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Off-Topic / Re: Favourite Planets
2017 Mar 22, 05:51:04
I would probably pick either Pandora from Avatar or Tython from Star Wars: The Old Republic
Music / Re: What are you listening to?
2017 Mar 21, 12:48:39
This song I swear really good
I'm watching some videos on Channel Awesome at the moment
I like Nostalgia Critic  :3 :D
Off-Topic / Re: Today's Smile
2016 Dec 26, 08:05:40
I had pizza n garlic bread for lunch today, yay  :D
Off-Topic / Favourite Planets
2016 Dec 26, 06:57:00
Come one, come all, please feel free to tell us your favourite planets, they can be either from reality or fiction.  :ellowee:
Quote from: McClaw on 2016 Jun 25, 07:40:20
Foolish Chrysalis, you shall never win because we, no you, are the ones with the power of...


True my friend, true.
Since I live in England I cannot be able to attend, but I wish all those who are able to all the luck possible.  :D
True, but everywhere I go on the forum and the LoE wiki, people are always asking 'Where's the next OSW?'
 Why are there a lot of people being so impatient about the next Open Server Weekends?!
Animations / Re: Don Bluth Animated Films
2016 May 25, 17:19:09
I've seen The Land Before Time and All Dogs Go to Heaven so far. They are both worth watching.
Quote from: NightMoonMare on 2016 May 19, 17:44:30
Good luck to all those who have applied, hope you all accomplish what you seek!  ^-^

I wish them the same.
I was personally thinking about having at least a small group of friendly diamond dog NPCs in the game... and Fluffy Ponies.  :3
Recently I've been playing Star Wars: The Old Republic. So far the lore, characters and some of the missions in it have been quite interesting and so is the music, even if isn't new.
Off-Topic / Re: Favourite quotes?
2016 Mar 16, 14:22:02
'Perhaps the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was to convince the world he never existed' - T.U.S

'Respect Ma Athoratah!' - Eric Cartman
Mine is not as inspiring as some others, but my background is New York City.
Currently I'm playing some World of Warcraft, Minecraft and a bit of Candy Crush as well. Just let tin' ya'll know  :]
Animations / Don Bluth Animated Films
2016 Feb 16, 11:20:19
Here we talk about all of the memorable Don Bluth Animations, from The Secret of NIMH to Land Before Time to Anastasia.
Music / Re: What are you listening to?
2016 Feb 16, 11:09:52
Hi All, I liked the latest OSW, quite a few worthy additions to it including some battle music and a few more quests to get the players going. My only major complaint was that like many others, I fell victim to some bugs and freezes for quite a while. Apart from that there is little to criticise.  :]