Dumb things that annoy you

Started by Zaner-Boy, 2012 Jun 01, 14:30:22

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Cloudy Skies

Mostly when people "reboot" a game or song. An example would be a good Superman cartoon turned into a dumb, lame Superman vs. Batman.
Shnuggles are nature's way of saying "Want a hug?" :P
Also they are a way of saying "I'm scared." :P
They also could mean "CAN I LATCH ONTO YOU LIKE A CRAZY PONY!?!?!?!" :P

Princess Darcy

That spot, that one stupid little spot the sun hits, right around 7:30am, where you literally cannot see a THING, because not even your sun visor can shield you.  That point where you have to pray the street lights aren't red and you're the only one stupid enough to be on the road

Ok, if you tried hard enough you can see the street lights....although the sun has caused me to run a light once....it's not fun ok?

Team Corgi Assemble!
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Midnight Breeze

When you ruin your brand spankin' new denim jacket by accidentally washing it with an ink pen on the very first wash. Why like that, man?! And on the night right before a convention, too.

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