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Good Evening,

It seems all sides have been heard and have given their responses.  It seems this thread is causing more drama then good so I am locking the thread. 

If you have anymore questions or concerns please reach out to use via email.

Good Evening,

I would like to address a few things here and clear up the air.  Below I will cover a few topics that have been discussed in this thread so far.  I will not be quoting anyone or anything just to save time and this misquoting I have seen.



We are not able to read whispers in the game at all.  We are however able to review logs and see what has been said.  Most of the things reported to us when whisper is used, is reported by the person on the other end.  So please maybe review who you send whispers to and have a conversation with them about it.  We usually get screenshots form the people reporting the whisper.


All bans and kicks are reviewed with the moderators who are online at the time. (Which is around 2-5 at any time depending on time of day.)  We all communicate with each other and show what we saw and how to deal with it.  Unless the rule broken is a major one no one takes action without review of the rest of the moderation team. (If you post adult content, advocate hate speech, and anything else that is a major no you will be banned with no questions asked and the ban will not be removed.  Also if you violate any federal or international laws.)


I check my LoE email twice a week minimum.  You do not get a response right away if the following things are occurring:

1. I am at work! (I have a day job 40+ hours per week!)
2. I am investigating your ban appeal. (This takes time for me to review logs and talk to parties involved)
3. I am on vacation. (This means I am out of town on a trip or at a convention which means no email.)
4. I am away from my computer. (Applies to vacation as stated above but do have family/friend obligations)

Please keep in mind that if you email me more then once in the span of 3 days I have to review all the email that has been sent and then start to look into the issue.  Also keep in mind this is a volunteer project which none of us are paid to do.

Spawning of mobs:

Moderation does not have the ability to spawn anything.  As stated before only admins and people on the implementation team have the ability to spawn any mobs.  Yes I have spawned my fair share of dragons in SCC, Cantermore, and Ponydale but I have also not spawned any dragons in a while.  I mostly spawn clouds now to sit on and watch people, or spawn clouds for others to sit on.  I see this is becoming an issue with the harmless clouds that people can sit on and enjoy.  So going forward I will work to not spawn anything at all for the players to enjoy.  This includes and clouds, dragons, random NPC, harmless bunnies, or any other type of item.  I thought a majority of the players enjoyed sitting or dancing on clouds in SCC or even breaking them.

Rules and context:

We have resolved the rules issue and they are now linked or are being worked on linked on our main page.  Please take some time and review all the of the rules for every platform we provide to you free of charge.  If you are warned, kicked, banned for any of these rule violations and fee it was not fair.  Please provide evidence of how it was not fair and include any and all unedited screenshots for my review.  Now comes the topic of jokes and context.  9/11 jokes, holocaust jokes, jokes with death/violence, jokes with any sexual conduct or meaning ARE NOT ALLOWED.  If the joke is in poor taste then it is not allowed. We strive to keep an environment that can be enjoyed by all ages and by everyone.  This means you need to run the joke through some filters and think about it before sending the joke.  If the joke would seem in poor taste to say in public to a group of elderly, or young school children, then do not say the joke! 

Also on a side note:  If you create a new account to get around a ban that is already in place to cause trouble, post about the ban without emailing me first, this is a ban evasion.  If you are found to be evading a ban we will ban the account you made.  If you continue to ban accounts we will ban your IP address! 

Public Moderation Logs:

I do not see a need for the public to have access to moderation logs since this does give the players name, forum name, email, and IP address.  This is classified as personal information and will be kept as such.  But you did give me an idea and let me run it past everyone here.

How about we do a public banned page?  We put a screenshot up of your avatar/pony along with your forum name, in game name, email, and the reason why you are banned.  I am sure the community would love to see who people were banned for posting adult content, making jokes in bad taste, ERP, harassing or threatening another player or people.  Now before you say yes to this idea ask yourself, what if I end up on that list?  Would I want people knowing what I did?  Would I like it to be cached and searchable in google because it is the internet. 

We prefer to keep matters like this internal and between the parties involved and not the public.

