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We can't wait to show you guys what we have been working this last weeks for the Airshow ^^ is going to be unique and be prepare for some spooky surprises! ^^
Yay, I should be able to make it to almost all of the mentioned events (except for the 26th and 31st, cause of rl Halloween things).  ^-^

Very much looking forward to all of them.

Nightmare Rush and the treasure hunt sound like lots of fun and I am sure the air show will be a total treat again!  ^-^
Hi! What's been up, Holiday? I know it has been a while. I'm not on anymore because of other games to play. Is Lens doing okay with the Discord server? Well, nice to talk.  X3


-Cloudy Skies  <3
Video Games / Re: Other Pony Games
Last post by Chocolate Munchies - 2018 Oct 17, 23:27:32
Day Dreaming Derpy - An adorable little JRPG featuring the lovable Mailmare. Let's you talk to some of the residents of Ponyville and fight ghosts in the dreamlands. Characters are modeled after I think it's called the chibi versions of MLP? Kind of tubby and squat. The game's pretty brightly coloured and cheerful, I'd recommend it.
Team Cloudsdale is back, this time with the frightening Shadowbolts Airshow! Come see it October 25th, 9pm GMT in the Heartlands. Still not quite sure about going? Check out the promo for it!
Music / Re: What are you listening to?
Last post by Pumpkin Glow - 2018 Oct 17, 14:42:10
Sounds really fun all these events! :D canĀ“t wait! :)
Art / Re: Pumpkin's Creative Corner
Last post by Pumpkin Glow - 2018 Oct 17, 11:17:00
Fizzlepop Berrytwist went on a relaxing autumn walk at the lake.  ^-^

Thread Games / Re: DO YOUR CHORES! (Reactivat...
Last post by Peace Keeper - 2018 Oct 17, 04:18:54

Make it
Thread Games / Re: Corrupt a wish (Reactivate...
Last post by Peace Keeper - 2018 Oct 17, 04:16:47
granted, but it is one grain.

I wish for some Cream Savers
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