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Interesting idea but I feel like no one notice me. (Or my previous post.)
I have no idea where is everyone for this RP but...

Mimic and Virulent planned to explore the rest of the ship, but first Virulent needs to tell the others about their mission.

Exploring the ship might be a way, I thought, to bring those odd, not normal being, in this RP. But since there is no replies from the others, I'll wait for a bit longer until they give a reply here.
To be honest, that would be weird for all my 3 characters in my opinion... Especially for the vampony.

(Don't feel confortable for me. Especially because that was supposed to be for that friend of yours.
Quote from: ScarletInk on 2017 Oct 02, 05:41:56Bad news, guys: remember the friend I mentioned who was thinking about joining in our RP?
Sadly, he backed out after further reflecting upon it: he's already in too many RPs and doesn't think he can tackle a sometimes emotional heavy one as this one.

He still wishes us a good continuation and hopes we keep on having fun.
Really? Too bad, I thought it will be great. (Not mentioning I was in too many RPs until they all stopped since the forum's shutdown)
I thank him for his wish.

Hmm, any idea how to add my characters(after they get accepted)? The one I wrote above is a maybe.

(Don't know if the others will check the OoC... Well it's just me complaining that it take too long for a reply. Ignore it)
Ok so, Scarlet said that I should try to post here... A PM that I sent to her.

Ever since I left Mimic with Virulent and that I did not post replies to any other RPs, I feel like I wanted to add more characters in for some reason...
Probably because there is nothing much to do with Mimic but wait until Virulent is done in the greenhouse.

I have 3 characters in mind. 3 odd ones, far from commons. Because I thought they are strange, they might be maintened in a cryogenic pod or something like that beast that I don't know why it's there on the ship in the first place.

Anyway, the characters.
Spoiler: First in Mind • show

A unknown creature who was nicknamed "The Shapeshifter" for a reason : Noone know what is their real form and it can shapeshift into anything. They are most likely seen with a white coated pony form with a black mane. It is said that it prefer to be named "Wonder" but that "Shapeshifter" isn't bad either.
Truth: Mimic is likely a robot that someone used a part of the "Shapeshifter" for making her, including their mare form and the ability to disguise. The Shapeshifter was used to be once a powerful object and part of something from a old legends of Equestria when it is still called Pony Land. Want to know more? Can ask.

Appearance: Same as Mimic, but not as a robot.
Shapeshifting: The only flaw in it is their question mark, but she can take more form than Mimic such as a wolf.

Spoiler: Second in mind • show

Named: Iru
Appearance: Green coat color, a bit more lighter on her mane. Her left eye as been replaced by a robotic eye, her right front hoof is replaced by a robotic one as well for her two back hooves. On the left back hoof, it's almost covered in metal than the right side. A part of her left side of the body as been replaced too.
Stupid background:
Spoiler: Past... • show

In short, she was a yellow Earth pony who gets bullied by the others for not having a cutie mark at her age then they have their butt kicked by a stallion which afterward will become the emperor. She will become his friend and then a commander. She followed him and wanted to explore Equestria with him even discovering the Crystal Empire. Until that day, King Sombra took the Crystal Empire.
With their armies, they fought him, but they end up in a defeat. The emperor disapeared, and Iru did not survive while the remaining soldiers joined Celestia and Luna's forces to face Sombra and finally win.

Spoiler: Present... • show

In short, a certain egg head like doctor with beautiful moustache found Iru's body under his base and she is the lucky subject for his new test. To bring back to life a creature.

Actually, there is more to it.

Spoiler: Third in mind • show

Name: White Night
Gender: Female
Race: She is a vampire pony.
Appearence : Black coat color, White mane/tail color, red eyes color... seems to be a teenager...
Ability/Power: Stone.

The sun can weaken her and has a difficulty to talk with strangers. (Most likely because she doesn't talk much)

Apparently, it is possible to add all 3. I hope it's not annoying.
Out of Character / Re: Malware (OOC)
2017 Oct 01, 02:50:36
Quote from: Nightshade Star on 2017 Sep 29, 07:49:53Malware, Marble, Tax, and Nightlight are fighting. Look at the freaking rp.
Can they be seen?
Is the powerplant still there?

That's my questions for peoples not involved in the fight outside.
Well, I'll go for yes if it's good.