Appealing Bans:

If you wish to appeal your ban please contact me at my LoE email address that has been posted many times in this thread and is on the website.  Please do not do the following:

1. PM me on the forums.

2. PM me on Discord.

3. PM me on Skype. (Don't use it much anymore so worst way to get in contact with me.)

4. Have your friend send me an email asking to be unbanned.

5. Have a family member send me an email asking for you to be unbanned. (Yes this has happened.)

6. Send he threatening messages and emails that you will do harm to me, my friends, my family, and LoE including the community and team members. (Yes this has happened a few more times then I care to admit.  If you do this expect your information to be forwarded to federal, state, or local authorities if you live in the USA, if in another country we will forward that information to whatever law enforcement agency is in your nation.  We have had to do this before. Also you will never be unbanned if you do this.)

However, please do the following:

1. Email me at my LoE email.

2. Provide your player name in game and account name on LoE. (Most of the time I get a character name from the game and do you know how many people have the same or similar name in this game?  I seriously had to review 38 accounts who had the character name "Twilight Sparkle" or same variant and figure out which one was banned for what.)

3. Reason why you were banned.

4. If able, mod who banned you.

5. Screenshots supporting your case for being unbanned.

6. Reason why you should be unbanned.

7. Date and time you were banned.

Please provide the above to help your case be resolved quicker.  But also please keep in mind the reasons above I will not respond right away 24/7.


I would like to close on a few points listed below:

1. This is a fan volunteer project we work on for free.

2. This is a service and platform we provide for free of charge to you the community.

3. Everyone on the project is human and has other things to do other then work on this project.  Please respect that we all have obligations outside of LoE.

4. Please use the correct means to contact and appeal a ban.

5. Please read and follow the rules on all platforms we provide and support.

I want to thank you for your concern.  I would also like to thank you for the continued support for the project.

Good Evening,

At this time we do not have a block/ignore feature in place.  This is for many reasons:

1. We have an active moderation team that try their best to catch all reported and non-reported issues.

2. Risk of the feature being abused.

While this feature would be nice to have, it can be abused from time to time.  An example would be if someone ignored all known staff members and then proceeded to break the rules.  We would have no way to properly contact them and inform them of the infractions.

This would also create more tensions then are needed as to having to worry about who blocked who in the general community.

Also at this time we do not have the resources to implement this requested feature at this time.  We are currently focusing on adding more content and fixing current issues.  Maybe at another point in time we can review and see if this is a viable option.

We thank you for the suggestion and continued support of LoE!

As always if you have an issue that needs to come to the attention of moderation, please do the following:

1. Report it to any moderation staff that is online at the time.
2. Send me a PM over the forum with the issue.
3. email [email protected]
4. Tag @moderation on the public Discord server.

With these reports please include all of the details and if able, screenshots and logs showing the issue as a whole.

The rules have been updated again.  Please read them all over for a refresher.
General News / Re: The LoE Forum is Back!
2017 Aug 29, 20:06:03
The rules have been updated.  Please read over each one as a refresher.
Thank you for the applications.  Please watch your in box over the next few days.  If you receive a PM from me then it means you are in.  If you do not get a PM then better luck next time.

Hello Everyone!

Have you ever wondered if you have what it takes to be a School Moderator Idol?  Well now is your chance to prove you do and join our team of Corgi Magical Girl Idol Assassins!  Down below will be a list of questions and requirements in order to join our ranks.  Some of the requirements are firm and are not subject to change.  The application will be open from the time of posting till 11/21/2016 11:59PM EST.  This application is open to all members of the community and current members of the LoE team.  All applications must be taken seriously and will be reviewed by myself and the moderation team.  You will be contacted via PM on the forums for the next steps in the process if you are accepted.  Once accepted into the next step, you will be put on a probationary period in which you will be an acting moderator on the forums and chatbox.  From there a final decision will be made on who gets to become a full member.  At any time you can be disqualified if you are found breaking the rules, abusing power, not doing your job, or other conduct that does not uphold the values, teachings, beliefs, or rules of the moderation team and LoE as a whole.

List of Hard Requirements:
(These are not subject to being disputed.  Failure to meet any of these will result in your application being disqualified.)

