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*Hopes theres bunny ears for easter*
Quote from: Ferro_the_King on 2017 Oct 26, 02:16:12Anyone else noticed the flying is behaving weird after the update, or is it just me?

Same thing happens to me. I'll do a flip and the pony stays on the side like it's glued to an invisible wall.
 O: *inhales* I NEEEEED IT >:O
General News / Re: Hope you're having fun!
2017 Sep 15, 16:11:07
1.Upload your screenshots to a photo sharing website.
2.Go to the image links and find the BBC code and copy the link.
3. Reply on the fourms and, click on "Insert image" and paste the link then click ok.
(The button is the blue square with a white border and,with a plus sign)
The link to your pictures should be there and will show up after you post it.
General News / Re: Hope you're having fun!
2017 Sep 14, 18:47:17

After reaching level 50 in 2 days, there isnt much for me to do. lul
There is so many people on, that it kicks me out of the game.
10 minute hype
I'm gonna end up doing an all-nighter playing this game.
Who needs sleep?(⊙ヮ⊙)
Quote from: GreenTab on 2017 Aug 25, 20:24:19Man, the old trailer brings so much nostalgia.

Also just a hunch, but I think there's gonna be a loooooot of animal caretakers.

I bet all of the bits in equestria
That stallion in the kawaii dress though
General News / Re: The LoE Forum is Back!
2017 Aug 23, 19:07:05
Ooooooo fancy!
You have to start out as a child?  O: That's cool and all but, i'm curious about the cutie marks though.  o.O I mean, when you earn the cutie mark, will you be able to choose from a selection of them or, will the game automatically give you one by random?

My oc for an example, has a paint brushes as a cutie mark. But, it seems that the talent marks are only Animal Care, Healing, Partying, Magic, Combat, and Flying. It makes me wonder.   :s
Congratulations to the winners  :3


I thought there arent enough long manes so, i tried to make some.  :3

Oh man i would love to do this but, sadly im too much of a noob for 3D modeling
Quote from: RaindropAngel on 2016 Aug 01, 01:53:36
Who else made it to the after party?   :D

Me but, my game froze and, crashed after 5 minutes.  ono
I got a better picture of everypony. :]

and, some more awesome screenshots

I think a record was broken!
I can't wait until December! :3