A pony girl in a pony world

Started by Sweet Brew, 2017 May 04, 19:39:47

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Sweet Brew

When I first saw this it was so annoying.
Now I can't stop watching it!!! DD:


Yeah, I'm not a HUGE fan of it, but it's alright.

It's a parody of "I'm a Barbie Girl" song by Aqua, if anyone reading this didn't know.

Night Striker

The animation seems pretty nice, except for that green screen part, that just seems like they forgot about it lol. Though if I'm honest, this just seems weird for me, not sure why but it does.

While I may not be part of LoE staff, I always try to help others who might have problems in LoE the best I can because I want others to share my enjoyment of the game. ^-^

Diamond Morning

this is going to be stuck in my head forever. sigh


uh know mendela effect on pony girl its not "im a pony girl in a pony world" its know "im a pony girl in THE pony world" so  D: :')  :'( :c o.O >:( BORING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nightshade Star

Oh man this is gonna be in my head fooor the rest of my life.

Credit to whoever did the avatar on Tumblr
I currently have an unhealthy obsession on Tom Holland(Very unrelated)

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