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Yeah, we know about the random loading times. I think it has to do with some settings, I'm not really sure what exactly though.

It's definitely not the server's capacity though, as the server load has been pretty low this whole time.  We're taking steps to start fixing it.

locking up.
Resolved Issues / Re: main site?
2013 Nov 12, 21:41:26
That was actually my fault. I'm the one in charge of dns settings, and I messed up the settings even more.  I changed things to the way they're supposed to be, so it might fix itself. sometime. maybe.
Quote from: numberponies56 on 2013 Aug 03, 13:42:47
The whole pony is pink! I named it Hi I am Pink I have no texture

What is your graphics card? This looks like your gpu doesn't support the shader.
To those curious what the changes might be between 3 and 5.5 besides the modeled eye surface, there were various loops added to the legs to improve rigging deformation, as well as improving the general position of bones in the rig.
Resolved Issues / Re: Upcoming Birthdays
2013 Jul 20, 07:35:55
It is going far, because it requires both database changes and various other changes to SMF's code. This is not an important feature, and it reveals personal information, so we are not putting it in.

Locking up thread.
I'm stickying this, as it does cover most posts that people are making. Thanks for writing it.
Bug reports, etc, should be taken to the correct board. I am locking the topic to prevent these additional posts. Thanks.
The game works on linux, macosx, and windows, as we have built and tested all three.
We are currently using the free version of unity. It does not support the Rift.  There exist methods to support it in free, but they don't work that well, and as far as I'm concerned, the rift doesn't make much sense for the control scheme of our game.

Also no one on our team has one to test with it.  So this probably isn't going to happen. Sorry.
The Retirement Home / Re: Do you like sit?
2013 May 28, 04:31:56
what do you think it is ryo? I'm not sure myself really.
I have removed the image resizer to prevent that error for now.
Don't forget you need to make a recording.
Quote from: Tekner on 2012 Nov 30, 16:06:10
Everything, GUI-oriented or otherwise, is still subject to change. Yes, those represent health and energy. The background will be either stars or hearts to represent gender. Your face is, indeed, planned to be shown in its foreground as well. The overall style of the bars and status icons will change if they show enemy stats, too.

What is actually shown there is currently in use for your character, but it's mostly likely going to change that yours will be shown differently, and enemies/players in your group will have stat indicators similar to what we have there.
News Archive / Re: Want to play?
2012 Oct 01, 17:05:24
Quote from: Chishio Kunrin on 2012 Oct 01, 13:48:29
I kind of wonder if that music will be moved to Stable 54 when it's done and open, and they'll put the old Sugarcube Corner music back in Sugarcube Corner. I kind of hope that'll happen, since dubstep hardly seems appropriate for a bakery. Hot Topic? Sure. A night club? Yes indeedy.

Correct. Antlershy is the one who worked on getting the stream working, and sugarcube was merely the test scene.  It was never changed, because, as you should have noticed, there was no nightclub scene.
Updates Archive / Closing the Stress Test
2012 Oct 01, 01:32:14
Game access for regular users should now be disabled. If I've done it correctly.  You'll be able to stay in the servers, until they eventually get restarted. I'm still at the hotel for Canterlot Gardens, and am too lazy to restart them myself.

Hope you all had fun, even through our servers dying due to load, getting stuck in the map, falling into the void, etc.

To uninstall the game, simply delete the files you extracted from the zip folder.

The game also will have made additional files in the AppData folder. Looking, for me, it's in Users\AppData\LocalLow\LoE\Legends of Equestria. This might change depending on your computer and operating system.

Additionally, a few entries are made in the registry, if you want to clean those out manually. Just search for either LoE, or Legends of Equestria.

You're welcome to keep the files on your drive if you want, but it's rather pointless, as you will not be able to connect.
News Archive / Re: Want to play?
2012 Oct 01, 00:55:25
Quote from: Julius on 2012 Oct 01, 00:29:48
the black boxes below Ponyville that have an unknown purpose (TELL ME WHAT THOSE ARE... Please?)

The black boxes were placed there as placeholders for knowing general layout of ponyville, and to serve as organizers for the various house blocks in the scene.  They should have been just done with an empty GameObject, but they had cubes attached to them for some reason, and were never removed.

On another note, I'm now resetting the login server to require you to have a higher game access again.  Hope you all had fun.
Quote from: Chishio Kunrin on 2012 Sep 24, 14:19:48
Oh. Those big words make me feel like it'll take a little longer for me to figure it out than it did for me to figure out the settings in Minecraft and Perfect World. X3

I made it so that putting sliders to the right = highest quality, and to the left = lowest quality.
The Retirement Home / Re: @"want to play?"
2012 Sep 23, 15:55:52
I am not concerned about the file being shared after the con, as it will not matter. The login server will not give out session keys to those without a high enough game access value (which you can't spoof. It's stored in your forum account), and the game servers will also deny connections to those who do not have high enough access values even if you did somehow magically get a valid session key. This is the exact same as they currently work - if someone on the team were to leak the client right now, no one would still be able to play, as the login and game servers would deny their requests.

In singleplayer mode, the client would be nothing more than a singleplayer chat client, considering all of the quest information is stored on the servers. Chatting to yourself is rather boring.

Locking thread to prevent further discussion, as we've already answered the question.
The Retirement Home / Re: @"want to play?"
2012 Sep 23, 13:39:37
It will only be playable for the weekend that CG is running.  As this is the case, there will be no patcher system.

The download link will be on the download page when it becomes available. We might provide download links slightly before we open the server, to reduce load.