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Quote from: Cyan Spark on 2015 Feb 21, 02:11:22
The file downloaded from MEGA should be a .zip file. Double click it, and Archive Utility should automatically extract the file contents for you. Once that's done, you should see an icon on your screen called LoE. That's the file you have to open.

I'll give it a shot.if it works i'llcry RAINBOWS for you.
Finngers crossed that the servers are somehow still online  X3
Quote from: Cyan Spark on 2015 Feb 20, 20:21:22
Do check my thread at if you haven't done so, it might help!  ^-^

Also, I had no issues downloading from MEGA using the latest version of Safari. I just left the tab untouched till 99%, then carefully clicked anywhere in the webpage again, waiting a few seconds for the "save to your computer" dialog to appear.

I installed the game and received 3 files-
Universal, OSX and a zip.part
no launcher :<
i can't believe i missed the whole OSW because my computer is such a piece of S*squee*
Quote from: Rainbow Twist on 2015 Feb 20, 11:10:01
All the browsers repeatedly failed to download from mega.... and when i say failed... i mean when the download went live..... it was several hours of even isntalling chrome.. opera.. and safari just for the sake of attempting to get a bloody download to work somewhat, and it was fruitless.

Once a mediafire upload was made available, i had it in 5 minutes no problems.

MEGA has always been a hunk of crap.

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Download from that.

Can i egt LoE for mac form media fire please?
i spent all day yesterday installing crap to install LoE
it closes in 5 hours and I don't get to play it because i can't download it.
Quote from: BeebarbX on 2015 Feb 20, 02:05:11
I'm on Mac too. I don't know why you think you are 'trapped' using Safari.

Quite simple- my computer is pretty run down, and is very sensitive to web browsers, and for some reason Mozilla is blocked by Safari. >.>
And find her whole life was a dream and she's still a normal unicorn? O3O

Quote from: BeebarbX on 2015 Feb 20, 01:33:34
Try a different browser, I had no issues using Firefox do download.

Sadly, I'm trapped using Safari on a mac.
A cold, dead mac.

Me and my friend are trying to get me to install Via skype, and I'm hoping it works.
Its always nice to have friend    DD:
At least yours installed. mine won't :c >A<
I've been trying for 2 hours!
Any other mac users getting the same problem? DD:

EDIT: While skypeing somebody on my phone i found out his Computer won't install the game as well, so i got my older brother's expert opinion- its MEGA! MEGA isn't allowing us to install the game! can you please make a second way to install, like Mediafire? or! those are my personal favourites.