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I'm unable to download.
Alright. It been awhile but let do this.
Nice. I just now fix my cartridge. I had a dead battery for couple of years and finally got it fix. I just got to the dark world and I'm hoping to beat this game before the squeal comes out.
Video Games Archive / Re: Cancelled games
2013 Feb 27, 19:57:18
Twisted Metal Black 2. The game was never finish but you can play what they did get finish on Twisted Metal: Head On PS2. Also Star Fox 2 on SNES.
The first Mortal Kombat on Genesis. Of all thousands games I own that always set me up in a good mood of countless of hours  playing that game. I still remember the fatalities, cheat codes and secrets. Man I love that game.
The only video game movie I love to see to be made is Infamous and Cheetamen. For those who don't know cheetahmen here the game play footage.

This is some very helpful tips thanks.
MLP: FiM SD Archive / Re: To Equestria
2013 Feb 18, 17:23:19
Quote from: Zbizo on 2013 Feb 18, 09:38:16
Looks like I'm only one depressed enough to leave my family, computer, games, society, friends, etc. etc.

Same here but except I got to have my games. What am I suppose do with myself alone at night. X3
Well I really enjoy Sonic Adventure on Dreamcast but man I really hate Sonic Adventure 2. They pretty much ruin that game.
MLP: FiM SD Archive / Re: To Equestria
2013 Feb 18, 00:49:45
I would definitely go. But I need a giant wagon to carry all my games there.
MLP: FiM SD Archive / Re: MLP spin-off
2013 Feb 18, 00:47:58
I'm either going to like this or really hate it. Something tells me I'm going to hate it. But I been wrong before.
I really didn't care for this episode. To me it felt they rush it. I like the fact the they all except for Twilight had each other cutie mark, but this problem was resolve way too quickly.
I thought it was OK. I thought it could of been better but o well.
It sucks to to see fighting magic to get C and D but I'm hoping they can work something out.
Spoiler: show
The episode was alright. I also love how split the episode. Like the last one was how Spike day went and today was how the mane 6 day went. I can't really call any show doing this.
MLP: FiM SD Archive / Re: My god....
2013 Feb 02, 18:39:44
Quote from: Night Pony on 2013 Jan 30, 12:51:21
Quote from: bleyd on 2013 Jan 30, 12:49:22
come on Twilight only drink this

I saw that comic not too long ago and it still hilarious.
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This episode was alright. I jump when I saw Big Mac and Cheerilee. I don't know why. Maybe there just going for a walk.
Quote from: Book Smarts on 2013 Jan 26, 23:18:59
Quote from: Tiger on 2013 Jan 26, 23:05:44
It's the intro, thus the reason the newer episodes uploaded have no intros.

That seems like a silly reason  :o

It really is but I can't really truly enjoy the show with the intro.
Spoiler: show
I never thought about that. Maybe Celestia is up to something that we don't know about. When I have time again I need rewatch some of this episodes.
I use fraps. I haven't really use it in any of my videos yet but the quality is good but the file size are huge. Make sure you have plenty of space on your computer. Also it cost 37$ but you only have to pay once and the updates are free.