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Thread locked and archived by request of the OP
Not really, I barely have time to draw my own
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Have another blep

I'm just annoyed it took me 20 minutes to figure out why 2 of my art thread spoilers refused to open...
More blep.  Just try and stop me.

Also first attempt at non-pony bipedal anthro stuff in over 7 years which i'll redraw when I learn how to actually draw foxes.
Pathfinder Kitsune Ranger cutie.  Better commissioned art pending.

I finally updated all my art on the front page
Quote from: jojlpie900 on 2017 Sep 20, 14:11:40i was wondering if the servers now that their up, if you guys need more moderators for chat and other various things? please if you do need moderators please let me know, i'd love to be a part of your community and more involved as someone who helps out others! :D see you guys on LoE!


LizVeir (goddess of ice, Kappa)

When we are looking for more members for the moderation team, we will make a post separate from the main recruiting thread (At which point i'll likely link it in here), so for now the answer is no, but keep an eye on the forums for when we do.
Thanks for your consideration =3
Yeah I revised the post (that was for the OSWs) to now link to our tutorial post with information and links to phabricator.

I am bumping this post as a reminder to players that this board is not for submitting game bug reports.  Please read the initial post for more information on how to report in game bugs.  Thank you for your assistance and co-operation!
Quote from: GlacialFox on 2017 Sep 11, 09:58:12I downloaded this and was unable to full screen the game. The computer that im using is a Windows 10. Is there a way to full screen it? please help :(
try alt+enter
Alrighty then.

Firstly, there are a few rule 1 violations in here so imma address those first.  Don't be disrespectful or rude to others here and mind what you say.  People have a right to their opinion but do not turn to insults.  Consider this a blanket warning.

Yes, the servers are fairly congested on the first day of our complete open launch.  We did expect there to be server issues and a massive influx of players.  While I cannot speak for the server development team, i'm sure they are taking everything into consideration and discussing and/or looking into options or fixes or whatever they need to do.

We appreciate everyone's enthusiasm and excitement to play the game, and we apologize for the congestion, but these forums do still have rules.  Please be patient as we work to resolve these issues.

Thread Games do not go toward your post count
O look, I can update this now
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General News / Re: The LoE Forum is Back!
2017 Aug 24, 00:31:21
Alright, we got work again :P
cute pone
cute pone with funny photoshop shenanigan background
Resolved Issues / Re: problem with one post
2017 Jun 29, 11:10:04
There was a post in the thread that was causing it, the web devs seemed to fix it.  Locking up
Yep, as I noted in this post, the plugin is outdated and deprecated.  At the time of that post the plugin was still supported on Opera and Firefox but that may have changed now.  This is unfortunately out of our control.  Sorry about that :/

Lockin' up
My art slowed down again but here's a couple from April

I work too much