1. Be over the age of 18

2. A member in good standing on the LoE community.

3. Have and use Discord and Skype daily.

4. Able to work in a team environment

5. Ability to work alone at times

6. Good written and oral communication skills

7. Ability to communicate clearly in English.

8. A computer able to run LoE

9. Work well in a fast paced high stress environment

10. Have a microphone or headset with voice capabilities.

11. Not a current leader of a guild/heard.


1. Forum Name:

2. Email Address:

3. Age:

4. Discord Username:

5. Skype Username:

6. Current Timezone you live in:

7. Hours of Availability:

8. Are you a current member of the LoE team?:

9. If yes, what department?:

10. Have you ever been a member of the LoE team?:

11. If so, what department?:

12. Do you have any moderation experience?:

13. If yes, please list:

14. What would make you a good moderator?:

15. Why do you want to join the moderation team?:

16. What areas do you believe you could better yourself in?:

17. If you could change one thing on the forum, what would it be?:

18. Do you have any Game Master/GM experience with other online games?:

19. If so, please list:

20. Why should we hire you?:

Please fill out the application above fully and to the best of your ability.  They will be reviewed and you will be contacted via forum PM for the next steps in the process.

Warning:  Any applications that are not filled out seriously and with care will be rejected.  Any applications sent to myself, the moderation team, or other members of LoE via Skype, Discord, Email, Chatbox, Forum PM, or other means of electronic or verbal communication will be rejected, and your application will be disqualified.

With these things in mind, I wish you luck and look forward to possibly seeing you on the team.

Moderation Team Lead
-known issue
-known bug
-locking and moving
Good Evening,

I have begun sending out the acceptance letters.  I will keep the thread open as long as I see fit.

Kind Regards,
Good Evening,

Due to the overwhelming amount of reports about this RP over the past few days we are closing the thread.  Any attempt to recreate, reopen, copy, clone, restart the RP will be locked.  If continued attempts are made then the users will be warned and possibly face ban for such offences.

Thank you,
Good Day,

When applying to become a member of this class of new mods please remember a few things:

1. All requirements are strict and will not be bent.

2. All applications are gone over by myself and the rest of the moderation team.

3. Failure to comply with any requirements will result in an automatic rejection.

4. You will be notified via PM if your application is accepted.

5. Violation of any forum, game, or community rule during the application process will in an automatic rejection.

6. Sending PM's to current or former moderation team members will reflect poorly on your application.

7. Edits are allowed, but we do track edits and this will also reflect upon your application.

8. All decisions on who is accepted are mine.

9. If you do not get a PM then you did not get accepted.

10. Your behavior on ALL of your accounts is monitored and recorded during the application process.

With this in mind good luck to all possible students accepted into this class.

Warm Regards,
We try to not have as strict of forum rules as most.  We do not want to limit the creativity and expression of the users of the forums.  I do not see the need for proper use and guidelines for a forum feature we offer as something to add to your post.

Until the feature is fully abused we will continue with the way we monitor police the forums.

If a feature is abused, it is simply removed.

Moderation Department Team Lead
Quote from: KrissyG05 on 2015 May 12, 18:42:40
They are staying on topic!!!!! Kinda... but let them talk what they want to talk about. ^-^ "Stay on topic" makes me angry. Laptop its not you that makes me angry! its just that if they want to talk or do something or ask, they can.

No they are not staying on topic.  If they have questions about joining the team then they can ask.  But anything else is not on topic and will be removed from this thread.
When the game is open fully then yes, till then no.
My team has had a long weekend.  I am giving them a small break, the chatbox will return next week on Tuesday.
@LostSanity I have sent you a warning and a PM regarding the issues.  We have said many times we are working on a resolution to these issues.  I am going to ask you here to stop the comments, and give us some time to work on all of this.  Everyone is having glitches, issues, and other things.

I would like to thank everyone for bearing with us during this OSW due to a rocky start.  We are still feeling the effects of DDOS attacks as you notice the forums go up and down.  Please continue to give us time while we work on a solution to these issues.  If any of the threads continue like this one I will be locking down the news section to be read only.  If you are having issues then please create a ticket.  If a ticket has already been created for the issue then please give us time to work on a solution.

Thank you.