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Does anyone know reliable and relatively cheap public game sever host? One that supports Garry's mod? And, if that's even possible, one with no monthly fees? I'm willing to pay a larger sum of money if it means no monthly fee.
MLP: FiM SD Archive / Re: To Equestria
2013 Mar 17, 11:18:54
I wouldn't go. I suppose it has something to with not leaving my friends and family a little. But mostly it's because I like to keep my thumbs. Seriously, who would want to trade their thumbs for anything? EVOLUTION BABY!

I never got why people gripe at Final Fantasy XIII so much. Sure, it was more linear than it should have been, but the combat was fast paced while still being game where you had to think through your battles.

Here's mine.
I live in the Central Valley of California. What were afraid of are droughts that will affect our crops. AMERICA DEPENDS ON OUR CROPS! Oh, and some after shocks from earthquakes at the Bay Area. Stay safe man. I will be thinking about you. If we don't hear from you in a month, we probably will be thinking the worst.  :I
Almost Halloween!  :3 Lindsey, as always, makes another great video with her violin playing.  ^-^ I know how to play the violin also, but not nearly as good as her.  :I I still have trouble with fiddle music.  X3
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Seriously. This was a beautiful video. My emotions are really confused about this video. In a good way if that makes sense.
Off-Topic Archive / The Walking Dead
2012 Oct 14, 23:20:13
Anyone else enjoy the season premier as much as I have? It was so awesome!  :3 Poor Hershall.  DD: I guess this is a Walking Dead thread. Discuss please.
I quite liked the Inkheart trilogy and I'm currently reading All Quiet on the Western Dront. It really is a VERY tragic book.  D: I, like many others, also enjoy the works of Edgar Allan Poe.  ^-^
Off-Topic Archive / Re: Weird Dream Thread
2012 Sep 30, 05:21:08
I kinda I remembered most my dreams. If I recall, there was this one dream where I was in the cliche plot in slaying a dragon or some giant monster and saving the princess. The difference was that the princess had the face of my brother. :I
Just as the title says, what's YOUR favorite plane!? :3 Not sure why, but I'm in the airplane mood. It can be any plane really. Bomber, fighter, supply, airliners, etc. Many of you are probably not big on aircraft in general, I'm not either, but I'm kinda curious on what some of our favorite planes are.

Here's some of mine! P-51 Mustang! It was quite the escort fighter in WWII.

The Boeing 787 Dreamliner isn't bad either!

I love the A-10. So AWESOME!  :3

EDIT: I hope this doesn't break rule 7-e.  :I
Julius Ceasar was certainly not benevolent, but he was probably the best tyrant in history.
Off-Topic Archive / Re: Any anime fans?
2012 Sep 29, 21:34:05
I use to be a huge anime fan, but I'm not that big on it anymore.

What I enjoy
Fairy Tail
Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood
History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi
Quote from: The Wandering Magus on 2012 Sep 29, 21:17:02
enlightened tyrants?

Enlightened, benevolent, tyrants to be more specific.
Man, this thread reminds me why politics is so interesting to me. The various forms of government that our society created is amazing.

On topic: I say it's a Diarchy with Theocracy thrown in there. If I remember right, the Roman Republic, before Rome was an empire, was sort of presidential Diarchy, two elected heads of state. But Luna and Celestia were certainly not elected. They're tyrants, really. They took the throne through force
Pony Off-Topic Archive / Re: Fimfic
2012 Sep 29, 20:29:14
Fallout Equestria
Sweetie and the Scientist
Secrets and Lies
Old Traditions
An Ancient Love Returns

CRISIS: Equestria is good, but I stoped reading that when the Pinkie and Rainbow Dash shipping actually gotten serious. I never been for one for romance between any of the Mane 6. Friend-shipping is fine with me though.
Quote from: ChilledEagle on 2012 Sep 20, 10:27:06
Being a big fan of war games and such, I think these two games are underrated:

I love you right now.  :3 I enjoy most of Novalogic's games. Do you have Joint Operations for Steam? Perhaps we could play a couple of games together!  X3

My underated games.

Off-Topic / Re: Dumb things that annoy you
2012 Sep 22, 21:22:00
Weeaboos'. Like they actually know and respect Japan's culture.  :l
Animations Archive / A Rhyme by Rarity
2012 Sep 22, 21:17:45
I'm pretty sure most of you have already seen this, but I posted it anyways.  X3 It's a cute little animation flick.

Music Archive / Re: Metal thread
2012 Sep 22, 21:12:34
What's a metal thread without Metallica?

Enjoy some symphonic metal. This stuff gets intense.