With a perceivable intake of breath, he crossed the illusion.
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Sveta grumbled as he slowly slid out from under the table. He had jumped there after a massive boom of sound came from outside. Mere moments after, the muffled sounds of fighting had come from outside, and sounds of scrambling from the home owners.

"So much for the calm..." he sighed. With a worried expression, he peaked outside the window, only to see the blasted remains of what had been a building, the one he kept seeing Sweet and Crimson in. Another piece in this devastation.

Scrambling outside, he ran to the building, They were there just a few moments ago! he thought. He quickly made an assessment of the situation. It was rather grim if they were inside during the blast. He ran about, looking for evidence of the culprits, when he remembered he had heard the clash of ponies outside before. A rudimentery scan of the ground later, he found massive tracks from a cart, barreling away from the site.
There, they went after it... They have to...

With fear gripping him, he ran after the tracks.
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Sveta winced at the yelling, "... And there goes my hearing." He said humorously.
He began setting food about to the actual place sets, selecting one for himself before beginning upon the food.
"That's because your mom's cooking is fantastic." He said as if this was the most obvious thing in the world.
"Oh, and Hey Check! How you been?" he said chummily.
Sveta leaned lightly against the doorframe to the kitchen, "I heard pots and pans. Also Laughter." He shot a quick smile, "Also, Candy Totally has a point. Being delicious."