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I managed to collect 8 twigs using a level 3-5 pegasus foal in bronze armor. I didn't get one with every bush, but I used tactics meant to keep me from fainting (which I did regularly at first).
Spoiler: How • show
To prepare, I went to the Pumpkin Farm and did the quick quest there for 1,000 bits and then bought a full set of bronze armor. I'd already picked up a few levels from that, the starting quest (training), and getting a lantern, and I spent the resulting talent points on Stored Strike, a medical skill for healing faster, and an attack skill in Flying.

What I finally worked out was to stake out the Ponydale portal in the Heartlands for a lone bush. I'd start Stored Strike and attack. When the bush was mostly down, I'd release the Stored Strike on it, collect the drop, and retreat to the signs near the portal (a safe zone). I'd then apply my medical skill and check the take until my health was restored. Being a pegasus helped, as I could fly down a bush if it fled from me.

After I had all the items, I sold the armor to recover my bits and went to collect my costume.

Don't be surprised if you can't get the bat pony costume now. I remember someone saying it would only be available close to Halloween.
It would be interesting to try and estimate the frequency of getting a twig to drop, and maybe if there are any factors that affect that rate (mob level, pony level, map, etc.). The latter would probably be a multi-player project, though.
Quote from: mr100dragon100 on 2017 Oct 31, 14:07:39if your talking to mr100dragon100 yes i have the dye and the materials but the diamond next to the branches part  of the quest wont go purple i don't know what to do
And you've talked to Ensemble again, I assume, with no additional instructions forthcoming. Hmm. I heard a claim somewhere that it also took 1,000 bits, but I haven't completed the quest so I can't confirm that.
Do you also have the card stock and dye?
I've seen game controllers that can be set to imitate keystrokes and mouse motions. I imagine if you can do that, you can use a game controller with LoE.
Introductions / Re: How to register
2017 Oct 11, 18:59:42
Yes, your forum account (name and password) is used to log in to the game as well.
Quote from: Wild Strike on 2017 Oct 07, 13:31:23Is it normal, that you can walk up half the waterfall in the city where you spawn?
Quote from: Wild Strike on 2017 Oct 07, 13:31:23Also i cant find the town hall, halp.
Which town? The only one I know of being called that is in Ponydale, and it's basically in the "far corner" of the map from the train station. Very tall, in the middle of a paved (i.e. gray) area surrounded by buildings.
Quote from: Night Striker on 2017 Oct 02, 13:18:27Nobody will be able to beat your ultimate cat-pony form! :P
Not even a cat-bird? :P
Quote from: Silverbeat on 2017 Oct 01, 10:31:12This sound like fun  ^-^
Quick question, though: What time zone is EST? I need to use an online converter to figure out what time it would be for me. I just need to know what EST is, so I can convert the time ^^;
"EST" is the standard abbreviation for "Eastern Standard Time", which is five hours behind "Coordinated Universal Time". Although much of the Eastern time zone is actually now on Daylight Savings Time...
How did you get under the water?
(And as for why she isn't in the Wiki, she was added after the LAR started. During the LAR, there were non-disclosure terms. Wiki contributors are still trying to catch up on everything.)
Quote from: NERD on 2017 Sep 26, 02:59:21I would like a M Bison's hat wearable.
I believe the general term is "peaked cap".
Suitable for police, military, and assorted uniforms (especially formal uniforms). If they made it re-colorable like socks and the top hat, you could have something like the one you want.

Of course the emblem is problematic. Personally, I'd like to see it as a blank spot for the wearing pony's talent mark to appear.
Quote from: Jinzuxx on 2017 Sep 22, 16:47:24When I try to get my Talent Mark the only options are Healing and Partying, and I want the flying one... Anyway to fix this??
Wait as a foal until the Flying talent mark is implemented?
Quote from: Zodia195 on 2017 Sep 17, 15:54:02Hi, I am trying to teleport to the light post in the Foal Time Student quest in Cantermore.  I keep teleporting to the one specified, but the exclamation point (!) is still there.  What am I doing wrong?
The trick with the Attention Marks (yellow "!") that aren't over ponies is you want to get right underneath them to have them react. Some are set so you can be next to them, but others you need to be directly under them or in the middle of them.
Quote from: McClaw on 2016 Jan 13, 09:04:10Watch for a Derpy-colored pegasus going by "Census Taker". I hope to get a lot of NPC information (and pics of some of the new constructions), but I'll always take time for a fellow herd-member or a pony in distress (but not dat dress, it's grody!). :P
Census Taker returns! He'll likely be joined by the unicorn Bug Hunter, who probably won't mind "dat dress" now that it's officially in the game.
Additional story quests are being worked on. In the mean time, explore, look for side-quests, talk with other players, hunt hostile mobs, and generally have fun being a pony!
Quote from: BlueNightfury on 2017 Sep 13, 22:55:12I don't know where the heartland exit in Cloudpolis is really.
Both of the portals in/out of Cloudopolis are up on the airship dock; the one to the Heartlands is the one with no docked ship.

The portal from the Heartlands to Cloudopolis is over by the massive white arch that looks like a couple of rearing ponies with wings and a horn.
Gassy pony? :P
Quote from: WZNGT on 2017 Sep 14, 08:14:55I wonder if those NPCs with 2D profile image when talk to them will show up again... such as Flan and the Pegasus-party-pony( can't remember the name, Bolahu or something close). Or they will just show up after I finish all the tutorial?
PS: Some more FiM style 2D profile images would looks the characters much better in my opinion.
The "NPCs with 2D profile image"s are part of the main story line quests in the game and will not only feature in those (as they're completed and added) but will also be found going about their business. (I'm not sure where they are between finishing the foal stage story and going to adult stage.)

And it's Hullabaloo.
The plain/solid socks and boots cover all four; the patterned socks are sold in front/back sets.
Your screenshots should go into a dedicated folder (LoE Screenshots) created in your default "Pictures" folder.