I don't really know why but feel like I want to add another character in but... (I think it's too much to add another for mine)
Quote from: AudioWaveDasher on 2017 Sep 30, 14:32:45Also whats airstep blowback and wind rapier do?
I think Flying type spells is not available yet in LoE. (It will give the error "You can't use this spell")
Out of Character / Re: Malware (OOC)
2017 Sep 27, 00:28:54
I just don't know what to post because I am confused.
Out of Character / Re: Malware (OOC)
2017 Sep 21, 12:54:44
I am. Just don't know how I should reply.

And GlassMirror will not make replies until she is ready again. She will post when the time comes.
Quote from: Soul Of Justice on 2017 Sep 15, 09:56:32- when i logged in today and looked in my inventory , i had potatoes and a golden apple ,and i do not remember buying any (maybe i did but then forgot ,but my inventory wasn't full yesterday and today , well , it was)
Potatoes and a golden apple are from one of the quest reward items. Forgot who give what items throught quest completion.
Resolved Issues / Re: Another bug
2017 Sep 15, 09:06:19
Quote from: Queen Chrysalisss on 2017 Sep 15, 08:59:59Well... i know... i saw all ponies with 3 teachers looking above me except Flan... and i dunno what to do next... and well... i don`t have anything on front hooves now...
Why you can't see Flan? She is supposed to be there with them.

Sorry if I wasn't able to help.
Resolved Issues / Re: Another bug
2017 Sep 15, 08:53:57
Quote from: Queen Chrysalisss on 2017 Sep 15, 08:41:22Well my lvl 27 and i can wear all parts of an armor except front hooves...
Well, that's odd. Make sure to remove the front hooves item if there is already one equiped. If it not the one making the problem then this is a bug that need fixing.
Quote from: Queen Chrysalisss on 2017 Sep 15, 08:41:22and well i finished all growing up lessons and just grew up as then this quest with Flan appeared but i don`t see her
As I told you, Flan is not there during that quest but with every other ponies somewhere with the 3 teachers in Cantermore somewhere left from the train station.

I am not in game so it's tricky for me to tell you where to go.
Here we go: Once you leave the train station walk forward and don't take the 2 firsts left but the third left and then walk forward. They must be there with Flan.

(If I pointed the wrong direction, it may be the second left than the third)
Resolved Issues / Re: Another bug
2017 Sep 15, 08:36:22
Quote from: Queen Chrysalisss on 2017 Sep 15, 08:27:55Need help with quest where i need to find Flan... but i just don`t see her even if others saying she just in front of me
Flan is not at that place during that one particular quest but with everypony at the left side from the train. They are with the 3 teachers. (After this quest done, Flan will be at her usual spot, so at where you saw the "!")
Sorry, I can't point the specific area.
Quote from: Queen Chrysalisss on 2017 Sep 15, 08:27:55and another bug... where i buying iron an armor on my front hooves it not appearing into my bag but even if appearing i can`t wear it just clicking on it and nothing happening... thanks for listening and hope you can fix this dear modders )
I don't know about not appearing but armors have level requirement before you could wear them. For Iron armors, you can wear it when you are level 10 in Combat.
Quote from: quirkypony on 2017 Sep 14, 13:11:57It never got added. I don't know why and yes I did buy it. A lot of things didn't get added.
Then it's a bug that need to be fixed. It seems like you are not the only one thought by looking others post but I am not sure if it is the same.
Quote from: just Kevin on 2017 Sep 14, 11:33:33Skills get auto added to the hotbar, you can't manually add them from the skill book.
But you can move the skill anywhere and place it to where you want once you have it (will switch places if you place it on another one).

There is something that players might not know which I will share now : You can move your skills/emotes in other hotbar tab by placing your mouse, with your skill/emote held, to the right next to the slot "9" to scroll 1 tab per second until it reach the limit ("10"). You can do the same to the left and it will scroll from "10" to "1".

It took us times to figure that out but it's good to know since our skills that we find useful get pushed to the other side of the tab.

Note : You held your skill/emote to the left/right like as if you have a invisible slot there to scroll between hotbar tabs. (Strange and confusing but that's how it work)

Edit : English is not my first language.
Sorry for multipost but...
Spoiler: Just wanted to share a screenshot... Guess who? • show
No reply? Darn, I guess I have to wait.
So... where should we meet up?

Server: ?
Area: ?
When: ?

And not forgeting that my local is France. (I can still look at the LoE's local time if I need to)

Edit: And Maple, it seems like you found the RP.
That's a lot of peoples online for now!

Wait, it's available to download? Unexpected.

Might try tomorrow. (And school is still on my way after tomorrow)